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The Game Moderators Project started as a main objective to ensure content moderation on eRepublik by enforcing the eRepublik Rules and eRepublik Terms of Service. The Game Moderators Team is also a communication bridge between the eRepublik citizens and the Community Department, keeping the Department up to date minute with the most important events in the New World. As well as making the game enjoyable for the players, Game Moderators support admins in various cases.


The first moderators

The roots of the moderator program go as far as June 2009. The first eRepublik Game moderators were recruited during the fall 2009. The first moderators were invited to become a game moderator by the eRepublik Team. Most of them were famous eRepublik citizens such as formers presidents and well known members of different communities.

GF Day

Main article: GF Day

The eRepublik Moderation team became more effective as more citizens joined them. On 30th June 2010, Day 953 of the New World a citizen of USA and a community moderator, Necrosis leaked his moderator account details on the eUS forums. Leaked password caused many things like changing names of newspapers, moving them to another account, giving people medals and banning citizens. Banned citizens included current and former presidents, beta giants, famous media moguls and even the citizen number 2: Admin.

GF Day was a huge blow to the whole moderator program. The access into administration tools was removed from every community moderator due to these events. After that the moderator program confronted hard times: a lot of thinking and reorganizing was needed.

Moderator program returns

The moderator program recovered slowly after GF Day. A few months later, a solution was found: Community moderators. Community moderators were divided into three groups. The level one moderators access to the administration tools were the most limited - level three moderators had the widest rights. This system was created to prevent GF Day ever happening again. When you become a moderator you were given the level one access. After long service as game moderator you were promoted to the next level. This system is still applied for the current community moderators.

How to apply

Information on how to apply for a game moderator position can be found on eRepublik is recruiting Game Moderators page.