Elphaba Thropp

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Dead citizen

Elphaba Thropp

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Defying Gravity Wicked.jpg
Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 118
Date of birth February 4, 2009
Date of death December
Residence New South Wales
Sex Female
Congress member of Victoria
26 March 2009 – 25 April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Elphaba Thropp was born in Victoria, Australia in February of 2009. She applied for a job at Vegemite Sandwiches on February 24. Due to the closure of Vegemite Sandwiches, she was forced to move on and is now working at Optimus Food. She joined the Australian National Party once she reached level 7. On March 25, Elphaba Thropp was elected into the Australian Congress as a member for Victoria.


Elphaba earnt 2 Hard Worker achievement badges during her erepublik lifetime.


Elphaba Thropp was a previous member of the Australian National Party. Elphaba was elected to represent Australian congress on two previous occasions.

Elphaba Thropp will presumably die shortly after December 12 (10 wellness at this point in time).