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Federalist Party Platform:

The Federalist Party believes that the interests of the country and its allies trump the interests of any party, group, or any one nation as defined within game mechanics. The Federalist Party believes that an understanding of game mechanics by all players is required to have a reasoned debate on the proper course of action and seeks to educate all players to facilitate this. The Federalist Party also understands that knowledge of game mechanics does not imply knowledge of the best course of action for the country and its assembled polities. Determining the best course of action is still a political decision, which must be reached by patriotic and informed citizens.

Social: The Federalist Party knows and recognizes the rights of all playing eRepublik. The most important right people have, is the right to stop playing. As such, it is their right to determine their own definition of success and cannot be infringed upon by other players. It is the job of the political leaders to channel the energies of the citizens of eRepublik into channels where they may be expressive, active, and working towards the goals they have set for themselves in the game; but at the same time satisfying the needs of the country.

The citizens of eRepublik are not playing a game to unquestioningly do the bidding of others.

Education: The Federalist Party believes that the most important part of an eRepublik citizen's experience is the education they receive from other players of the game. In order to ensure that eRepublik citizens are mentored by experienced and respected players through established curriculum rather than being scammed and lead astray by the wolves of eRepublik, the Federalist Party has established a number of its own programs to reach out to new citizens and begin their education in a safe and established environment. The Federalist Party recruits its own experienced members to actively welcome, engage, educate and train all new US citizens. The Federalist Party believes it is the responsibility of all citizens, all groups, all parties, and all nations to provide their citizens with the best eRepublik education possible in order to increase the activity, organization, and sophistication of all citizens. The Federalist Party will do everything possible to advance its own efforts and to support the efforts of others at every level of citizen organization to further these goals.

Political: In order to realize the vision of a society which recognizes the rights and goals of all players but attempts to channel those energies into ends beneficial to the nation and its allies, The Federalist Party is willing to work constructively with all parties and groups to weed out those members of the political class who do not understand game mechanics or who would intentionally demagogue on the misunderstandings of others for political gain. The Federalist Party will also work constructively with any party or group to combat those who it has, through its internal, but transparent and democratic processes, determined to be a threat to the interests of the nation. The Federalist Party does not believe that subordination of the parties to the government is unquestionably the best mechanism for success. The relationships between citizens, parties, congress, and the government; under game mechanics; leave a great deal of room to grant greater or lesser independence. The ideal degree of independence granted to these political entities is a political decision, which must be reached through negotiation and elections through the prescribed game mechanics and out-of-game channels. The Federalist Party recognizes the truth and existence of this process and attempts to work within it for the maximum advantage of the country and its citizens. The relative weight of the needs of the country as a whole vs. the needs of its citizens as individuals is also a political decision that must be frequently reevaluated for maximum national advantage.

Economic: The Federalist Party understands that the constraints of a social strategy game with no 'Real Life' accountability and its own set of game mechanics does not tailor itself to the standard rules of 'Real Life' economics. However, the basic rules of human behavior continue to apply and The Federalist Party believes that businesses should be accountable incentivized by government policy to operate in a manner that will offer them the greatest chances for success and the greatest benefit to the country.

Most importantly, the current state of the political and financial economy must be considered when modifying tax rates in a manner intended to tamper with industrial sector distributions. Special care must be taken not to upset the current system of market adaptations overnight without ample time and consideration provided for adjustment.

Military: The Federalist Party believes it has a solemn duty along with every other party in the US to provide for the defense of the US and its allies. Therefore, it is policy to seek the most efficient means for increasing the overall damage output of the US during wars. The Federalist Party is actively involved in recruitment among its members into the ranks of the US military and other associated military organizations, and likewise encourages its members to register for service in the USAF and to offer their votes to our allies under assault by Political Takeover.

The Federalist Party recognizes the importance of direct military action in efforts to deprive our enemies of resources. The Federalist Party also recognizes the value of the Political Takeover technique of warfare to improve the conditions of the battlefield. The Federalist Party believes, however, that while these techniques are indeed legitimate and often necessary under the game mechanics of war, the goal of any action should be the protection of vital US interests and the liberation of oppressed peoples to pursue the goals they have for their participation in eRepublik, through whatever means they feel is best.

Aggressive wars launched against weak nations for the sake of economic stimulation or resource security are not acceptable and neither are Political Takeovers intended to subjugate the local population and transform the nation under assault into an economic wasteland. Military action should only be undertaken to protect the interests of the USA and to serve the populations under the dominion of oppressive leaders.

Foreign: The Federalist Party believes that all nations have an inherent right to self determination protected by the game mechanics and the ultimate right of eRepublik players to quit. The US should not intervene in the affairs of neutral nations unless their actions betray their neutrality. The US should seek to ally itself with like-minded nations through direct military MPP, and economic and political exchange programs consistent with game mechanics for the mutual benefit of the nations involved. Through these means, the US should seek to create an international environment where both adherence to game mechanics and reasonable expectations of honorable and sportsmanlike game play can be upheld.

Government: The Federalist Party believes that a key mechanism for achieving these goals is the establishment of procedures and traditions in congress that all congressmen should be expected to uphold. When members of congress do not follow appropriate and clearly established congressional procedure, their actions should be repudiated by the other congressman on principle, when allowed by the mechanics of the game. Familiarity with the traditions and processes of congress should be expected of all congressional candidates.

Congress is not the place to learn how to play eRepublik.

Conclusion: The Federalist Party believes that its infrastructure and representatives are models that should be followed to offer the greatest opportunity to all citizens and the greatest success to the country. Should the policies described in this platform be followed, it will likewise lead to greater participation and activity from the population of the entire new world and much more of that activity will be aligned with the interests of freedom, self determination, and prosperity, all within the boundaries of game mechanics and the out of game forums which have been established to support them.