Irish Social Democrats

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Irish Social Democrats

Party-Irish Social Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation ISD
Forum [1]
Colors Red and Blue
Founded September 9th 2009
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Irish Socialist Republican Party
Orientation Far-Left


The Irish Social Democrats was founded in September 2009 after the membership of the Irish Socialist Republican Party agreed to a change of branding to reflect their revised vision for eIreland, and to reinvigorate Socialism in Ireland which had become entrenched in political in-fighting.

Records of Elections

In the first Party President elections as ISD, Aran Tal won by a landslide despite some curious circumstances as described in his article here. He resigned effective leadership in favour or Dubhthaigh immediately but retained the in-game status of care-taker President.

In the first Congress ISD stepped in without the vote management under Care-taker President Dubhthaigh and only elected 4 Congress members. 5th October 2009.

October Party President elections 15th October 15th, 2009 as ISD, AppleMan won by a good margin his manifesto was very strong to defeat Thomas Page an old member of the party without a manifesto here.

On October 5th Presidential Elections AppleMan stepped forward as ISD Candidate we lost by a good margin but this is only the start for ISD we will forget this month and try even harder for December's Presidential Campaign and may get ourselves a President seat but AppleMan's Manifesto was very strong Patton won by the popular of the people of Ireland and the party congratulate his successful 3rd Mandate. Manifesto.

Two Candidates stepped up to battle out for Party President on the 15th of November 2009 Starks Hayter and Ian Arbuckle both really good Candidates but Starks left for awhile so he didn't get the party members support so Ian Arbuckle won by a good margin.

On 5th December ISD chosen AppleMan as there Candidate for the Country Presidential elections, three strong Candidates where up Niall H Uaithne and John Smith 2k9. AppleMan tied with the three then reached the top spot and dragged away from Uaithne every vote kept popping in 1 by 1 very very close election and very nerve wrecking. At last AppleMan managed to hold top spot and won himself the President seat.

25th December ISD with the vote management in the December Congressional Elections they manage to get 10 Congress Candidates elected a long time since the Party had got bigger seats and they managed to tie with Irish Freedom Party with 10 seats each between the parties. A very good Christmas present for ISD ;)

5th January Elections didn't look very good for AppleMan for this month came 3rd with Moomoohead 2nd and Edana Savage elected President for the month of January. ISD wish Edana Savage a success in her term.

Party Stance

Irish Social Democrats

Mission Statement: We believe in making Ireland possible the greatest place to live in the world. Providing a strong army, and supporting them. Taking care of the working man, and equal opportunity for all people.


Irish Social Democrats believes in a government that is transparent. All political dealings will be publicized. If one of our own is wrong, we will point this out. We support small yet strong and reliable government that is established through branches to deal with pressing issues and in maintaining the government of Ireland. At the same time, government should be readily open to participation and communication from the every day citizen. We believe in active participation at all levels of government. It is the responsibility of congressmen/women and political parties to contribute to and aid the efforts of the Irish government. The ultimate goal of government should be to help the people and ensure their economic success, as well as safety.

Section A: Foreign Policy

Article I: War

The Military of Ireland shall be one of the greatest force in the world. We fully support deploying troops to help Sovereign nations to protect their soil from invasion. However we support the idea of sending Intelligence agency to the Nation that has made actions against Ireland and her allies to gather information to defend our allies and our soil from invasion

Article II: Funding

We will always work to fund and supply our troops. We will always work to keep military men and women healthy and outfitted with the very best gear.

Article III: MPPs

We will never support MPPs with enemy countries. We would open trade agreements to new growing nation and offer them some support and defend them from Soil invasion. However we would open MPPs to Allies that are trustworthy if necessary.

Article IV: Independence Wars

If the nation starting the war are allies of Ireland or want to be we will support them by the decision of the Chief in Command of the IDF (President) and Minister of Defence.

Section B: Economic

Article I: Citizens

We believe in the citizen getting a strong market to purchase from, and a wage friendly job market.

Article II: Businesses

We believe in the government staying out of businessman's pockets and leaving them to better our economy. We believe through capitalism and Social programs will bring wealth to Ireland.

Article III: Imports

Import taxes will be based on the demand on each product. If there becomes a need for food for example, imports will be lowered. If there is a over production, import taxes will rise to allow our own companies to sell their stock. We do believe, however, Imports are to be used as a last resort. If we cannot produce a resource, or enough of a resource, we will consider imports. We will do all we can to encourage the creation of domestic companies and we will encourage our citizens to buy Irish.

Section C: Social

Article I: Citizens

We believe all Citizens of Ireland have the right to own businesses, speak freely, carry and own weapons, practice a faith of their choosing or even no faith at all. Citizens have the right to hear the full truth, and they have a right to be equal within their government. We believe each citizen should be given an equal opportunity to succeed, and therefore must be offered aid, if they desire, in accessing forums and IRC.

Article II: Politicians

Politicians, we believe, have the obligation to represent the best interests of their country. The people must be represented, but the needs of the country must come before the wants of the people. The first job of all politicians is to work for the safety of the people in Ireland. Politicians, ultimately, are servants to the nation and her security. We believe all politicians should be active on the forums. We also like our politicians to be active on IRC.

Article III: Businesses

Businesses have an obligation to the economy: To hire citizens to work and produce for our economy. However, businesses do have rights. A business may endorse a politician, if they so wish, but any consequences from a political action comes at the risk of the business owner. They may NOT force their citizens to vote a certain way. Businesses may run freely and openly so long as they stay within the laws of Ireland.

Article IV: Military

The men and women of the IDF have the same rights as any citizen, though all soldiers must do battle for their nation when requested. All personnel must answer roll-call and deployment orders, or they will face dishonorable discharge or suspension. If a military man or woman leaves the country without granted permission from his or her officer, dishonourable discharge will be the punishment.

Irish Social Democrats Constitution

Article 1 : Rights of the party members

1.1 All members are treated equally by Irish law. 1.2 All members have the right to freely express their opinions. 1.3 All members have the right to vote as they wish. Members may also be asked to move and vote for particular candidates in a particular region. This is voluntary, and refusal will not effect one's standing in the ISD. 1.4 All members have the right to live free of harassment or oppression by another member or citizen. 1.5 All members MUST sign up for the forums and subscribe to the ISD party newspaper in game.

Article 2 : Office of Party President

2.1 Party President is the head of the party and shall perform the duties conferred upon him by eRepublik and this Constitution. 2.2 Party President can hold as many terms as he/she wants. 2.3 Party President has a right to create Party positions. 2.4 Party President has a right to dismiss a member in the Party Position by a party vote. 2.5 Party President can be impeached by the votes of the Party members. 2.6 The Party President should have access to the party treasury and protect it.

Article 3 : Party Treasury

3.1 Party President and Party Treasurer can have access to the Party Treasury. 3.2 If the treasury is stolen by Party President and/or Party Treasurer he/she/they will be punish by grounds of impeachment and banned from the party.

Article 4 : Crimes against ISD

4.1 Treason shall be defined as assisting any person or inciting or conspiring with any person to levy war against the Party, or attempting to overthrow the Party established by this Constitution, or taking part or being concerned in or inciting or conspiring with any person to make or to take part or be concerned in any such attempt. 4.2 Charging a member with treason or conspiracy shall be decided by the Party President. 4.3 Trials of treason or conspiracy shall be reported to the Supreme Court.

Article 5 : Amending the Constitution

5.1 Any part of this Constitution may be amended. 5.2 A proposal to amend the Constitution must be proposed by a member of the party or Party President. 5.3 After being introduced, the proposal to amend the Constitution shall be voted by the Party via a Thread on the Party Forum. The proposal will be considered 'passed' when 50% of voting members of ISD vote in favour, at which point the Constitution will be changed in the manner set out in the proposal. Any amendment that contradicts or violates another article of the constitution, without due reference to that article, is considered null and void.

Party Leaders

Name From To As
Merolk September 12th 2008 October 10th 2008 Irish Republican Socialist Party
irish_rebel October 11th 2008 October 24th 2008 Irish Republican Socialist Party
xEpidemikx October 24th 2008 October 28th 2008 Irish Republican Socialist Party
xEpidemikx October 28th 2008 November 15th 2008 Irish Anarchist Party
Mulligan November 16th 2008 December 15th 2008 Irish Socialist Republican Party
Theus Jackus December 16th 2008 April 15th 2009 Irish Socialist Republican Party
Starks Hayter April 16th 2009 July 15th 2009 Irish Socialist Republican Party
Darragh O Faolain July 16th 2009 August 15th 2009 Irish Socialist Republican Party
Theus Jackus August 16th 2009 September 15th 2009 Irish Socialist Republican Party
Aran Tal or Dubhthaigh September 16th 2009 15th October 2009 Irish Social Democrats
AppleMan October 17th 2009 November 15th 2009 Irish Social Democrats
Ian Arb November 16th 2009 January 15th 2010 Irish Social Democrats
John Jay January 16th 2010 February 15th 2010 Irish Social Democrats
Theus Jackus February 16th 2010 March 15th 2010 Irish Social Democrats
Ian Arb March 16th 2010 Unknown Irish Social Democrats