First Japan-South Korea War

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Japan-South Korea War
Map of Japan-South Korea War
Date 24 April 2008 - –
08 May 2008
Fights 232
Flag-Japan.jpg Japan Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea

Battles Fought 19 (14 Japan, 5 South Korea)
Fights Won Japan 72 vs South Korea 105
Draw Fights 55
Total Fights 232

The Japan-South Korea War was a military conflict between Japan and South Korea which resulted in the Japanese occupation of all of South Korea's territory.

Military Operations

Japan declared war on South Korea on April 24, 2008. A citizen named Yamato Suzuki played an integral role in the initiation of hostilities. Although many voluntary combatants came to the aid of South Korea, Japanese forces occupied all of South Korean territory on May 8, 2008, thus ending the conflict.

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