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His Majesty's Government (HM Government) is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Government is led by the Prime Minister, who delegates responsibility for aspects of government to his chosen Cabinet officials, who function as the most senior ministers in Government Departments, listed below. The Prime Minister is elected by the United Kingdom general population by in-game mechanics on the fifth of every month.

Ministerial Structure

Each ministries has a specific role and function and staffing levels dependent on their workloads but all fundamentally operate under the same structure.

Cabinet Minister

A Cabinet Minister (referred to as Minister) is the person appointed by the Prime Minister to run a specific department. In order to be a minister a candidate has to have proven knowledgable and committed to the United Kingdom and the department they wish to run. Political parties tend to look more favourably on backing a candidate for Country President who has previously served as a minister.

Under Minister

Under Ministers (uM, sometimes also referred to as Deputy Ministers, dM) are appointed directly by the minister of a cabinet-level department, on or around the 6th of the month. The post is applied for either via private message to the minister himself or an application thread on the eUK Forums, usually found in the General section. The amount of underministers in a cabinet department varies; depending on the minister's workload and the department's purview. Underministers are usually considered to be frontrunners to take over a specific cabinet department if the current minister decides to not continue their post after their term in the cabinet is over.


An Apprentice works for an underminister of a specific section of a cabinet department. Apprentices require no specific knowledge of game mechanics, only to have a forum account, be eager to learn and not work shy. Apprentices are appointed by either the Cabinet Minister or the Underminister from applicants responding to an advert on the eUK Forums general section. The apprentice then picks up the skills of ingame mechanics involved for their cabinet post (so an Apprentice in the Ministry of Finance would pick up how erepublik economics works); thus giving them the opportunity to try out new things in the game, or seek a career in the House of Commons. Some of the smallest ministries have no apprentices and run on underministers only.

Minister without Portfolio

A Minister without Portfolio is someone who is not given an official department but instead holds this title and acts as a government advisor for each of the departments. The Minister without Portfolio is typically someone with vast experience in particular matters, e.g. Defence or Foreign Affairs, that a Minister can call upon in order to aid some of their decisions. The role is similar to that of a congressional advisor except that the Minister without Portfolio is determined by the Congress President, rather than by Congress.[1]

Civil Service

From 5th February, the eCivil Service governmental website was set up at [], as a way of appointing, managing and tracking departmental staff and tasks. There is scope for expanding this website to specific departments such as the Foreign Office.

Government Departments and Positions

Seal of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister

The Country President, referred to as the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, is the most important position in the country. Since only the Prime Minister can access the treasury, propose laws, and make foreign relations decisions official in-game. Unlike the other ministers, this is the only office that is officially elected and held to account by the people who are kept up to date with affairs of state through various means.

The Prime Minister functions as the leader of the Government, responsible for the appointment of ministers as well as the creation/dissolution of any ministries, and Houses of Parliament holding the power of veto over any legislation considered especially damaging or dangerous to the country.

They are the supreme commander of the British Armed Forces as they have the exclusive ability to direct attacks on neighbouring regions, whilst coordinating and determining all battle strategies with his cabinet, and act as the main representative to the various alliances the world over.

Seal of the Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister

The role of the Deputy Prime Minister was reintroduced by Dishmcds in order to handle the Prime Ministers heavy workload by splitting his domestic work. However, they will not assume power if a Prime Minister is impeached. According to the rules of Erepublik, the second place candidate in the most recent Country President election will take on the role of Prime Minister unless they hold another nationality, as seen in September 2011 when Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado was impeached and replaced by third place candidate Daeres because second place candidate Betafoxtrot had accepted Belgian citizenship, not Deputy Prime Minister Margaret H Thatcher.

Seal of the Ministry of Legislative Affairs

Minister of Legislative Affairs

The Ministry of Legislative Affairs is in charge of managing the United Kingdom's legislative process. Primarily this involves moving bill proposals between public discussion and the Houses of Parliament, opening and closing votes and amending the statute books.

The Minister of Legislative Affairs performs a "Speaker of the House" role within the House of Commons area: promoting discussion whilst maintaining order, closing vote threads, posting passed policy and/or legislation into the "Statue Book" section for all the public to see but also maintains the flow of information between the Commons area and Erepublik itself, through the Congressional report along with the compilation and publishing of Government Ministry reports.

Seal of the Chancellor of the Exchequer
Seal of the Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has the largest hand in controlling the economic stability of the United Kingdom. The MoF controls the Bank of England, which is responsible for regulating the flow of currency into the market, and at what rate. It receives its funding directly from the National Treasury, with approval of the House of Commons.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has access to the government's gold and currency accounts and uses that in order to stabilise the financial and raw material markets at an agreed on rate whenever possible. In addition to that, the Minister of Finance is responsible for producing a budget on the United Kingdom's income/expenditure, supplying the various ministries with the funds they need to run and a number of different government schemes designed to develop the citizens of the UK.

Seal of the Minister of Home Affairs
Seal of the Ministry of Home Affairs

Minister of Home Affairs

The work the Ministry of Home Affairs performs isn't 'urgent' like that of the MoD or MoFA, both of which are needed in times of war- but it is the MoHA's responsibility to look after our population in three ways, by: informing, educating, and entertaining them.

This is achieved in many different ways, including the UK Today articles, the Library guide articles, mass messaging when needed, messaging brand new players with help, and running forum games. There are more schemes besides these, but this group makes up the 'core' of the MoHA's operation in the present.[2]

Seal of the Ministry of Defence
Seal of the Minister of Defence

Minister of Defence

The Minister of Defence heads the United Kingdom's official armed forces, making it one of the most important posts within the Cabinet. This position has at times been merged with that of the MoFA and replaced by the Chief of General Staff.

The Minister of Defence's responsibilities include deciding on the command structure of each branch, when and where to direct attacks, ensuring that each member of the military is given the supplies necessary to go out there and fight and directing the general public where to fight. They are also expected to attend all talks on military intelligence and advise the Prime Minister on the appropriate course of action.

Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the responsibility of creating, maintaining and improving the United Kingdom's relationships with all the nations around the New World.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has the responsibility for consideration of different alliances, proposals, protection pacts, liasing with their counterparts and drafting written agreements between countries.

Seal of the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health is responsible for maintaining the wellness of British citizens through the use of gifting programmes, primarily the National Health Service and in the past - the Wellness Fast Programme. The Ministry was merged into the Ministry of Home Affairs which dealt with gifting until the removal of gifts in V2. THE NHS was brought back during Talon Karrde's 2nd term as part of the MoHA, before becoming the Ministry of Health in its own right during Talon's 4th term.

Abolished Ministries

The following Ministries have been included below for archive purposes only. They currently do not operate in any way.

Seal of the Chief of General Staff

Chief of General Staff

During V2 the Chief of General Staff headed the UK's armed forces including the Army Air Corps, Infantry, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery, Army Training Corps and the British Army Reserve, it replaced and held all the powers of the Minister of Defence.

Chief of Police

The position was approved by congress on 5th July 2008 and involved identifying multi's and reporting them to the admins. Chief of Police was considered a very important position as it was a start for many eUK leaders, the eUK's first chief of police was Kaleb who was succeeded by Deathtoll32, both of whom went on to become Prime Minister.

Seal of the Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

This position was introduced by John Bartlett in his August 2010 administration. The Chief of Staff was both a managerial and an advisory role which helped him with ministerial selection and supervision and reported directly to the Prime Minister. The last Chief of Staff was roadrunnerspeed.

Ministry of Communications

The Ministry of Home Affairs, created in September and November 2010 by Jamesw was separated from the largest of ministries - the ministry of Home Affairs, for the purpose of contacting citizens in-game and recruitment. The ministry of communication had responsibility for attracting new players to the eUK, updating the euk wiki pages and ensuring citizens are kept up to date of government actions where necessary

Seal of the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Defence & Foreign Affairs

This ministry was originally created during Kumnaa's term to streamline the cabinet and co-ordinate the actions of the Defence and Foreign Affairs Ministries and make sure they work together and pull the same rope. It was abolished in later months due to the immense work strain put on the Minister. In November 2010 it was re-introduced by jamesw, with the position being held by Joachim von Bremen.

Seal of the Ministry of Information & Education

Ministry of Information and Education

Although not technically scrapped the role of the Ministry of Information and Education (MoIE) changed so much in a short space of time that it was renamed The Ministry of Home Affairs to reflect its new role.

The MoIE was in charge of managing the flow of Information between the Government and its citizens. The first Minister of Information was CreveRoeland, and was held by Hassan Pesaran until he resigned his duties. Dishmcds, then Prime Minister, took over in the interim while looking for a suitable replacement. After the election of Deathtoll32 as Prime Minister, the Ministry of Information was merged with the Ministry of Education. Malta_1990 was the first to hold this amalgamated role and was confirmed in his role by the next PM, Final Destiny. Under JerryGFL's term as Prime Minister, Oexis, the former Underminister of Education, was appointed Minister, and remained as such during malta_1990's reign, when some of the duties were removed to form the Ministry of Home Affairs Duties

  • Maintaining a "Speaker of the House" role within the House of Commons area: closing vote threads, posting passed policy and/or legislation into the "Government Policy" section for all the public to see.
  • Maintaining the Newspaper Association, ensuring that we are covering articles that highlight the good point of the UK, as well as functional associations and agencies.
  • Maintaining the flow of information between the Commons area and Erepublik itself, through the Congressional report.
  • Maintain the British Academy Awards handed out per legislative procedure.
  • Responsible for the creation of a curriculum designed to educate the student on the history and politics of the United Kingdom, and on the game of Erepublik as a whole.
  • Set test for this curriculum through CORE and ACE.

Seal of the Ministry of Migration & Support

Ministry of Migration and Support

The Ministry of Migration and Support was primarily responsible for running programmes such as Transport For London, which is designed to entice people to move out of London and into other regions, especially border regions. This office was abolished in May 2009. Nile Frater and Patrick Reckitt were the last Ministers.

Ministry of Minorities

Due to the diverse backgrounds and needs of early UK citizens, The Ministry of Minorities was established. This Ministry was responsible for ensuring that the minority parties present in the Government were properly taken care of and that their needs were being met, giving everyone a place to voice their needs and desires with a direct point of contact within the Government.

Ministry of Profit

The Ministry of Profit was tasked with running government companies, especially in important industries during V1, such as Grain (the United Kingdoms's only native high resource), with the objective of making as much money as possible to boost the UK's coffers. At times it worked in tandem with the Ministry of Trade to try and find new opportunities for making the country money.

Seal of the Ministry of Recruitment

Ministry of Recruitment

The Ministry of Recruitment was founded in April 2010 under GLaDOS' second term in office. The Ministry came about after he had spent some months in the department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry of Recruitment took over responsibility for recruiting new players to eUK, advertising eRepublik within RL UK and contacting national media away from the MoHA, but was later merged back into it.

Seal of the Ministry of Technology

Ministry of Technology

The Minister of Technology managed and directed any and all advancement through the use of technology both on the forums and in game for the sake of the United Kingdom. The Ministry of Technology also directed the creation and maintenance of the Military Hub and other technology for the Military.

Ministry of Trade

Seal of the Ministry of Trade

The Ministry of Trade handled issues dealing with economic surplus and trade through foreign markets. Although it was necessary for the MoT to work closely with the MoW so as to have something to compare the foreign markets too, the MoT was confined to helping through the use of currency management (for foreign currency transfers), foreign market analysis, and benchmarking currency through allies for easier trading capabilities. However, the two were merged at one point into the Ministry of Trades overseen by Blaggard.


  • Benchmark currency: The Minister of Trade can, as directed, benchmark currency values for the specific ally countries to make it easier for domestic companies to trade from both shorelines. When there's no gold defined in the trade itself, it makes it quicker and easier on each country.
  • Foreign markets: Identify foreign markets that need or could be used to offload surplus products, and promote exporting throughout the UK to other countries.
  • Trading foreign currency for local currency so domestic GMs can export easier and trade currency to keep salary money in the bank.
  • Look for potential trade deals with other countries.

Ministry of Work

Seal of the Ministry of Work

The Minister of Work was responsible for the domestic labour and supply management in the United Kingdom. They were also responsible for the management of the Small Business Association, overseeing the funds transfers necessary to make said organisation work. It was last headed by Master Hofkens. It had been known as the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Employment in previous governments.


  • Create and monitor practicable procedures for the SBA, and it's Director.
  • Monitor domestic markets for supply and demand issues, reporting back to the cabinet each weekend on any issues we may need to resolve.
  • Manage the Government run industries, and it's employees. Products are not to be sold without Commons approval on the open markets.
  • Direct any new citizens into industries deemed to need employees or low on production values, by advertising in game and on the forums for where to look for a job.


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