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The Executive Board of the USWP (EB, E-Board) is the governing body of the United States Workers Party.

It is made up of department heads and various members of the party in good standing. It makes all official party decisions and recommendations and it is bound to the USWP Constitution.

After Scrabman became party president, in early January due to Rocco Baldelli resigning, he added the status of Emeritus Executive Board member after a suggestion and proposal from GoBucks. This status is given to members who have previously served on the Executive Board in various capacities and have a long history of dedication to the party. The emeritus members have no voting powers in the board, they hold a honorary and advisory role in the party.

Members of the USWP Executive Board

Party president: rainy sunday

Chief of Staff: Hadrian X

Deputy Chief of Staff: TBD

PAC Director: TBD

Deputy PAC Director: TBD

Communications Department Director: Max McFarland 3

Deputy Communications Director: TBD

Members Services Director: TBD

Deputy Member Services Director: TBD

Legal Director: TBD

Party Congressional Whip: Bacon Empire

Chat Administrators: TBD

Forum Moderators: rainy sunday, Hadrian X, Bacon Empire, and Artela

Positions and Departments of the USWP

Party President

The Party president, or PP, is directly elected by the general membership on the 15th of every month and serves as the figurehead and chief executive of the USWP. The USWP President heads the Executive Board and handles any new appointments to the Board.

The PP designates the party's presidential endorsement every month, which is usually decided by the EB as a whole. His or her duties also include the finalizing of all USWP congressional candidates the day before elections.

The PP also has access to all USWP funds and orgs.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff, or CoS, is in many ways the USWP's version of a Vice President; acting as the party's second in command. The CoS coordinates activities of the EB, and acts as the PP's assistant. Should the PP, for whatever reason, be forced to leave office before his or her term is up, the CoS shall act as Party President until a new election can be organized.

The CoS is expected to maintain the constitution of the USWP, and assure that all party decisions adhere to it.

Internal elections are organized by the CoS.

Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee, or PAC, is one of the most effective and important department within the party.

The PAC serves as the starting point for all elections the party is involved in, but specializes in the monthly Congressional Election. All potential congressional candidates are expected to sign up with the PAC. To avoid conflicts between two proposed candidates, the PAC mediates and moves candidates to different states.

The goal is to get quality USWP candidates in as many states as possible, and to provide them with the information and support they need to win, as well as weeding out fake candidates, such as multis and foreign invaders.

A list of PAC approved candidates for each state is published by the director and submitted to the EB every month, after which the PP then endorses each candidate on eRepublik.

Month after month, the PAC completes this process and provides effective congressional candidates. This department is an asset the USWP is proud to have.

Communications Department

The Communications Department of the USWP, often shortened to the Com Department, is the department that handles all USWP affiliated media and public relations.

The Communications Department manages the party's official newspaper, the USWPost, as well as having programs aimed at increasing goodwill and contact with other parties, both nationally and globally. The USWP Wiki page falls under the jurisdiction of the Com Department, and is to be updated accordingly.

The Director is expected to keep party members informed of party news, and to issue press releases occasionally regarding party business.

Member Services Department

The Member Services Department manages all recruitment activities as well as provide programs to retain members. It provided wellness and gifting programs to the membership of the USWP, and acts as the economic council to the party. It also runs any food programs owned by the party.

Congressional Whip

The Congressional Whip of the USWP acts as the head of the USWP congressional delegation and is expected to be well informed on all law proposals, as well as being active in congress. The whip is to relay all proposal information and advise to USWP Congress members and party leadership. The whip is also expected to occasionally brief the party on congressional happenings.

Legal Department

The Legal Department is in charge of any legal matters related to the USWP. It often helps members draft contracts which are needed for various reasons in-game.

Its director shall serve as the USWP representative in any and all legal matters related to the party, as well as the party's Parliamentarian.

Historical Positions

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center was run by the Wellness Center Director. Its goal was to provide wellness and gifting programs to the membership of the USWP, although many of its programs were open to non-members as well.

It had served as a functioning department for many months, and was one of the longest running and most successful programs within the party.

Its director was to coordinate the actions of its programs, one of which was a gifting partner program.

Business Affairs Department

The USWP Business Department, a combination of the defunct Labor and Finance Departments, served as the economic council to the party. It also ran any programs aimed at providing employment to new members, provided assistance to USWP Business owners, and any and all loans handled by the party.

The Business Director managed the USWP Treasury and handles any fund raising efforts within the party.

USWP Institute

The USWP Institute served as the center for recruitment and new member orientation, and the knowledge base of the USWP. The Director ran the department and was expected to develop orientation and recruitment strategies, as well as updating the USWP Knowledge Base.