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{{DISPLAYTITLE:eRepublik is recruiting Game Moderators}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:eRepublik is recruiting Game Moderators}}
|image= Exclamation.png{{!}}24px
|image= Exclamation.png{{!}}24px
|title= Recruitment closed!
|title= Recruitment open!
|text=The eRepublik Game Moderators Recruitment has been closed. If the Game Moderators Recruitment will be reopened in future, then it will be announced on this page.
|text=The eRepublik Game Moderators Recruitment is currently open.
Available positions: '''Greek Game Moderator, Portuguese Game Moderator, Spanish Game Moderators, Ukrainian Game Moderator'''.

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Exclamation.png Recruitment open!

The eRepublik Game Moderators Recruitment is currently open.

Available positions: Greek Game Moderator, Portuguese Game Moderator, Spanish Game Moderators, Ukrainian Game Moderator.

What is eRepublik Game Moderators project?

Dear citizens,

The Game Moderators Project started in June 2009 and has as a main objective to ensure content moderation on eRepublik by enforcing the eRepublik Rules and eRepublik Terms of Service. The Game Moderators Team is also a communication bridge between the eRepublik citizens and the Community Department, keeping the Department up to date minute with the most important events in the New World.

We have come so far over the past years, that we are now looking for more colleagues to join our ship.

Essentials for being a good game moderator

The key fundamentals of being a good Mod are:

  • Maturity – Being a Mod, whether you agree or not, makes you a member of our staff. Becoming an eRepublik moderator requires a mature perception on discussions and the eRepublik users.
  • Activity – Wave goodbye to your political activity (not mandatory, but recommended) and say hello to countless "Automatic Reports" tickets.
  • Grammar – Being a moderator requires good grammar. You will be acting as an eRepublik representative and decent grammar and spelling are essential.
  • Good sense of humor – Because we are not robots and having fun is one of the things we do on our (SECRET) chat room. We are looking for users with personality, flare and generally a good sense of humor but with the apt ability to distinguish when it is time to be serious.

Basic requirements:

  • Be familiar with the game and also be an active member of this game
  • Must respect the eRepublik rules strictly in order to keep himself as an example for others
  • Treat different posts equally
  • Being a mod is not a status symbol, it’s a responsibility
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Be a daily and active member
  • Must be online at least 4 times a week and should have enough time to handle the routine
  • Be friendly and helpful and try to answer any questions to the best of your ability. Make the Support Center a warm and welcoming place.

How to apply

If you're interested in becoming our mod, please answer the following questions by sending an email with the subject "Game Moderator Application" to moderators@erepublik.com:

  1. For how long have you been playing and how did you find out about the New World?
  2. Why do you wish to become a Game Moderator?
  3. What is your definition for a Game Moderator and what do you think a Game Moderator should do?
  4. Do you have any experience as a moderator on other games/forums? If yes, please list the games/forums .
  5. What do you consider to be your top three achievements?
  6. In your opinion, what makes an excellent moderator?
  7. How do you consider the eRepublik team has handled the communication with citizens since you have entered the New World?

Please also include the next information:

  1. Citizen name & ID
  2. Real life country
  3. Your native language & other languages you know (Medium English skills are mandatory)

Hope to hear soon from you!

Kind regards and happy gaming moments,

Your eRepublik Team

  • Note that you will receive an answer only if your application was accepted. If you don't get selected to be the next Moderator to represent your native language, your application will still be kept in our database and will be considered the next time we recruit.

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