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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 27 August 2008
Day 281
Date of death June 2017 (est)
Residence Oulu
Sex Male
President of Finland
5.7.2009 – 5.8.2009
Preceded by Jorma Ollila
Succeeded by Gabriel Lavanche
President of Singapore
November 2009 – December 2009
Preceded by Arbryn
Succeeded by Flaco Jimenez
Chairman of Sol
December 2009 – January 2009
Preceded by Akki
Succeeded by Albert Neurath
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
N/A – 07.05.2012
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by TheJuliusCaesar
President of Finland
05.10.2012 – 05.11.2012
Preceded by Melmis
Succeeded by Antska
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
05.11.2013 – N/A
Preceded by TheJuliusCaesar
Succeeded by N/A
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Aviator 5.png Aviator*****

Erius, also known as the Iron Chancellor, Anarchist and Prophet of Tewio, is a former Icon-Finland.png Finnish and Icon-Singapore.png Singaporean politician. He was Chairman in Sol alliance, President of Finland and Singapore and he has been Minister in many cabinets.


Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Once upon a time, when gods had forsaken the Nordic lands and when Norwegian warlords had created their empire, the dark matter gathered and created The Corpse. It was an empty and lifeless form of a human, although unholy and corrupted, without meaning and strength. The dark gods competed for it – they wanted to use fill it with their own desire and power – but they didn`t succeed to take it under their own control.

The god of Anarchy and Chaos found the secret of The Corpse – no one could not use it as a tool or weapon of his own power, but to join it. God of Anarchy merged with The Corpse, but he lost his own will and mind. The Corpse came alive, flames of anarchy blazing in its eyes and fire inside. It wakes and first it was confused, like a child might feel after it is born. Somehow it knew what to do – it took a name, Erius, and used its human form to live in their community.

Early Days

Erius started his life in Icon-UK.png UK, but moved after couple months to his real-life home – Icon-Finland.png Finland. There are no records from his pre-history in the Icon-UK.png UK, but it is obvious he took his first steps in politics there. Erius was one of those Finns, in the times Great Finnish Rush, who joined the game in order to free Finland, which was under the rule of Icon-Norway.png Norway. Erius helped his countrymen, but left the game because of many bugs after the release of V1.

After a couple of months, Erius rose from the dead. Some say this was because of his friend, Okkius Pyromanius, who was running for the presidency. Erius came to a whole New World – Finland was free and the Finnish community had established a foothold in the world. Erius joined Red Jihad, the anarchist party of Finland, and joined media and politics soon. He came to the knowledge of Finnish citizens by writing actively articles to Finnish media.

Erius made his way to Congress time after time and was soon quite a popular politician in Finland. When nanton, the pioneer of Red Jihad and former president of Finland, left to Icon-Japan.png Japan with Okkius and many other players it was Erius, who became the leader of Red Jihad. As an old anarchist, he guided party towards a more radical anarchist view.


When Simppa, president, become inactive and Gabriel Lavanche formed an emergency government to keep things running till the next presidential elections, Erius was asked to become Representative of Ambassadors.

On May 2009, Erius was elected as a candidate of Red Jihad to presidential elections. This was the first time when he even thought about running and many people, like Gabriel Lavanche, encouraged him with it. Some say it was a mistake. Erius lost with only eleven votes to Engram, a candidate of LEP (Liberal Advancement Party). He continued in his office of Representative of Ambassador in Engram's term.

Erius run again in the next month and lost again. On July he runs again – and declared it was his last time – and wins. The votes were guided to him because of PEACEs PTO attemptsamotron, Hungarian goon, got 279 votes while Erius got 358 votes.


Erius did his best in office, but he was not the right person to lead Finland in those hard times. It was the term after the conquest of Zemgale and Latgale – Finland had invaded some Latvian regions and angry Latvian community wanted revenge. The treasury of Finland had suffered losses in times of war and because lack of economic experience Erius couldn`t guide Finland to the economic upswing.

The term was soon over and Erius gained lot critic from the active players of Finland – some of them were pointless and overkilling and some were appropriate. It was these times when the relations with Gabriel Lavanche broke up – they argued with each other for a long time. These two didn't speak with each other in the next four months and when they did, they argued again.

White Lion Order

When his term was over, Erius didn`t know what he should do next. Because Gabriel Lavanche was elected as a new President of Finland he did not want to stay there - neither he was ready to quit the game. Then he was gifted with the vision from Tewio, The Great White One. He was guided to form a order and move to Singapore, where he should help Singaporeans to build their country. With his loyal friend and battle brother Tuukka_Almighty, Erius formed this group - later it was known as a White Lion Order (WLO).

WLO moved to Singapore and they were soon hailed as the "white knight`s of Singapore". They helped Singapore's military in their operations and Erius and some other members of Tewionist Party of Singapore (WLOs own party in Singapore) joined the politics and so were able to be part of decision making.

Erius served Singapore as a Minister of Information and Advisory Representative in Sol before Arbryn, the president of Singapore at the time, advised him to run for the presidency. After other tewionist's gave their support Erius decided to run. The elections were boring because other candidates retreated from the race because they didn't want to race with Erius and almost every party in Singapore gave their support to Erius. And so there was soon Finnish player as a president in Singapore.

Presidency and Chairmanship of Sol

Erius was known as the Iron Chancellor because of his strong leadership. Because he had been president before he knew everything vital about the job and the coordination with his cabinet and government was good. He succeeds to get Singapore into new war games and he and his officers reorganized the military. The term went well and citizens were thankful when it ended. He was not maybe the best president ever in Singapore, but he was obviously in the top 3.

Erius had worked in Sol alliance since it was founded and he had served Singapore as a Representative and Advisory Representative in the alliances' council. When his term as a CP if Singapore ended he joined the race for Chairmanship of Sol. He was convinced that he had good new ideas and enough experience for the office. He wins the elections and was chosen as the Chairman of Sol.

During his term, there were many conflicts which needed his attention. Brazil used her good relations with South Africa to get one region bordering Australia and they attack Australia. Some members of Sol demanded South Africa to be expelled from alliance - they declared SA as a traitor nation. Erius defended South Africa and convinced other members of Sols Security Council about SAs innocence. Erius also organized Australian defense with Australian CP and EDEN.

Unfortunately, Erius was forced to resign from his office, because he came near to burn out. He decided to have some vacation and after the resignation, he moved back to Finland - his second home in North. Erius decided to become a member of Wanhat Parrat for a while, however, decided to say enough to politics and devoted his career more to his military unit and collecting achievements in that field.