Iran-India War

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Iran-India War
Map of Iran-India War
Date 1 January 2009 –
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran Flag-India.jpg India
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Iran.jpg gonde Flag-India.jpg Srachit

On 1 January 2009, President gonde asked the congress to declare war on India it was accepted by congress and India and Iran went to war immediately, although Indian leaders tried to stop the war and come to some conclusion. The purpose of the war was to acquire the region of Jharkhand which Iran did successfully. After that Indian leaders managed to get peace with Iran.

Battle for Jharkhand

  • Link - Battle of Jharkhand
  • Began - 1 January 2009
  • Ended - 2 January 2009
  • Started By - Iran
  • Hero for India - Didio(-3949)
  • Hero for Iran - agha rahman (3258)
  • Average Damage Done by India - 60.77937
  • Average Damage Done by Iran - 41.816934