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Nationality Flag-Cuba.jpg Cuban
National rank 144
Date of birth October 24, 2009.
Day 704 of the New World.
Residence Asturias, Spain
Sex Male
Political party Partit dels Furs
Married to Agila, Tovarissch
Newspaper PerroFlautas
AASS deputy minister of Spain
November 5, 2010 – December 5, 2010
Served under Pechorin
Succeeded by Adalgiza
AASS Minister of Spain
November 26, 2010 – December 5, 2010
Served under Pechorin
Preceded by SkayCita
Succeeded by SkayCita
Military unit Egyptian Paratroopers
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Etchner is a citizen of Cuba, former citizen of Spain. Etchner was born in Asturias. Today he is a member of Partit dels Furs and Egyptian military unit Egyptian Paratroopers.

Spanish politics

Etchner first party was Bloque Obrero Internacionalista. Later on he joined Frente Anarkolico.

He was active in AASS ministry and ultimately become vice minister and minister.

He was also party president of a small Spanish party LibertarianSocialists Democrats from August to September 2013.