Government Rules of the Netherlands

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(updated on Day 4,148)

Article 1 – Organization of the Government

  • 1. The Government consists of the Country President, the Vice President, the (Vice)Ministers and advisors. All Government Members need to be citizens of eNetherlands.

Article 2 – Monetary Policies

  • 1. The budget of the Government of the eNetherlands cannot exceed the tax income of the previous month. An additional budget can be awarded by congressional approval.
  • 2. The Gold expenditures are not regulated. The Government is responsible and accountable for the way the Gold reserves are spent.
  • 3. The organization ‘Ministerie van Economische Zak’ (EZ) serves as the current account of the eNetherlands.
  • 4. The organization ‘DNB’ serves as the Emergency Fund consisting of at least Icon-gold.gif 1,500 GOLD and Flag-Netherlands.jpg 1,500,000 NLG, which can only be used with congressional approval.
  • 5. In case the Emergency Fund does not meet its requires required threshold the Government must allocate at least 25% of its regular budget to the Emergency Fund.
  • 6. Unused budget at the end of the term will be transferred to the Emergency Fund unless another expenditure is designated.
  • 7. Citizens can review the current state of financial affairs at all times in the official Finance Sheet, managed by the Ministry of Finance.

Article 3 – Medal Tax

  • 1. Congress Members and the Country President are required to pay a minimum of 50% of their in-game election reward to the state.
  • 2. Officials who have not paid the Medal Tax will be entered automatically on the Blacklist and will be subject to the applicable sanctions, as laid down in Chapter II, Article 9.
  • 3. People stay on the Blacklist until their debts to the state have been paid, which leads to their automatic removal from the Blacklist.

Article 4 – Armed Forces of the eNetherlands

  • 1. All Military Units part of the Treasury of the eNetherlands follow (battle) orders from the Country President and his Government.
  • 2. The Government has the right to create and abolish Military Units and replace Commanders at all times.
  • 3. The Commander of the designated National Military Unit is, in exception to Article 4.2, replaced only in accordance with the Congress of the eNetherlands.
  • 4. No military office can be used to exert political influence in any way whatsoever.

Article 5 – Government Programs

  • 1. The Government of the eNetherlands is required to allocate at least half of its regular budget on in-game initiatives that aid eDutch citizens in the form of Government Programs.
  • 2. The Government can at any time request the (Deputy) Chairman of Congress to modify the undermentioned list. Details of Governmental Programs can be freely edited, the launch or discontinuing of a Program, however, requires an announcement in the debating section of Congress.
  • 3. Active Government Programs require to be promoted at least once a month in the form of an in-game article.
  • 4. All subsidies and rewards handed out by Government Programs need to be recorded in appropriate Ministry Sheets.


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