Guards OF Green

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Guards OF Green

Guards OF Green.jpg

It doesn't take a hero to order men to go into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those who goes into battle.

General Information
Founded November 2012
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Total Soldiers 6
Commanded by St0L3n1
2nd Commander TheJakal
Part of Pakistani Armed Forces

Guards OF Green is a military unit of Pakistan.


Founded by Mohammed Bilal, the MU became one of the best MUs in Pakistan. It gained many awards for its hard work. At one point it had more than 90 members. In January 2014, Mohammed Bilal resigned from being the unit Commander and TheJakal took over.

TheJakal was already an important figure and once he became commander it made him even more important. He held this position for a long time, until he demoted himself to 2nd Commander and St0L3n1 took over.


Guards Of Green was divided into 4 regiments and the following was the status as of January 2014.

Regiment 1

The largest and most powerful regiment in the MU. Its captain was Almandro. TheJakal and both second commanders were in this regiment. Out of 48 members of the MU 33 was part of the regiment.

Regiment 2

The second largest regiment in the MU. Its captain is Heart Stealer. Out of 48 members in the MU 15 was part of this regiment.

Regiment 3 and 4

These regiments had no members.