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Icon impeachment.png The President Impeachment is a type of a law that can be proposed by the members of Congress as the last resort if they want to "fire" current country President. Once an Impeachment has been proposed in Congress, another Impeachment proposal won't be possible for a period of 7 days, despite its result. If a President wants to resign his or her office, he must request Congress to impeach.
Icon law president impeachment.png The President impeachment can be proposed on Country administration page. When proposing the Impeachment it is not a bad idea to put a link to the debate area in which the reason for the impeachment can be found out. If accepted, the citizen that was president will be out of the office and the next candidate (by the number of votes) in the last elections is declared the new president of the country.
Only the person who is elected president will get the Country President achievement. In other words, after impeachment voting passed, the candidate taking elected president's place will not get the Country President achievement.
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If the following candidate has not got the citizenship of the country where he was running for the presidency, the following candidate will be considered. In special cases (when all candidates are not eligible for receiving presidency), the country can even have no president.
Unlike most proposals, impeachment proposals require a super majority, or 66% of the votes to pass.
Between 4th (from 00:00) and 5th (until 23:59) proposing a “Presidential Impeachment” law is not possible anymore.
If impeachment law is started before elections check is over and it passes, the new President will be impeached.


66% of the votes are needed to pass an impeachment.
20 eligible people voted. 66% of 20 is 13.2 - 14 votes are needed to pass the impeachment law.

  • If a congressman resigns, does that change the total? No. The only that matters is the number of votes.
  • If the total is changed to 19, and 66% is 12.54, is 12 or 13 needed to pass an impeachment? 13; always first full number above 66 % of the total number of votes
You need at least 66% out of TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTES (example: if 4 people vote, and 3 are in favor, the impeachment is voted as accepted).


What happens if there were only two candidates for president in a country. The first person is elected president and then impeached. The second takes her place. Then the second president is impeached. Who will be president of the country then?

No one. The country will not have a president.

Can a Country President vote on an Impeachment vote?

Yes. The President can vote on this bill, the same as any other bill.

Laws that can be proposed by

President: New citizen message · MPP · Declare war · Airstrike · Propose peace · Trade embargo · Resource concession · Leave alliance · Change alliance leader
Congress: Country donations · Minimum wage · President impeachment · Issue money · Change taxes · Accepting citizenship
Either President or Congress: Natural enemy
Dictator: Any of the above Laws except New citizen message and President impeachment