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About E-bot

E-bot is a free IRC bot born on 17 Jul 2012. It is developed by elbandido and it is completely free. It helps you to find useful information from eRepublik right on the IRC channels without to check the game pages.

If you want the bot on your channel please read and follow the next steps:

  • You can use it only on IRC channels from server Rizon.
  • Type anywhere on IRC this command /msg e-bot .request #channel. This command will bring the bot on your channel.
  • If you can't see the bot on your channel or he is not answering to commands, check:
  1. the bot is not banned;
  2. if your channel have active Mode i - 'Invite only' , he needs a permanent invite (/mode #channel +I e-bot);
  3. if your channel have active Mode c - 'No Control Codes' , you have 2 options:
    • disable this mode with /mode #channel -c
    • give voice to e-bot with /mode #channel +v e-bot
  4. if your channel have active Mode m - 'Moderated' , you have 2 options:
    • disable this mode with /mode #channel -m
    • give voice to e-bot with /mode #channel +v e-bot
  5. if your channel is password protected the bot can't join because this is not an official Rizon bot, you need to set tha password for bot with elbandido

Right now the bot serves in 228 channels for 2513 unique users. The most popular bot.

Related IRC channels

  1. #e-bot.support - here you can contact elbandido and ask for support: bugs, requests and updates. Commands to e-bot are working here if you want to test it.
  2. #erep.events - here you can see realtime news about Laws, Wars and Epics for all divisions. Commands to e-bot are not working here for channel to not be spammed.


Please report BUGS! JOIN US ON: #e-bot.support

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14 Jan 2015

09 Jan 2015


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Requests & Bugs

If you have any suggestion for e-bot or to report a bug, please fill this form: http://tinyurl.com/or34fls.