Gorgo Primus

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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth April 21, 2009
Date of death July 15, 2009
Minister of Culture of South Korea
July 13, 2009 – July 15, 2009
Minister of Health of China
May 14, 2009 – July 15, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant*.png Sergeant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for reaching 5 forfeit points

Gorgo Primus was acitizen of South Korea with strong anti China feelings.

He joined the South Korean communists very young and soon rose to hold positions in the government. When the Chinese invaded he was among the first to fight in the trenches.

When China had won the war he joined his goonish brethren in forming a resistance group and eventually helped form the JucheBox Party. There he served under Snayke until the Civil War. During this time he also founded a religious movement for Glorious Leader to compete against Dioism; Shortly after he was killed by Admins.

Civil war

When Snayke declared the start of a reformist program and refused to call the commissars to council, Gorgo Primus was among the first to declare Snayke a traitor. He, along with his comrades, was banished from Snayke's cabinet after he was declared as a member of a 'rebel group seeking to overthrow Snayke.

The month of June saw the Juche Box Party splinter into two factions. One supported radical ideas such as the banning of Chinese writing and renaming the nation of China to West Korea, a faction headed by Kim Jong Rad. The other faction was lead by Snayke who was a moderate and had much of the public's support. Before the June party president elections, Snayke resigned from the party presidency of the Juche Box Party and joined the People's Republican Party. Following his departure, many loyalists followed his heed and created the SSStars of Snayke political party.

In July 2009, there was a takeover on the Juche Box Party which lead to the unification of the SSStars of Juche and members leaving the Juche Box Party. After the clashes between pro-Juche and anti-Juche demonstrators, the party was handed over to Snayke, where he renamed it to Serpentia and has lead the party after that in a bid to reunify the people of China.

The End

After the civil war had begun to die down with the SSStars of Syanke merging with the China Party, Gorgo Primus began to focus once more what he called Chinese anti-goon racism and oppression. In one heated debate Gorgo Primus published the secret 'China Party - English Dictionary'. This was soon deleted and Gorgo Primus himself was banned for life as a result of this. The Admins refused to revisit the case as China Party - English Dictionary was written in Gorgo's newspaper.


Gorgo Primus is a household name among the goons for his brave acts, and his nephew Breton Boy carries on his legacy of fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Glorious way. A Shrine in Gorgo's honor can be found in the old Chinese occupied South Korea 'Zone 2', and a Korean Battleship was named after him; the G.L.S. Gorgo Primus.

Gorgo Primus' Famed Dictionary; recovered

At least after all this time his last act can be seen by all. This is what Gorgo Primus died for.

Gorgo Primus's Last Act.jpg