dylan of the darkness

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Dead citizen

dylan of the darkness

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth Day 653 of the New World
Date of death Day 1000 of the New World (est)
Sex male
Deputy Minister of Immigration Customs and Security of Australia
5th November 2009 – 4th December 2009
Senator of Western Australia
25th November 2009 – 25th December 2009
deputy Minister for the Economy of Australia
5th December 2009 – 6th January 2010
Deputy Senate Speaker of Australia
30th November 2009 – 30th December 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander

Dylan of the Darkness was a citizen of Australia. He was born on day 653 of the New World .

The accident

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

After a nuclear cold fusion experiment in the secret scientific research base somewhere in central Australia went wrong and a scientist, an eagle and fox got caught in the meltdown and became one. Professor Scotch was the head scientist in charge of testing the effects of radioactive hydrogen on animals. He was doing his rounds when the alarm sounded saying there was a problem with the main reactor. When he heard that he decided to get his major projects, the fox and the eagle, from his office. As he was going to his office in the heart of the complex, everybody was going the other way to the runway. Once he got to his office he grabbed the cages that the eagle and fox were in and started running to the elevator because the ground had started to shake. As he was running he realized everybody was out of the base and the elevators were broken so he ran to the ramp exit. Still carrying the fox and eagle the professor was getting tired as he was not a very fit man. As he got to the ramp, the reactor exploded. In the intense heat and pressure of the explosion, the professor, the eagle and the fox were fused and in the residual fallout, their bodies mutated together to produce the being now known as Dylan of the darkness.

Early life

After the accident Dylan managed to get to a small country where he got a job as a weapons manufacturer in a small company to earn money to travel to Sydney. Once in Sydney he got a job in a cafe baking bead. After some time Dylan enlisted in the army as a recruit and built up his strength while still working in the cafe. He then went on to meet like-minded people on the Australian IRC. He helped start the Australian Military Party(AMP) with Ben P, Arthur Cole, Devlin Cameron, zaney, and Cozza. He was a member of cozlam and was a devoted cozlamic. After dylan's squad leader resigned he was promoted to commanding officer of ECHO squad in the AAR then he was promoted to commanding officer of the alpha 2nd platoon. After the November presidential elections, dylan was put into the cabinet as deputy minister for immigration customs and security.

Current activity

Dylan has brought a Q1 weapons company called nightshade armaments and has been setting that up through his org nightshade enterprises. after going into partnership with sir david newton the weapons company was upgraded to a quality of two. After the December elections, he got a position in the cabinet of prime minister cozza as deputy minister of economy and was elected deputy speaker in the Senate as well as being a senator. He has since left his party, the Australian Military Party, and currently resides in California, USA.