Indonesia-India War

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Indonesia-India War
Map of Indonesia-India War
Date 2 February 2009 –
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia Flag-India.jpg India
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Indonesia.jpg aban Flag-India.jpg dionysus

On the 22nd of February 2009, President aban asked the congress to declare war on India.

Tamil Nadu freed by Indonesian forces first from occupation

Thai Highway was used in 'war games'- Indonesia took Southern Thailand, attacked Tamil Nadu, and can now attack India's actual three provinces

Likely for Karnataka, India's valued high-iron region

MPP's with ATLANTIS nations were hastily made by India for its protection

Indonesians seeing MPP's being signed by India did not attack India but decided to politically take it over.

India took measures to stop the takeover but due to a bug in the game it failed and the country was politically takenover.

The new Indian President a Indonesian retreated from all battles started by the Indonesians and India lost its freedom in a matter of a few minutes.