Front Pancasila

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Front Pancasila

Party-Front Pancasila.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation Frontal
National rank 2
Founded 26 December 2009
President junkersial
Vice President AG.Northgate
Secretary General AG.trimafadzi
Councillor jendral macho
Spokesman Riyan BG
Members 58
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Front Pancasila was formed in 26 December 2009. It was formed by Anies Baswedan, Ojie, Don Yuyu, and Kuple. The first party president is Anies Baswedan.

Front Pancasila (Frontal) is a community or a political forum that aims to help eIndonesia realizing good governance, providing political education to all eIndonesian people, accommodating people's aspirations to maintain existence eIndonesia Pancasila, and channeling political interests of eIndonesian people.

Also, Front Pancasila has a Battle Group called Armada Garuda. This battle group was built to help the members of Armada Garuda upgrade their strength and upgrade their rank.

Front ePancasila Births

Departing from the dreams and aspirations for the creation of a fair eIndonesia, sovereign and respected, which is characterized by an increase in quality of life of residents eIndonesia, and society that upholds the diversity of political choices, economic and social development, enforcement of human rights, justice, fraternity and equality in have a strong commitment to raise the name and dignity eIndonesia in eRepublik.

We formed a political party which is based on Pancasila ideology which construct, called Front ePancasila.

In particular, the forum did a review of barriers faced by eIndonesia to provide suggestions and inputs for eIndonesia to make appropriate planning conditions and needs eIndonesia capability, and balance between the aspirations of political parties, government, people and world community.

Frontal is our designation and we are determined to improve the quality of life eWarga State with reference to the following points:

Vision: Shaping mental and moral Political eIndonesia people who are responsible for the future eIndonesia.


   1. Provide political education to all people eIndonesia
   2. Instil basic values in human eIndonesia Pancasila
   3. Accommodate people's aspirations to maintain existence eIndonesia Pancasila
   4. Being a citizen means channeling political interests within the framework of a constructive eIndonesia