EMalaysian Welfare Party

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eMalaysian Welfare Party

General Information
Country Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Abbreviation eMWP
Website eMWP's Website
Forum eMWP's Forum
Colors red
Founded 25 July 2011
President Atsalenios
Members 30
Congress Occupancy N/A (Dissolved)
Succeeds Peace and Freedom Party
Succeeded By Party Hard Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

eMalaysian Welfare Party is a political party based in Malaysia. The party was formerly known as the Peace and Freedom Party. The party's main purpose is to highlight the issues pertaining to the well-being and the welfare of eMalaysians. They primarily support the idea of a welfare state, helping out newbies and promoting peace in eMalaysia.

Party's Aim

  • To help newbies familiarize with the game
  • Promoting a proper welfare to take good care of the general population, including newbies
  • Promoting peace within the eNation as well as with other eNations
  • Promoting diplomatic ties with other eNations
  • To ensure that the public's interest are always taken care


The party fell into the hands of pto-ers and had renamed the party to Party Hard Party. The party was dominated by Turkish pto-ers who had at that time pto-ed a highly successful party, eMalaysian Liberal Party. Soon after the invasion of the Turkish pto-ers, Indonesians had joined Malaysia and attempted to take control of the party. Alika.Quinsha had won the party election in Jun 2012 and renamed the party to Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia.