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Sayaret Matkal
סיירת מטכ"ל

Sayeret Matkal.jpg

"המעז ינצח"
"Who Dares Wins"

General Information
Founded March 14th 2011
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Total Soldiers 209
Commanded by John TG
2nd Commander danis1982
1st Regiment Captain Passover II
Part of eIsrael Defense Forces

Current Avatar


The Sayeret Matkal (Hebrew:סיירת מטכ"ל, Staff Patrol) division is the elite force of Israel. The creator of the division, Joe Franco, is an honourable member of the IDF, and won many battle for the force.

Military Units Tournament

During the first Military units tournament, Sayeret Matkal Joined the eIDF to make more DMG in only one Unit.

Top Damage Ranking
Date Rank Total Damage 1st 2nd 3rd
June 2013 84,089,456 John TG danis1982 EynPahad
July 2013 156 930,520,137 Joe Franco EynPahad Krimpie

Formidable members

Following are formidable soldiers of the unit, alphabetically sorted: