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Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
Date of birth Unknown
Residence Sofia, Bulgaria
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ealendil (also known as Supreme Grand Leader and The One) was an artist, philosopher, writer and soldier of eBulgaria.

After winning the presidential elections in June he proclaimed himself Demi-God and Ruler of the Bulgarian Kingdom.

Early Life

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Ealendil was born to unknown parents in the town of Vidin, Bulgaria. Forced to live in the streets at a very young age he developed the feeling of mistrust and disgust to the human beings. Due to his curiosity he was strongly drawn by everything going on around him and seeking the truth turned out to be one of his main goals at the time. Namely Ealendil's thirst for knowledge led him to Imaginapolis, bimba and static_xm - to time the most active and famous users of the Bulgarian society. Realizing that his unlimited potential could turn into an outstanding asset for his future participation in the government, they had no choice, but to help him in getting what he so much desired. In the next few years Ealendil give himself up entirely to his education and at the age of 12 he already mastered the basics of politics, economics and war. Namely the art of war attracted him the most at the age of 13 he could be seen on the battlefield, fighting alongside his fellow soldiers.

Ealendil (13) covered in blood
by DoomGirlMeg

Military Career

 Чукча, дай пушки! 
*"Chukcha, gimme guns!".

Ealendil failed to understand the meaning of politics and despite the accusations by Imaginapolis of doing nothing useful for the country, he devoted himself entirely to the military. Thanks to his blood-thirsty nature, he took part of almost every Peace GC mission at the time, establishing himself as brave and fearsome enemy. With 1439 fights behind he is to date the most experienced Bulgarian soldier. Among Ealendil's military successes count:

Political career

Ealendil as seen in his office

Bored by the military situation at the moment Ealendil took the opportunity of succeeding bimba as President of eBulgaria. Thus grabbing the chance to show his real face to the world. Although he still did not quite understand politics and namely the concept of two sides, he managed to give it a try, but on his own way. Amazed by the stupidity of the congressmen, he deprived them of making any decisions regarding the government. Thus eliminating the second side, he took full control of the country, consulting himself only with his closest friends chukcha and static_xm. This union would later be known as The Triumvirate. Among Ealendil's most trusted people were also cTaHucJIaB, Ivan Tankovski and T_Ghost.

Unleashing Insanity

 Да живея АЗ и много Ви здраве!! 
Citizen999101 v4.jpg

During his entire life Ealendil managed to keep his beliefs and feelings in private, but this time he could not resist. One of his first acts as president was to declare himself Demi-God and eternal Ruler of eBulgaria. Due to his charisma Ealendil was able to convince anyone in whatever he wants. Images of him were spread out all over the country, evidencing his ultimate power. In a single week the whole nation was overwhelmed by his magnetism.


Famous Ad
 After all, the world is mine!! 

Ealendil is a thorough-going solipsist who believes that the world is a show put on for him, and that he has complete control over it - this makes him extremely narcissist, arrogant and megalomaniacal. However he is also known to be a honest, likable and compassionate person. In one of the weekly reports Static News announced that Ealendil suffers from coulrophobia, which led to violent mass persecution of clowns, midgets and mime artist. The last two were later released, proving once again the grace of Ealendil. As he shares many similarities with the God Emperor Dio Brando, some believe he might be indeed his real father.


During his short reign, Ealendil succeed in establishing himself as an inspiration for the masses. Many new newspapers were born, attempting to reach the huge success of Static News. Few citizens were trying to compete with his level of inteligence, knowledge and glamour - however the only one ever to come close appeared to be Pafkata. Thus earning fair amount of respect and to date he is the single member of the opposition smart enough to be called Ealendil's rival.