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International Press

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Language English
Owner Emerick
Founded March 12, 2008
Subscribers 483
Articles 71
Content International Journailism

International Press was an US newspaper run by Emerick that focuses on international news. It was known for its interviews with citizens such as Nave Saikiliah, Alucard Bloodlust, Kaleb, and Jordy Quinto. Emerick often talks to the people involved in the subject of his articles in an effort to get both sides of an issue, and to the bottom of the story.

From it's former description: International Press strives to bring up-to-date and significant news to the people of USA.


The title format that International Press uses for it's normal articles is Title (country(s) directly affected, or if none in-particular(or all), International is used). This format was designed so readers may quickly scan the headline and know a few important details before diving into the article.

Starting with Belgium-UK Union (part 2 of 2), International Press has featured music in almost every news issue.


International News Agency

Originally, International Press was named International News Agency. INA was supposed to be a collaboration of several journalists from different countries who would contribute news from their home and surrounding countries on an offsite forum, share their articles and information, and publish them in their respective countries. The concept was the brainchild of the then Australian president, zaney. Besides zaney, Titu Maiorescu, king of apples, and Emerick were active on the offsite forum, and signed up for the job. After a few weeks of debating the name of the collaboration, exactly how it would work, its logo, and other start-up issues, it looked like the INA would finally begin to put its gears into motion and get off the ground.

All this time, Emerick had been putting together an interview with the then-president of the USA, Nave Saikiliah for the other members. However, presidential asperations and other political issues of two of the bigger names in the agency caused them to withdraw from the project and, eventually, only Emerick was still holding the name. Not wanting to give up his newspaper and a good interview with his president, Emerick published the article under the INA name. Excited with his achievement, Emerick eventually renamed the newspaper International Press, and continued looking for material.

International Press

Following the break up of INA, Emerick immediately published Interview with President Nave Saikiliah (USA). International Press was still operating under the name International News Agency, and it held an advertisement on the bottom of the article, asking for more journalists to join the fray for several articles. By March 19, the advertisement was not put in it's articles any longer.

A break during a war

In the months leading up the US-Canadian war, Emerick published 13 articles about various happenings in the New World. After the war started, Emerick was busy with war planning, execution, and basic war discussion (wtf, a glitch!). He only wrote one article during that war: I'm Really Not Liking This War (editorial).

Breaking News

Emerick was the first newspaper in eRepublik to break the news of the UK-Belgium merger in his article, Belgium-UK Union (part 1 of 2). Eleven days later, Emerick published the full story, with accounts from the presidents of the UK and Belgium at the time in Belgium-UK Union (part 2 of 2).


Country Title Date Votes Featured Song
USA Interview with President Nave Saikiliah (USA) Mar 12, 2008 18 (none)
USA Bribery Charge Brought Against tessio, shadowukcs; tessio Responds (UK, Iran) Mar 13, 2008 5 (none)
USA Church War Mar 16, 2008 8 (none)
USA France Contemplates Alliances(France) Mar 19, 2008 7 (none)
USA Mexico Makes Mercinaries for Foreigners (Mexico) Mar 24, 2008 5 (none)
USA Swedish Man Tests UK's Security(Sweden, UK) Mar 25, 2008 7 (none)
USA Dio Brando Gives GE Nave his Blessing, but not without Struggle(Pakistan) Mar 28, 2008 4 (none)
USA International Mercinaries, Bad Idea?(International Mar 29, 2008 4 (none)
USA Italian Businessman in France Makes Waves(France) Mar 30, 2008 5 (none)
USA People of eAmerica, Guns'n Stuff needs your help! Apr 02, 2008 4 (none)
USA Presidents are Stealing Gold(International) Apr 03, 2008 8 (none)
USA Referendum for the Union of Moldova and Romania Apr 04, 2008 4 (none)
USA War!(International) Apr 08, 2008 10 (none)
USA Belgium-UK Union (part 1 of 2) 11 (none)
USA I'm Really Not Liking This War (editorial) Apr 10, 2008 4 (none)
USA I'm Working on the UK-Belgium Merger Article..... Apr 15, 2008 3 Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence and Cute Without the 'E'(cut from the team)
USA Interview with Kaleb and Jordy in its Entirety Apr 21, 2008 8 (none)
USA Belgium-UK Union (part 2 of 2) Apr 21, 2008 20 Senses Fail - You're Cute When You Scream
USA In the Ukraine, New Life Blossoms 7 Bright Eyes - - Kathy with a K's Song