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Soldier actions

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The Guerrilla Fights has been officially implemented into the game on Day 1,947.
Since Day 2,113 of the New World, Guerrilla fights are available for Resistance wars too.[1]
More improvements have been made to Guerrilla on Day 2291. The update improves Guerrilla stability and introduces four more items.[2]

Weapons and Armor

Launch of the Guerrilla fights
  • The Guerrilla Fight inventory is available on any battle page, next to the statistics button.
  • There are four classes of primary weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Snipers.
  • Each class of weapons is effective at a certain distance (ex: pistols are effective at 100m, while snipers are best used from 700m).
  • Wearing armor allows you to withstand more damage, but the extra weight will slow you down.
  • The equipment for Guerrilla Fights cannot be manufactured. It can be bought from the inventory page or received when winning fights.
  • The weapons don’t have a durability, but they must be replaced when their ammo and clips (magazines) run out.
  • Armor items have a durability, which indicates the number of fights they can be used in.
  • All Guerrilla Fight items have attributes that directly influence the player attributes.

Player Attributes

A guerilla fight from a player perspective.
  • At each fight, your Strength and Military rank are weighted against the opponent’s Strength and Military rank to determine your “Bonus Damage”
  • Bonus Damage is based on the ratio of victories and losses:
    • 0 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is less than 1;
    • 1 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is between 1-1.99;
    • 2 Bonus Damage: Win/loss ratio is 2 or more.
  • Armor, Accuracy and Agility are attributes influenced by the equipment worn in combat. Each attribute is explained below:
    • Armor: you can receive an amount of damage equal to the Armor rating before starting to loose Energy
    • Accuracy: modifies the chance to hit your target
    • Agility: determines the distance you can move in one turn. The default value is 200m.

Joining a Fight

  • You will be able to join a Guerrilla Fight after defeating five opponents on the battlefield
  • If one side involved in the battle has more than 1400 Domination Points the fight will not start (because there may not be enough time to finish it).
  • Matchmaking is based on the total matches played. By default, those who have played a lot, should also face more experienced Guerrilla Fighters.
  • If there are no enemy players looking to join a Guerrilla Fight, you will have to wait until one does

Pre-fight Screen

  • The pre-fight screen shows a head to head comparison of the two opponents
  • The “Bonus Damage” is an indicator of each player’s strength in relation to the opponent (if there is an even match, both players will have similar Bonus Damage)
  • Both players enter the fight with at least 100 Energy
  • The Energy that is about to be used in the Guerrilla Fight is removed from the total Energy

The Fight

  • The combat is divided in rounds; players can perform one action/round. The basic actions are listed below:
    • FIRE - shoot with the equipped weapon
    • MOVE - get closer or farther away from your opponent
    • DODGE - lowers the opponent’s hit chance. If a grenade is present it will be used.
    • RELOAD - when you run out of ammo the FIRE button will turn into RELOAD
    • Change weapon - opens the weapon list
  • Every round in Guerrilla lasts 12 seconds
  • Each weapon has an “Ideal Range”
  • The weapon has maximum chances of hitting the target when fired from the Ideal Range
  • The distance to enemy should be as close as possible of the weapon’s Ideal Range
  • When firing out of the weapon’s range (regardless if it’s farther away or closer to the enemy) the Hit Chance will drop
  • Each turn there is a chance to deal critical damage to your opponent
  • The grenade always has 100% chance to hit but deals no critical damage
  • The grenade deals half damage if the opponents moves
  • The minimum hit chance is 8% (can be decreased by dodging), the maximum hit chance is 90%
  • The actual hit chance is calculated after the opponent moves or dodges, while the percentage displayed before shooting does not take these variables into account (since there is no way to know what the opponent will do)
  • Dodging deducts the hit chance by one third. Ex: if your hit chance is 75% and the opponent dodges, your final hit chance will be 50%.

Fight Results

  • The player who loses all his Energy first is defeated
  • A player receives, no matter if victorious or not, a 10% damage bonus if they manage to kill their opponent in the Guerrilla Fight.
  • Natural Enemy bonus and Damage Boosters are taken into account when calculating the damage resulted from Guerrilla Fights.
  • In case of a draw afer 20 rounds the player who have more experience wins
  • This means if a player has armor, they can take damage, while doing no damage, and win the fight
  • The Energy that is not lost in the Guerrilla Fight is returned to the total Energy
  • The damage resulted from a Guerrilla Fight is done in the following fashion:
    • Victorious players deal 100% of the maximum damage they would inflict with 100 Energy by using a Q7 weapon + 100% of the maximum damage they would inflict (using a Q7 weapon) with the Energy the opponent lost in that Guerrilla Fight (max. 100 Energy, armour is not counted)
    • Defeated players deal 100% of the maximum influence they would inflict with the Energy they lost (max. 100, armour is not counted) + 50% of the maximum damage they would inflict with the Energy the opponent lost in that Guerrilla Fight (max. 100, armour is not counted)
A victorious player deals 100 damage per hit with Q7. 100 Energy gives him 1,000 damage. The opponent lost 73 health during the Guerrilla Fight (out of max 100). The damage done in the battle will be 1,000 + 730 = 1,730.
  • The damage added to the influence bar is cumulated with the damage dealt prior to the Guerrilla Fight. It also counts for Achievements like Battle Hero, Campaign Hero or True Patriot.
  • Players will receive Rank Points according to the amount of damage added to the influence bar
  • The winning player also receives one item as a reward

Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: Energy barFirst aid kitFoodHousePower packWeekly challengeWinter treatPumpkin
Spending energy: FightGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy CenterCentral Park


  1. According to Day 2,113 official update.
  2. According to Day 2,290 official update.