Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka

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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
National rank 5
Residence Nazareth North District, Israel
Sex Male
Political party Israel First
President of Czech Republic
April 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by radim
Congressman of Czech Republic
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png [[Military rank|Icon Field Marshal.jpg Field Marshal]]
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Born into eRepublik in November 2008. 'Franz Kafka is an active citizen seeking to make Czech Republic an economically powerful yet socially responsible nation.

Franz Kafka has cross-political views. He currently supports the United Slavs party, although has sympathies with the economic agenda of the Czech Right Union. He also founded the third party of Czech Republic - Nezavislost. However he left this party following a Take Over by dissident Hungarians.

Franz Kafka has formerly been Minister of Foreign Affairs in President Red Duck's administration and Minister of Justice under President Radim.

He is the editor of Newspaper Byt-v-rejzi ("Translates as "in the rice") - a national newspaper with no political affiliations and dedicated to transcending the comment-based traditional media.

He is a passionate advocate for development of a strong Czech state and that does mean building a bureaucracy. He also supports the formation of a centrally planned economy in this early stage of Czech development, although a gradual liberalisation will be in order as markets mature. He has been a notable advocate of Czech Republic's continued neutrality at the heart of Europe - this at a time when the President of the country moving the country towards greater alignment with ATLANTIS.

Four times congressman for the Czech Republic, Franz Kafka has introduced successful legislation in support of Israel, and to counter the efforts of a British inspired Take Over which had sought to steal Czech money. His international campaigning during March and April helped to counter first a Hungarian and then a British Take Over attempts.

Franz Kafka has won 2 terms as President of Czech Republic.

Franz Kafka is CEO of Libertas Foundation (Israel) and Liberty Holdings', (Germany). Libertas Foundation owns the Israeli publication "Jewish Voice for Peace", the Israel Gifts Co-operative, and the Atlantis Iron - wellness 90 company (Spain).

Key Quotes

"In peace we are strong, in war we are weak"

"Speaking as one new born to the eRepublik, an Anglo-Saxon IRL, born Czech in this life."[in "Who's Left? Who's Right? Where Next?", article in Byt-v-rejzi, 9 December 2008][1]

"People are thinking of emigrating.. stop the bad politics now - let's work together for a better Czech future!"

Government offices
Preceded by
Zaib Atsu
6th President of Israel
December, 2009 - January, 2010
Succeeded by
Joshua Hoss