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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
National rank 144
Date of birth 28 April, 2012
Residence Semnan
Sex male
Newspaper TehranTimes
Congress member of Iran
Military unit Black Academi
Squadron 3rd Regiment
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Aviator 1.png Aviator*

A Brief Review

 This is just a game. A game showing some little aspects of real life. Let's not forget that life is only a game. So let's play this game of life fair and Square. 
(Gh.Nirvana's true idea)

He was once playing with an account named SinaTehrani but as the account got banned, he joined the Game on April 2012 as Gh.Nirvana and he's been playing Since. He says that he has learned so many things about social interaction and so many terms in politics and economics. How long will he stay with eRepublik? "I will continue to play as long as I learn", he says.

Right now he is:

He was:

  • Iran Mafia Party "Spokesman"
  • Iran official as a "Congressman" for 12 times and 2 times the Congress spokesman and 3 times Head of Congress. He got selected as the Governor of Iran in the second round of presidency of Persian Punisher on day 2118 (September 07 of 2013). Again he was the governor for the first presidency of El Senso on February 07 of 2014. On June 7, 2014, he became Governor and Parliamentary Vice President of shuan Lomer's office.
  • Sitting on the chair of the God Father at Iran Mafia Party as "Party President" From March 2016 until December 2016

A little more Details

He Started with his friends in True Patriot Army but as the team started to go different directions, he joined Iran Mafia party and consequently Iran Mafia Military organization. He started from the underdog and climbed the stairs of success in his own way during the passing times. He started to introduce himself more to his peers from his newspaper: "TehranTimes". He started by translating important news, and after a while changed it to political analysis, teaching materials, and then serious discussions in Iran.
He was also a member of translators of eRepublik from English to Farsi.[1]

He has been elected several times a Congressman and two times its spokesman. On September 29 of 2013, he got elected as Iran's Head of Congress for the first time with 22 votes. Once again he became Iran's head of Congress on October 29 of 2013. He is now the spokesman of Iran Mafia Party and wants to see how far he can get.

Other times he got elected as the Head of Congress of Iran:

  • 29th of November of 2013

On day 2194 he became the Commander of the military unit and on day 2195 he became Icon rank God of War.png God of War. On day 2205 he got his first Resistance hero medal accompanied with three battle hero's and one freedom fighter medal making this day, most medal earning day for him so far.

On day 2440 he changes his citizenship to Israel and got appointed as the second in command of eIDF - Sayeret Matkal army on day 2453. He Has also been the Secretary General of Israel First Party during 2014.

As the Dictatorship Claim of SepehrMP started he migrated back to Iran and fought to over throne the so-called president of the time. During SepehrMP's Dictatorship, he was the head of the ousted Congress for the April of 2015.

on day 3315 he changes his citizenship to a Serbian player.

Since September 2016 he officially became eRepublik Ambassador in Iran.

With a unanimous decision of Mafia Family Headquarters, he was named as Mafia Family God Father (Party President) from March 2016. On December 15th 2016 election, Goa Gill staged a coup against him, using multiple accounts the election resulted in 13 to 9 in favour of Goa Gill.

Shortly after he changed his citizenship to Serbian and became a party member and Congress member of Samo Srbija party.

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