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|[[File:Logo_szoli.jpg|25px]] [[Szolidaritas_Part]] - [[File:Party_1081.jpg|25px]] [[Magyar_Hazafiak_Partja|MHP]] - [[File:kard.jpg|25px]] [[A KARD]] - [[File:MKSZ_logo.jpg]] [[Magyar Katonak Szovetsege]] - [[File:NEP.jpg|25px]][[Nemzeti Ébredés Pártja]] - [[SzEM]] - [[Magyar Civilek Partja]] - [[Kozossegi Elet Partja]] - [[Autono'm Ka'rpa'alja't]]
|[[File:Logo_szoli.jpg|25px]] [[Szolidaritas_Part]] - [[File:Party_1081.jpg|25px]] [[Magyar_Hazafiak_Partja|MHP]] - [[File:kard.jpg|25px]] [[A KARD]] - [[Magyar Katonak Szovetsege]] - [[File:NEP.jpg|25px]][[Nemzeti Ébredés Pártja]] - [[SzEM]] - [[Magyar Civilek Partja]] - [[Kozossegi Elet Partja]] - [[Autono'm Ka'rpa'alja't]]

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Flag of Hungary   Coat of Arms of Hungary

On the map

General rank 3
Anthem Himnusz
Capital Central Hungary
Language Hungarian
Population 7297
President Alexandross
Party Szolidaritas Part
Currency Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Minimum salary Flag-Hungary.jpg 1 HUF
Territories 9
IRC #erephu @Rizon

Map of Hungary

Last update 12 January, 2012

Hungary is a country located in Europe. Its neighbours are Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Austria.

Hungary has always played an important role in the New World history, being one of the strongest nations, ever since the index-boom. At present Hungary is a founding member of the ONE alliance (along with Serbia, Poland and Spain), the successor of the NWO alliance.

Icon-social-mic-home.gif Society

Icon-Hungary.png Geography

The original seven regions of Hungary are located in the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe. The capital of Hungary is Budapest.

The original territory of Hungary is composed of several regions: Central Hungary (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Central Transdanubia (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Northern Great Plain (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Northern Hungary (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Southern Great Plain (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), Southern Transdanubia (occupied by Icon-Romania.png), and Western Transdanubia (occupied by Icon-Romania.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource


Hungary is one of the older populations of the New World, although not among the oldest ones like Romania or Pakistan - but at the same time one of the most active. The so-called index-boom in 9th February, 2009. (and its sequel in April) and its citizens - by now mostly 2 years old, rich and hugely experienced - still give the backbone of the politics, the economy and the military. Many of these players left during the ill-fated V2, and coming back to the game nowadays. The series of smaller babybooms that followed the first two in the next years (2009-2010) gives the middle generations that can also be called experienced players by now, and with the many rule-changes, some of them are even overstepping the first generations in strength and/or rank. The fall of 2010, and the fall of Hungary saw the newest generations come into the game, and adapt to the ever-changing rules quickly, taking advantage of the fast strength-gains.

These three main waves give the very active and strong Hungarian population that numbers around 3-5 thousand active players, who play at least the twoclicker level; and around 2-3 thousand who take part in elections and economy too. Hungary at the moment have no colonies abroad, only scattered individuals live in other countries, but the main population lives in Central Hungary, Western Transdanubia, and the newly conquered Transilvania.

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Economy


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 0% 5% 5%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 0% 5% 5%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 0% 0% 0%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 0% 0% 0%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 0% 5% 5%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 0% 99% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 0% 99% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 0% 0% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 0% 99% -
  • Last update: 12 April 2016

Country trading embargoes

Hungary has trading embargoes with the following countries:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Politics


The 10 largest parties in Hungary are listed below.

Logo Party name English Party Name Orientation Party president Party members[1] Congress members
50px Magyar Hazafiak Pártja (MHP) Hungarian Patriots' Party Center-right, Authoritarian Lisztes 375 3
50px Határontúli Magyar Szövetség (HMSZ) Alliance of Hungarians beyond the Boundaries Center-right, Authoritarian lazo 317 2
50px Konzervatív Anarchista Reform Diplomácia (KARD) Conservative Anarchist Reform Diplomacy Center-right, Authoritarian DarthVadR 269 4
50px A Szent Korona Szövetsége (SzKSz) Alliance of the Holy Crown Center-right, Authoritarian Cimbalar 265 2
50px Magyar Katonák Szövetsége (MKSz) Hungarian Soldiers' Alliance Center, Totalitarian KisTom 249 2
Magyar Légió Párt (MLP) Hungarian Legion Party Far-Right, Totalitarian Nabuccoo 204 0
50px Kisgazdapárt Smallholders' Party Center, Totalitarian Parragh Adam 194 2
50px Nemzeti Front (NF) National Front Far-right, Totalitarian Szittya Magog 178 0
Közösségi Élet Pártja (KÉP) Party of Social Life Center-left, Libertarian M.Mateo 115 0
50px Nemzeti Ébredés Pártja (NÉP) Party of National Awakening Center-right, Authoritarian xSLDx 82 0

[1] as of 12 January, 2012

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

May 2009

37% 15 27% 11 17% 7 12% 5 5% 2
45px 45px 45px 45px 45px

April 2009

38% 15 25% 10 17% 7 10% 4 7% 3
45px 45px 45px 45px 45px

March 2009

36% 7 31%6 10% 2 10% 2 10% 2
45px 45px 45px 45px 45px

February 2009

40% 8 35% 7 10% 2 10% 2 5%1
45px 45px 45px 45px 45px

January 2009

34% 9 26% 7 26% 7 7% 2 3% 1
45px 45px 45px 45px 45px

November 2008

48% 27% 13% 6% 3%
File:Party 1081.jpg NemzetiSzolidaritasPart.jpg File:NemzetiHonvedoPart.jpg Party-Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt.jpg File:Party PPLMini.jpg

August 2008

27.59% 27.59% 8.06%
File:Party PPLMini.jpg File:Party 1081.jpg File:Party CorvinMini.jpg Party-Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt.jpg File:Party-Magyar Nemzeti Párt.jpg

July 2008

32.81% 19.67% 9.84%
File:Party 1081.jpg File:Party PPLMini.jpg File:Party CorvinMini.jpg Party-Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt.jpg File:Party-Magyar Nemzeti Párt.jpg

June 2008

18.75% 12.5% 10.94% 9.38% 6.25%
Party-Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt.jpg File:Party 1081.jpg Party-Magyar Néppárt.jpg Party-Magyar Reform Párt.jpg File:Party-Magyar Nemzeti Párt.jpg

Icon position country president.gif Heads of Government

The Head of the Hungarian Government was changed from President to Prime Minister in July 2008 by Haglee since he introduced Constitutional Monarchy. The next government led by kroovy abolished the monarchy, and restored the title of President.

The following table lists the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Hungary in chronological order.

Date Title Name Party
February 2008 President 25pxImre Barbarossza Magyar Nemzeti Párt
March 2008 President 25pxImre Barbarossza Magyar Nemzeti Párt
April 2008 President 25 px Prinz Eugen Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt
May 2008 President 25 px Prinz Eugen Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt
June 2008 President ArCrimson Magyarországi Demokratikus Munkáspárt
July 2008 President (Jul 2-23) Haglee MHP-PPL-CORVIN
July 2008 Prime Minister (Jul 24-Aug 1) Haglee Corvin Párt
August 2008 President 25px kroovy 25px Polgári Platform
September 2008 President Rizsa 25px Polgári Platform
October 2008 President Rommel Erwin 25px MHP
November 2008 President 25px Adam Zahovay 25px Polgári Platform
December 2008 President 25px Adam Zahovay 25px MHP
January 2009 President 25px Hekkat 25px MHP
February 2009 President 25px Quicksilver 25px A KARD - Szolidaritas_Part - 25px Polgári Platform
March 2009 President 25px Morreau 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - Szolidaritas_Part - 25px Polgári Platform
April 2009 President 25px Feherlofia Koppany 25px A KARD - 25px MHP
May 2009 President 25px Feherlofia Koppany 25px A KARD - 25px MHP - CNRP
June 2009 President 25px Shaok 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - 25px Polgári Platform- SZEM
July 2009 President Kampec 25px A_KARD-25px Polgári Platform
Aug 2009 President Falban (impeached, succeeded by rlazol 25px MHP - CNRP - SZEM - FKGP
Sept 2009 President Imre_Norbert 25px MHP - CNRP - Militia Templi
Oct 2009 President Kolozs 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - CNRP
Nov 2009 President Termetes Samu (impeached, succeeded by raszta) 25px Szolidaritas_Part
Dec 2009 President Feherlofia Koppany 25px A KARD
Jan 2010 President Weisz Manfred Huba 25px Szolidaritas_Part
Feb 2010 President Count Adyn 25px MHP - 25px A KARD
Mar 2010 President Oliverray (impeached, succeeded by Hekkat) 25px Szolidaritas_Part - CNRP - HHH
Apr 2010 President charlie50 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - NEP - SZEM
May 2010 President Kolozs APP.jpg Aljaelit Partja - 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - 25px Szolidaritas_Part
June 2010 President Rhual 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - NEP - MEP
July 2010 President lisztes 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - NEP
Aug 2010 President Ipath 25px A KARD - 25px MHP - Royalista Párt
Sep 2010 President Nalaja 25px A KARD - LMP - Royalista Párt
Oct 2010 President Rhual 25px MHP - Nemzeti Front
Nov 2010 President S.Timi 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - Nemzeti Front
Dec 2010 President Sir Moke Shag 25px Új Kisgazdapárt - IV. Birodalmi MKKP
Jan 2011 President AThompson (impeached, succeeded by ForradalmiMaki) 25px A KARD - 25px eKommunista Párt - 25px 481-es Mozgalom
Feb 2011 President Gregory Gallangher 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - 25pxNemzeti Ébredés Pártja - 25px Kétkattosok Pártja - APP.jpgAljaelit Pártja
Mar 2011 President Rhual 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - Ludovika Szovetseg
Apr 2011 President mobra HMSZ - SZKSZ - NF - 25px A KARD
May 2011 President l2oli 25px MHP - 25px A KARD
June 2011 President Tricium 25px A KARD - 25px MHP
July 2011 President kolosh A Szent Korona Szovetsege
August 2011 President sorihun 25px A KARD
September 2011 President Kreg(impeached, succeeded by kispisti007) 25px MHP
October 2011 President Rhual(impeached, succeded by lazo) 25px MHP
November 2011 President Akitlosz(impeached, succeded by Borharisnya) A Szent Korona Szovetsege
December 2011 President Borharisnya(impeached, succeded by Nabuccoo) 25px A KARD
Januar 2012 President Leveszerdes 25px MHP
Februar 2012 President PoriTomi(impeached, succeded by Bosko Balaban) 25pxNemzeti Ébredés Pártja
March 2012 President Arget A Szent Korona Szovetsege
April 2012 President Nalaja 25px A KARD
May 2012 President Alexandross 25px Szolidaritas_Part - 25px MHP - 25px A KARD - Magyar Katonak Szovetsege - 25pxNemzeti Ébredés Pártja - SzEM - Magyar Civilek Partja - Kozossegi Elet Partja - Autono'm Ka'rpa'alja't

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Military

Alliances and MPPs

ONE Alliance

Hungary is a former member of the Mediterranean Alliance. It is a former member of the PEACE Global Community and former member of PHOENIX.

At present Hungary is a member of NWO, that has been renamed as ONE.

Mpp List

This country doesn't have any mutual protection pacts at the moment.


Territorial changes after the World War I. The striped regions originally belonged to Hungary and were lost to Romania in the war. The dotted area was conquered by Hungary during the Hungary-Czech Republic War and lost in the First World War along with the pink region which is in present-day Slovakia. The current regions controlled by Hungary are painted green.
War Allies Opposing Force Result
Hungary-Czech Republic War Mediterranean Alliance Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic
Icon-USA.png USA
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
Hungarian Victory
Annexation of Slovakia
World War I Icon-PEACE.png PEACE Icon-Romania.png Romania Most of Hungary and Slovakia annexed by Romania, creation of Slovakian puppet state
Austro-German War Icon-Germany.png Germany Icon-Austria.png Austria Burgenland annexed by Hungary, Germany forms the Austro-German Union
World War II PEACE ATLANTIS Temporal occupation of France by Atlantis countries.
Hungary-Poland War Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Icon-Poland.png Poland Hungary takes back one of her original region, Northern Hungary.
Hungarian Civil War Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Burgenland liberated from Hungary
World War IV PHOENIX EDEN Hunary loses its high iron in Heilongjiang.
World War V ONE EDEN Terra . Ongoing conflict

Military Units

Ingame Military_units

Traditional Military Units

Special units:
Regular Units:
  • Bethlen
  • Bocskai
  • Dobó
  • Gábor Áron Tüzérei
  • Horthy Miklós
  • Kinizsi
  • Ludovika
  • Nagy Lajos
  • II. Rákóczi Ferenc
  • Teller Ede
  • Vasbordájúak
  • Hunyadi
  • Vörös Század (eKP party unit)
Irregular Units:
  • Fekete Sereg
  • Damjanich
  • Becstelen Brigantyk
  • Rózsa Sándor Alakulat (HHH party unit)
  • Dózsa Század (eFKGP party unit)
  • Székely Légió
  • Láthatatlan Légió
  • Vérbulcsú Zászlóalj
  • Tesla Egység
  • Szent István Század
  • Csontbrigád
  • Grabowski Század (SZP party unit)
  • Kerka Squad
  • Kuruc Sereg
  • Magyar Légierő
  • Hun Horda
  • Páncél Sereg
  • Magyar Flotta
  • Falka (eMKKP party unit)
  • IHA (Indo-Hungarian Alliance)
  • Danube Division
  • UTÁSZ Alakulat
  • Magyar Légió
Avatar Short name Unit name English Unit Name Commander webpage description
Hun elit unit.jpg Elit Magyar Elit Hun Elit Unit szeku The elite of the Hungarian army
Matasz.jpg MATASZ Magyar Tartalékos Sövetség Hungarian Reserve Corps peter81 The training corps for new soldiers
Zme.jpg ZME Zrínyi Miklós Ezred Zrinyi Miklos Battallion Rhual The 'ad hoc' company, with members belonging to regular units.

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gifMedia

Hungary's media is a lively place - and sometimes a powderkeg too - with on an average evening 5-10 articles appearing hourly, and in busy times, like elections or battles, that count can go as high as 25 article/hour. The high rotation makes voting even more precious, as new articles go out of the latest top 10 very fast, and the top 5 usually requires 200+ votes, and from those 5 precious positions the Military Gazette always takes up 1-2. Also, the highest ranked private papers (like Natural Selection, Agymene's, Achtung, panzer or Median) usually have articles out that by the subscribers' votes can achieve top 5. Therefore, it is not at all easy to build up a successful newspaper in Hungary; it requires not only intelligent, creative, informative and funny writing, but also tenacious spamming on the chat or other article's comment section; careful positioning of articles during the day, advertising - and of course luck, for example to grab a sensational topic first, or write about a previously unexplored field; and avoid the usualy mistakes of writing a) badly, b) boringly, c) copying others and d) running into an erep law.

There are a number of MMM project that a beginner journalist can join and achieve the first few hundred or with luck a thousand subscribers.

The Top 5 Newspapers in Hungary are:

Newspaper Name Writer Subscribers Achievements
35px Hadugyi Kozlony Hadugyminiszterium 15820
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 15x Media Mogul
35px Magyar Kozlony eMagyar Kormany 87918
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 8x Media Mogul
35px A Csodaszarvas Nyomában Feherlofia Koppany 6133
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 6x Media Mogul
35px Papa Smurf Politics montaigne 5544
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 5x Media Mogul
35px Headless Chicken Nalaja 4599
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 4x Media Mogul


In the Graveyar lie those friends who left the realm of the New World forever. Rest them in peace!

eHungary Graveyard


History of Hungary

Main article: History of Hungary

The Hungarian Kingdom

July 21, 2008: Hungary chooses official Coat of Arms and Anthem.

July 23, 2008: Hungary became the first Kingdom in Erepublik.[Disputed]

July 28, 2008: The majority of the congress accepted the decision to become a kingdom, by Erepublik rules, it is now officially accepted to be one.

August 7, 2008: The declaration of the Republic was approved by the majority of the Congress after the win of the PPL in elections, so Hungary became again Republic with immediate effect.

The first (and last) King of Hungary was I. Kárpáthy Antal Király (King Antonius Carpathy I).

The King was dethroned by the Declaration of the Republic, 7th August, 2008.

Hungary had a one day regency on 23rd July, 2008. Prime Minister Haglee was then the regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, untill 24th July, when King Antonius Carpathy I was crowned.

The Glory and Fall of Empires - Hungary

The Glory and Fall of Empires is an article-series, written by Quicksilver, describing the great empires of eRepublik. The seven parts tell the story of Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Iran, Romania, Indonesia - and lastly Hungary. The articles are not strict histories, but have a rather novellistic approach, but they are still interesting to those who want a glimpse of the past.

The Glory and Fall of Empires - Hungary

The Fall of Hungary

On eRepublik day 1092. the last region of Hungary, Western Transdanubia was conquered by Romania. After losing most regions, the Hugarian government chose to give up the last two (Central Hungary and Western Transdanubia), in order to save the dwindling gold reserves for RW-s, to have the too many open wars closed, and also to help the Romanian-occupied Russian regions to be freed by the whole Hungarian population fighting in Romania. This was a widely debated and controversial decision, and many of the population - and some even in the government - did not accept it, and fought till the last moment for WTD - against the government and the military leadership even. But without the allies' help, without resources and gold, it was a doomed attempt and ended in a defeat.

The full article can be read here


The Rebirth of Hungary

After the dark times of the occupation of Hungary, the country went through a painful, but necessary reorganization and rebirth. Many new recruiting efforts, recalling old players who left, the re-foundation of political parties, the reorganization of the military, and military strategy, and two highly successfull 'diplomatic-governments' (with Country Presidents Sir Moke Shag, AThompson and Gregory Gallagher, and diplomats like Nalaja and Tomi ur) that succeeded to turn Poland and Spain to the side of Hungary and Serbia, to form a true New World Order - all these saw a great comeback from the country. The crushed Rebellion has failed to achive its goals, but admins finally saw that some of the rules were indeed favouring non-fair-play, and so limitations (like the 10 gold donation limit) were introduced that again made players a deciding factor in wars, not bots or rich people with heavy tanking. This favored the ONE alliance, as it had more and more active players, and it turned the tide. Hungary advanced against Romania, while Serbia conquered Croatia, Poland stood its own against the full onslaught of Eden-Terra, while the affiliated members, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey and Indonesia not only came back but started to conquer too. This brought about two huge victories for Hungary too: the dream of many players, Transilvania (Erdély), and the conquest of Muntenia (Bucharest) - along with other Romanian regions.

And the second anniversary of the second index-article ([1]) - the one that sealed the Hungarian baby-boom - saw what nobody has seen so far in the New World: the total conquest of Romania.

Country map-Hungary.jpg

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