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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

This article was selected by the Admin for inclusion to the wiki because of its general interest to the community and its high quality. The article may not meet the standards of neutrality.

Industries, Education System, Battle ships and more![1] was written by Misho in a Romanian paper.

Part 1

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Ever since the old world, Beta, we have fought with sticks and stones and already back then our dear advisor Plato said "We are a backward people we cannot let this continue!"

But we did let it continue and where is Plato now? He has left us for a more fancy world!

I called him up yesterday and here is what he said.

Plato: Yes Plato speaking.
Misho: Hi, don’t know if you remember me, Misho from..
Plato: Oh, of course I remember you my dear toy boy I still keep you toothbrush here with hopes for you to return to me for another hot night.
Misho: Uh, I think you must have mixed me with someone else. I'm Misho from Erepublik, you know where you used to be advisor until Socrates or Cesar, don't really remember replaced you.
Plato: Ehrm, oh, sorry *cough* *cough* I though it was my wife playing me a prank.
Misho: Of course sir, I understand. The thing is, you always told us that we where backward people and that we couldn't continue. What do you think we missed?
Plato: Research and Development of course you uneducated ignorant fool! I laughed when I saw your latest war on Television, several soldiers fought with sticks and stones while the most well equipped ones only had pistols! What are you, homo habilis!?
Misho: Televi.., what?
Plato: Never mind, but listen son. Lads without weapons shouldn't be sent out in war. Tell your Gods, not Dio, but the real ones, the Admins that they remove the possibility for a citizen to participate in a fight without having a weapon. You can't let that continue.
Misho: Okay.. but they already have a 50 per cent disadvantage if they have no weapons..
Plato: Disadvantage compared to what!? They really lose nothing if they fight without a weapon. Sending out young lads without weapons on a battlefield without the possibility to lose anything is not the best way of preparing them for the real dangerous out there! How realistic is that!
Misho: Real dangerous, out there..?
Plato: Oh, boy, you have no life now do you...
Misho: I'm not sure if I follow you here, are you talking about wellness..!?
Plato: Ok, you are a hopeless case on that area. Let me help you with the game and let us get back to the Research and Development you so badly need instead. I almost feel like I'm giving a line to a crack whore here but lets God be the judge of tha[...]
Misho: Yes, he returned and is now President in Switzerland! Sorry, you where talking.
Plato: Indeed I where. You need Silos, Sawmills, Oil plants, Mine drills and Steel works.
Misho: We do?

Industries will lead eRepublik to a new revolution says Plato.

Plato: Yes, but it will cost you. Silos and Saw mills has the same cost as a Hospital to build and they need Wood as raw material. Oil plants, Mine drills and Steel works also cost as a Hospital to build but demand Iron as raw material.
Misho: Oh, my! Will this give us the Television thing you mentioned?
Plato: Boy, forget about the Television, that's not good for a weak-minded person as you. Now, listen up and pay attention, this is important stuff for the world you live in!
Misho: Okay, okay, I'm paying attention with all the SEK I have!
Plato: Funny. NOT. Building a Silo for example and placing it in a region will give that region a boost in the Grain factor with 0,3. So if the region has Grain Medium and you place a Q5 Silo there the new production factor for Grain in that region will no longer be 1.0 but 1.0 + 0,3x5.
Misho: Wow, 8,6!!!
Plato: Close but no cigar fool, the correct sum is 2,5.
Misho: Okay, so if we build a Q5 Silo, which would cost..?
Plato: The same as building a Q5 Hospital, same amount of Wood and so on.
Misho: Mmm, right and if we place this Silo in a region with Grain factor 0.1 we will have created a region with a production factor of 0,1 + 0,3x5 = 1,6 right?
Plato: No.
Misho: NO!? I’m sure I have calculated it correctly.
Plato: For once you actually have, but the Silo doesn’t give any positive effect at all if it’s placed in such a desert region as a 0,1 factor region is. Then it’s useless. Same goes with all the other Industries. You can’t place an Oil plant where there is no hope for oil from the beginning; you need at least factor 1 in Oil for it to work. Or Mine drills and Steel works where there are no signs of Diamonds or Iron from the beginning.
Misho: Alright, but if we place let’s say a Q5 Mine drill in a region with High Diamonds, factor 2.0 then the new region factor will be 2.0 + 0,3x5 = 3,5. Right? That’s awesome!
Plato: No.
Misho: You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?
Plato: Yes.
Misho: Okay, so how would it work if it were placed in a region with High then?
Plato: These industries can’t do magic. The maximum output in a region is 2,5 so if you place a Q5 Mine drill Industry in a region with Diamonds High you won’t get more than 2,5 as out put from it. So you should really settle with a Q2 Industry there instead giving you the same effect, 2+0,3x2= 2,6 and that last 0,1 is gone.
Misho: Okay, but what happens if a region with an Industry is lost in war and change country, will the Industry change to?
Plato: Since you obviously haven’t invented smart bombs yet, any Industry in a region that changes flag will be lost. Basically the same rules that apply for Hospitals and Defence Systems apply for Industries.
Misho: Industries, is that what you call the Saw mills, Iron works, Mine drills, Silos and Oil rigs with a common name, because if it is then I kind of like it.
Plato: Yes, it is, kind of fancy isn’t it?
Misho: Yeah, it gives me a feeling of ’give it to me already!’
Plato: Calm down lad, this is for nations, not individual citizens. You are supposed to Train and Work as usual and of course chose what you want to excel in of course. Get your self an education boy!
Misho: What is it more!?
Plato: Yes, education. Never mind, I realize you have never heard of it. Call me up on Wednesday and I’ll explain it to you. I must go now, I have promised lead an attack against a vampire in World of Warcraft with Socrates. He is obsessed of killing it!
Misho: Good luck Sir, perhaps you can get some help from Romanians, they are good at killing vampires I’ve heard. Vampires are weak against garlic and silver right, perhaps kill him with a Pole through the heart?
Plato: Poles, yes, we need poles. I love poles and Romanians. They are trustworthy, team playing killers!
Misho: Are you sure you’re still talking about World of Warcraft..?
Plato: As I said, Socrates is waiting. Bye!

Base Explanation

Plato tells Misho that better weapons are needed in the first part, then digresses to explain the workings of Industry and production. He goes as far as to describe the formula used to determine output.

Part 2

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Plato: Yes, Plato speaking?
Misho: Hi old man, Misho here, you told me to call you today so you could continue to tell us why we are backwards people and what we should do about it, remember?
Plato: Of course I do! Are you ready for a lecture?
Misho: To be honest, I’m a bit tired today. Can you keep it short and not so complex?
Plato: No problem!
This is how it works. You can chose four different paths or a mix of them.

  • Business and Administration
  • Craftsmanship
  • Military tactics
  • Medicine
By choosing different paths of an education system Plato wants to personalize the citizens in the New World but also encourage them to co-operate better!

You train and work just like normal but you also study one of the three paths on your daily basis. In strength and skill you can reach infinite levels but studying does have its limits.
Misho: Why limits in education but not in skill?
Plato: It’s because of what you guys possess between your ears. You forget things.
The highest level you can reach in any path is degree 12, and you cannot have more than 16 degree levels totally from these paths without forgetting – lose a degree level. So you can in time combine it and have three different degree fives 5 x 3 = 15 15 < 16 two degrees at eight 2 x 8 = 16 or one at twelve 12 + 5 = 17 and since 16 is maximum it doesn’t work.

The skill points for Construction, Manufacturing and Land are not to be confused with the Degree levels.
Are you still awake Misho?
Misho: Zzz, Zzz, Zzz
Plato: Great! I shall now present this degree system more in details. Studying business and administration is good for those with interests of managing business, a citizen with a bachelor degree in business and administration who works for a company will raise the productivity for all other workers working for the same company that same day with 2,5 per cent.
You earn a bachelor degree when you have reached degree level 5. You earn degree points in the same pace as you raise you Skill and Strength points.
At degree level 8 in Business and Administration you get a Master degree and the daily production effect is raised up to 5 per cent for all other workers working for the same company that same day. At degree level 12 – the highest degree level for all four paths – you earn a doctorate in Business and Administration and the effect is 10 per cent. Exiting isn’t it Misho!
Misho: Zzz, Zzz, Zzz
Plato: The next path we shall focus on is Craftsmanship. This is the path for the really hard workers! The degree levels are the same for all paths you decides to follow; 5, 8 and 12. For the path Craftsmanship you reach Journeyman at level 5, Craftsman at level 8 and Master at level 12. The effects are that you increase you productivity with 25 percent, 50 per cent respectively 100 percent on your daily work.
Now is the time when you shall ask if for example a citizen with Master in Business and Administration with a group of Craftsmen together can increase the production at a company and how much the total effects can be with the perfect combination, so go ahead and ask Misho!
Misho: Okay, I hereby ask what ever you told me to ask!
Plato: A pedagogic in action. The answer my friend is hidden within your self, push it out. Or use a calculator!
Misho: You mentioned Business and administration, Craftsmanship, Military tactics and Medicine. Can you tell me about Military tactics now?
Plato: Indeed you barbarian. Military tactics works just like the other Education systems, it has three levels. Levels that you gain how?
Misho: The same way as I gain Skill and Strength.
Plato: Indeed, and what levels are there?
Misho: Five, eight and twelve.
Plato: Correct, twice in a row. That must be a new record for you!
Misho: Shut the f__k up!
Plato: All right!

Misho: No, continue.
Plato: Pardon, I didn’t hear you, you where saying?
Misho: Please continue telling me about the very interesting new education system in eRepublik that the Admin should implement.
Plato: Very well then! The levels are as you said five, eight and twelve and the advantage is a bonus effect on the Potential Force, for level five 50% bonus, level eight 100% and at level twelve 200% bonus.

This picture of a half naked girl with a rifle shall not disturb you from reading and understanding the text in this article. Take it as a test, the enemy comes in all shapes and forms Plato says.

Misho: Now you can start talking about tanks!
Plato: No, before I’ll start talking about tanks I want to present Airports, Harbours, Railroands and the Navy system.
Misho: You really got ideas for how to implement all that also? And doing all this without destroying the world balance and changing the focus of living in the New World?
Plato: Of course I do, I’m a genius remember.
Misho: At least you think you are..
Plato: Excuse me?
Misho: You are excused Sir!
Plato: (silent)
Plato: (still silent)
Misho: The names! You have no names on the different levels for Military tactics! In Business and Administration you had Bachelor, Master and Doctor, for Craftsmanship you had Journeyman, Craftsman and Master. Why no names?
Plato: Well, the names aren’t that important. And I can’t do all the work for the admin. If George Lemnaru, Cristi Badea, Adi Furk and the rest of the Tevin Solutions team doesn’t recognize the brilliance in these ideas the names won’t make a difference.
Misho: Of course they will, these are awesome ideas and frankly much more in line of what I did expect of this game. It adds complexity, individuality and gives us lots of well thought new content. If they don’t take this under serious consideration you should really turn to Firaxis or some big company.
Plato: Problem is I’ve been dead for almost 2400 years.
Misho: Ehrr, sorry man, but remember what you do today echoes in eternity!
Plato: Please, that was pathetic.
Misho: Sorry, I’m not good at talking to dead people. Should we hurry to Medicine now or is it to late for that?
Plato: For me it’s definitely to late and your problems are more mentally oriented. I think you suffer from schizophrenia. And I wasn’t joking now Misho.
Misho: Come on, if I do, so do you!
Plato: You got a point there.
Misho: I both do!
Plato: the Medicine system, once again 5, 8 and 12. You can collect a maximum of 16-degree levels. So if you have started out walking the path studying Business and Administration all the way up to Doctorate level – degree level 12. And suddenly feel for start studying medicine then you can study up to degree level 4 (12+4=16) and still be a Doctorate in Business and Administration. But if you want to reach the first Degree level in the new path, level 5 then you must sacrifice one you have already earned and in the case of Business and Administration you drop down from Doctor to Master the very same moment as you earn degree level 5 in Medicine (or Craftsmanship, Military Tactics and so on).
Misho: You are really repeating yourself here; you haven’t started to talk about the Medicine path.
Plato: Remember that even Admin must understand this.
Misho: Oh, tell them to read it twice and perhaps ask their mom or dad to translate it for them!
Plato: Begging for Forfeit points are we?
Misho: Banning me would probably just be doing me a favour.
Plato: Indeed, me to. The Medicine path gives you knowledge of how to live healthy and at degree 5 you earn 2,5% wellness every day, at level 8 you earn 5% and at level 12 you earn 10% and can walk the earth as a monk without having to eat or live in a fancy house and still not die.
Misho: That’s awesome, but still kind of selfish. I though people studied medicine in order to help other people?
Plato: That’s a myth. Girls study medicine in order to marry a doctor and be a spoiled housewife, the ugly ones starts reading Florence Nightingale literature when they have turned 35 and from there on it’s all about cognitive disordonance.
Misho: But what about the doctors then? And besides all nurses aren’t female and all doctors aren’t male.
Plato: The doctors studied medicine in order to marry a beautiful and kinky nurse. Lot’s of them pulls it off but most of them are acctually more or less alcoholics. Just as ironically that smoking is overrepresented among nurses.
Misho: But you want to add wellness to them, it doesn’t sounds very realistic?
Plato: This is the New World, don’t confuse it with realism. And never believe the Admins when they are talking about it.
Misho: Okay, so here in the New World those who studies Medicine earn wellness, but does nothing to acctually treat others?
Plato: Okay, okay, they heal others also. Level 5, 10%, level 8, 30% and level 12, 75%. Which they can use once per 72 hours only. Give them a new button where they have the donate, send friendship request and so on buttons. A heal button!
Misho: Why only once per 72 hours?
Plato: Game mechanics, if they can heal others on daily basis it will be better to send out a group of doctors fighting than a group of soldiers. The doctors would help heal themselves and fight with less wellness boxes and be more efficient fighters than the soldiers.
Misho: I see. Have you calculated these figures optimal now?
Plato: No, honestly I haven’t calculated it at all. I hope the guys at Tevian can do that and fine-tune it. Same goes with Craftsman and Businessmen.
Misho: Okay, you have now presented Industries and Education. I really like these ideas of yours, how can the citizens make sure to not miss out on the next article where you will present, was it Infrastuctures and Transportations?
Plato: They should subscribe to the Onion. It’s a very nice piece of paper and it’s worth more subscribers than those ’subscribe to my paper and I will pay you’ campaigns we see now and then.
Misho: Oh, thanks for the nice words! I’ll try to find some fine pictures and then publish this article in the US media and hope for the best.
Plato: Well, you do that. But try not to use to many pictures, you have a tendency of posting pictures that steals the focus from the actual message – the words written in the article.
Misho: Okay, I shall try not to post some half naked girl with a rifle.
Plato: Good luck I can forsay you will fail!

Base Explanation

Plato describes to Misho how each of the 4 branches of education would work, and the benefits they would grant. Military Tactics boosts Damage, Craftsmanship boosts work output, Medicine allows healing, and Business/Administration assists workers in the same company.

Part 3

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Plato: Misho, can you hear me?
Misho: What!?
Plato: It’s me Misho, Plato, speaking inside your head. Don’t be afraid, I’m using telepathic.
Misho: You are kidding right?
Plato: No, I promise. This is the latest shit. Not even Shadow Ducks can listen to this conversation!
Misho: Scary, is telepathic the next thing for the New World?
Plato: Misho, I’m sorry but I must teach you how to crawl before I can teach you how to walk. Telepathic is like advance dancing with a lady as beautiful as BetaMjau or Malika Ela without getting your hand palms wet.
Misho: Okay, I understand, I will never master telepathic.. what will you talk about instead?

Plato: Tuff-tuff, tuff-tuff, PHEW! PHEW! I R O N H O R S E S !
Misho: You mean trains?
Plato: YES! Transportation systems and infrastructures!
Misho: Okay, go ahead and preach old man!

Plato: In eRepublik we don’t use the oceans. Queen rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.. bad there are no waves to rule in eRepublik! Take the world map and create regions also in the oceans! Countries with borders should have territorial waters closest to their shores while the more distant water is made as international water.

Plato tells the admin to look at the eRepublik blue print.

With an easy-implemented system we will start using the oceans for transportations and conflicts! Raw materials and produced goods must be transported in order to be able to be sold. It’s a fact in real life and a great source of making eRepublik a much more fun game!

For example, your friend Kape is the manager of Ziggyzags old Akelius Lyxvillor. He has some 50 Q4 houses in stock. Now he just buy an export license to USA and anyone in USA can buy the house instantly. Thus making the prices very similar all over the world.

This is how it could be done instead! When a company buys an export licence to a country it can’t just place 100 products on that market instantly. They must be transported there!

Misho: Great, Kape will hate me if I print this in an article.
Plato: No, Kape is wise he will see the point with the system!
Misho: No he ain't no he won't but okay, continue!
Plato: Companies can transport things on trucks, railroads or ships.

Two new industries will be needed:

  • Vehicles
  • Shipyards

And two new "features"

  • Airports
  • Harbours

Misho: Protest you moron, admin can't even implement Citizenship, they will never do this.
Plato: Shut up and listen. Punk!

I will start telling you about Airports, since that is the only systems where companies can’t transport goods!

Use the Airport, but only if you are naked!?

To build an airport works the same way as fighting a war but with construction working skills instead of weapons! The congress vote yes to build an Airport and then the presidents office start a building quite the same way as a war is started!

With these exceptions: The presidents office sets salaries for the construction just like companies places job-offers and instead of strength, weapons and soldiers doing the work it’s workers in action.

The Wall (of course in game called the Construction and with a nice picture of an Airport) starts at 2 000 points and is finished when the workers have built it up to 4 000 points. Then the country has built an Airport.

Other groups can just like in war, join the other side of the wall and tear it down! Call it sabotage – and when the construction goes under 2 000 points it stops working. Just like in real life a group of terrorists can stop all the activity on an Airport if they strike against it.

Misho: This is crazy, it will cost way too much to build this. And what happens if the terrorist groups manage to smack the Airport wall down to zero and below?
Plato: If it goes below zero – it’s destroyed.

These way countries can conduct cold wars against each other’s. It should not be possible to see who are working on the ’wrong side’! Or perhaps it should..?

Misho: Okay, that could be a fun feature, a kind of construction war, or airport terrorism. But again, it will be too expensive.
Plato: Hmm, each country starts out with one Airport at 4 500 points in their capital city for free to make the transportation system working more smoothly right from the start. Starting the construction of a new Airport should cost about 200 gold, the big cost is the workers constructing it.
Misho: Okay, that should work I guess. But what does this Airport do then?
Plato: Using the Airport works like this!

Only citizens and organizations can use airports as transportation systems, not goods.

The current Moving Ticket companies shall change names to Travel Companies. A Moving Ticket company located in Sweden for example is changed to a travel company. If it has export licenses these are transformed into Destinations instead and if you want to fly from Sweden to Germany you must buy a moving ticket from a company that has Germany in its destinations. Destinations always work both ways. All air travels and air transports are instant.

Misho: Wow, kind of cool actually, but again way to expensive you must lover the costs. But will this destination system work so that I can chose which region to land in or do I have to choose a region with an Airport to land in?
Plato: You can only chose to land in a region with an Airport, I am sure this will provide interesting scenarios in the future!
Misho: You said something about goods?
Plato: When an organization account or you as a citizen travels you travel without any goods, you leave not only your house behind but also all your food, weapons, gifts and so on. When you enter the plane your inventory slots must be empty!

Moving Tickets are not considered Items and should be placed on a separate item place.

Misho: Shit, can I still wear my clothes?
Plato: Misho, you are a naked wood doll, you do the math!
Misho: So I have to donate my things via Organization accounts to be able to fit in a plane, that’s a stupid idea Plato.
Plato: Donations only works between citizens located in the same region. Yes, we will have a boom of new Organization accounts for storage things.

Also 'a move all inventories Y/N button' should be implemented in order to save the people from going insane while using the drag and drop system for the one hundred and first time.

Misho: But this will not make it possible for me to travel to a conflict on the other side of the planet with my 50 Q5 weapons and fight instantly, and when out of weapons donate some more from my Or accounts around the world. This is shit Plato, what’s the point!?
Plato: This will make waging grand wars far from home a much more complex thing than just ordering 200 soldiers to move and fight.
Misho: No shit Sherlock!
Plato: Calm down will you! The citizens will adopt the system will work smoothly and feel natural after a while.
Misho: International legionnaires will have Organization accounts all over the world, working together I guess..
Plato: For the average soldier it will be just as easy as before, just follow orders, buy a Moving ticket and go to the designated destination, pick up the weapons and equipments and fight!
Misho: Pick up the weapons, which weapons!?
Plato: Please, let me continue!

For the generals on the other hand.. oh, my.. They must make sure the soldiers can be adequately supplied and equipped for large-scale combat by already sending the goods either by air, land or by shipping! In game this will work as a defense bonus since the home country will have a shorter way from its weapon factories to the soldiers in the front.

More about transports later!

Misho: Okay, that will add more planning and stuff to war and definitely be a huge defence bonus for the home country. But when I travel as a civilian I will enter the new country literally buck-naked. Fun for me perhaps but I will scare the ladies!
Plato: Hehe, well, when visiting a new country you need some place to stay – either you buy a house there or you check in on a hotel!
Misho: Hotel for the win!
Plato: Now you sound like Hador, grow up!
Misho: Sorry, got a bit exited, continue!

One night in Paris, Hilton style..?

Plato: 10 houses of the same quality level can be transformed to a Hotel. If you have 10 houses of the same quality level in you inventory slot the button ’Create a Hotel’ appears. If accepted a Hotel is created where the inventory slot with the 10 houses are located with the same Q level as the houses had.

A new hotel has always 8 rooms; the owner of the hotel sets the daily prize on each room. A Q1 hotel gives the guest 1 wellness per day while a Q5 gives 5 wellness per day. A citizen can only live in a hotel the first 10 days she visit a new country until she must buy a house to get a roof over her head.

Misho: Cool, so basically Q1 Hotels can be considered as tent camps for refugees making them stay a live and Q5 Hotels are quite fancy facilities.
Plato: Yes, kind of.
Misho: Okay, so when it comes to getting food, guns and so on the phrase buy local will have a new meaning. I kind of like it to be honest, if it continues, as it does not all products on all markets will have the same price. Kind of dull, this could add some varieties.
Plato: Not to mention realism!
Misho: How about transporting goods then?
Plato: Okay, goods transports

Goods are all Raw materials and all end products, Weapons, Food, Gifts, Houses, defense systems, Hospitals and so on except Moving Tickets and Passports.

Goods can be transported on Roads, Railroads or by ships on the ocean.

Misho: This sounds complex as hell..
Plato: You worry too much, it will work smoothly. New company owners will start to produce and sell on the local markets without worrying about the complexity of exporting markets. Once they feel they need more challenges they will start look into exporting things. eRepublik needs more middle and end game content!
Misho: Sounds like you have thought about this.. I’ll give it a chance.
Plato: I will start to present Railroads.

Solid constructions Plato says? Frozen4 could take this one out with a Mutiny Kick!

The Presidential office can, after a successful voting procedure in the congress, decide to start construct a railroad in a region. If so the presidential office sets salaries just as explained in the case of building an Airport, this time the construction starts at 500 points and is completed at 1000 points.

Once built it can’t be sabotaged as an Airport can. The railway system is a much more solid system and can only be sabotaged by war measurements.

When two regions bordering each other in the same country and both having railroads they are considered to be connected. All goods transported between connected regions are done instantly and without any costs. Citizens in connected regions also benefits the Hospital with the Highest Q-level in the connected regions.

So in a country where all regions are connected with railroads all citizens in all regions can use a Q5 hospital even if the country only has one!

Misho: This is the first time you have suggested something that will actually save some money, all regions wont be desperate for expensive Q5 Hospitals now and the Congress election system can work better.
Plato: Well, companies with Craftsmen and Business and Administrators will increase the production a little bit, Medicine Doctors will raise the wellness and soldiers trained in Military Tactics will be more cost efficient, don’t forget all that!
Misho: Right, and the New World seem to grow steadily for every day so we should have people enough to build more things like Airports and Rail roads I guess. How does Railroads work internationally?
Plato: Regions bordering each other with railroads but located in different countries doesn’t automatically work as instant transportation system without first being accepted by the congress in respective country.

How ever the Hospital doesn’t work across nation borders. Railroads can be built across countries territorial waters but of course not over international waters. You can’t take the train from New York to Liverpool.

Misho: But from Dover to Calais?
Plato: Yes, if admin decides that the English Channel is territorial waters and if both the French and the British congress accepts it so yes.
Misho: You have been using the phrase Presidential Office instead of simple President, is that some other idea you have?
Plato: Yes, but I won’t explain that now. I’ll do it later on, perhaps you can write a future article about it.
Misho: You also said Passport, I guess that is linked to some kind of Citizenship idea?
Plato: Yes, Implementing citizenship is vital to make the New World working properly. I understand you have already suggested some ideas to the game developers on that issue.
Misho: Indeed I have, they literally asked me to do it so who am I to turn such a request down?
Plato: I would like to continue here and explain the naval transporting system, that is really the big thing with this new transportation and infrastructures but I don’t have the time right now I’m afraid.
Misho: Yes, starting out with Queen Rule Britannia like that without mentioning the Navy is kind of a disappointment I say.
Plato: I can understand that, but the Naval system is a bit too much to explain now. I haven’t even covered vehicles and roads. This conversation has already made me late for afternoon tea.
Misho: You mean killing a Vampire on World of Warcaft with Socrates?
Plato: Misho I’ve heard you drank a banana-flavoured beer.
Misho: Changing subject now are we?
Plato: That is girl beer Misho, Bic deWille lost all his previous respect for you, so did Algaroth and Bertil Gurkvatten also.
Misho: Okay, get out of my head now and do what ever you say you are late to do!
Plato: I will.
Misho: Thanks, and goodbye until next time. I'm looking forward to hear more about the Naval system.
Misho: Still there..?

Misho: Hello..?
Misho: God I hate this.

Base Explanation

Plato tells Misho about a system of travel and construction. He describes Airports, Harbours, and Trains.