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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth 25 June 2009 - Day 552
Date of death Summer 2010 (est)
Sex Male
Party president of Suomen Punainen Puolue
October – November 2009
Preceded by kaller
Succeeded by Proxima
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Herz was a citizen of Icon-Finland.png Finland and a member of Punainen Yhteisrintama (Red United Front). He started playing eRepublik in June 2009.

Party Politics

Herz started his political career in the Red Party Of Finland and soon after joining he became the Vice Party President. He was chosen unanimously to be the next Party President of SPP - there were no competing.

Herz focused on party politics while being the PP: the first management board of the party was formed and new offices were created. The current offices are much a-like to the ones that were first created. Some of the offices were updated because of the introduction of Herz's "Gear Model". Gear Model is a theory on how to run a political party. It was created in order to make the party work more efficiently.

Party-Suomen Punainen Puolue.png

The gear is a symbol which represents well our way of operating: we are one solid piece. The gears teeth represents the offices that are supported by the basic solid structure of the gear - the whole dynamic party. -Herz

To strengthen the unity of eWorkers of eFinland, Herz created "a Medal to an eComrade" ("eToveri means eComrade in Finnish). The looks of the medal was created by eComrade ClausMarvin. Claus also made the new logo for the party, party newspaper and party factories.

Nowdays Herz is a member of the only far-left party in eFinland, the Punainen Yhteisrintama (roughly translated as Red United Front or in German Rot Einheitsfront). It was formed by the union of two parties: Red Jihad and Suomen Punainen Puolue. Herz designed the present logo of Punainen Yhteisrintama.

Internal Politics and Foreign Policy

Herz has been around in Finlands politics through SPPs paper Punainen Lehti (the Red Paper). He has negotiated with several people at IRC in order to achieve better status for eWorkers.

In order to strengthen Finland's political co-operating, Herz created a channel for party presidents only and their chosen representant. The channel was a place to negotiate with other parties to make Finland a better place. It also worked as a "red phone" for emergencies like PTOs: parties could ask help through there.

After being the Party President Herz got involved in Congress activity: he was chosen to the Congress with 25 votes (he was the sixth most voted people in Finland at the time). Herz ran for Congress from Western-Finland region.

In Foreign Policy Herz followed what was going on in the Internationale and he took part in conversations that were about Internationale and SPP.

Other activities

FHD logo Herz has designed logos for the use of SPP. He also has made the logo of FHD (Folkhemsdemokraterna).