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The eIsrael Defense Forces is the national and main military unit of Israel, Commanded by Onrop.

eIsrael Defense Forces

Israel Defense Forces.jpg


General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Total Soldiers 370
Commanded by Onrop
2nd Commander Vlad Gordin
1st Regiment Captain Michael II Augustus
Part of eIDF


After the introduction of the new Military Module a need to replace the old Israeli Defense Forces arose. The concept for a new army was integrated in Joe Franco's presidential campaign of June 2012 and after assuming the position of President work began on the restructuring of the new Army.

On June 17th, 2012 the new army was established as a division based army funded and supplied by the state of Israel. This concept lasted until September 6th, 2012 when it was dismantled by then President K0munista in favor of a single centralized Military Unit.

The military unit has continued to exist in that form to this day and while no longer state funded, it is still viewed as Israel's main army.

Responsibilities and demands at the beginning

  • Active and responsible
  • Supply delivery to soldiers
  • Division Commanders have a clear command structure. They are responsible only to the MOD and the CP.
  • Right people in right team level wise
  • Education and teaching our younger players
  • Placing the right damage in the battle where the Division is needed according to Structure sheet.
  • Flexibility and short communication between other Division leaders and Minister of Defense (MOD)


At this point The National Supplies are for every eIsraeli the same and clear:

  • 10 Q6 weapons per day
  • 500 health per day (41 Q6)

Note: All eIsraeli citizens can pick-up their daily supplies at: #ISR.MOD



The reason of dividing the eIDF in 4 divisions are related to the game mechanics and how battles are fought in today.

Per division you can score points in a battle, if that division is winning. You can imagine that an overkill of division in a battle with 65% is not effective. While in that same battle we could be losing with division 4.

The clear cut between the levels in soldiers is therefore crucial in winning battles.



eIDF Division 1 (level 1 - 24)

eIDF Division 2 (level 25 - 29)

eIDF Division 3 (level 30 - 36)

eIDF Division 4 (level 37+)


Date Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4
June 2012 BmGolubovic Augustus Grim Yaniv Sicarius
July 2012 BmGolubovic Augustus Grim dpdevil Sicarius