Independent Party of America

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation IPA
Founded 24 June 2009
President Captain-Commander Tak
Members 15
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Independent Party of America was founded by Captain-Commander Tak on 24 June 09 (Day 581 of Erepublik).


  • To elevate the voters of their respective State to their rightful place as the sovereign rulers of the state, reducing the office holders to the servants of the people they were intended to be;
  • To create a statewide political party committed to the elimination of the electoral advantages of incumbency and the creation of a level playing field for the candidates of all political parties;
  • To restore fiscally responsible government, where the state budgets to spend only what the voters are willing to pay in taxes;
  • To create a political party committed to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of the party -- representation, organization, campaigning, elections, fund raising, and participation;
  • To encourage voter participation and involvement, both in the party itself and in the political process as a whole.

Reference Independence Party of New York State (