Irish Union Party

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Irish Union Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IUP
Colors Green, White, Orange
Founded December 11, 2010
Dissolved Summer/End 2013[1]
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Irish Union Party (The Original)
Succeeded By The Left Hand of Ireland
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Irish Union Party (IUP) was a party in Ireland, one of the oldest political party in Ireland.


The whole manifesto consists of the parts below, but you can also see the IUP policy which has guidelines of conduct for the members of the IUP.


The party motto is "venisti remanebis donec denuo completus sis" (roughly translated: From whence you came, you shall remain, until you are complete again).

The party believed in a geographically united Ireland. The lost part of Ireland also has natural resources that rightfully should be theirs. Furthermore, they believed in a diverse and healthy society which is empowered by unifying grander goals that all contribute to.

As a party, they were very proud of their party traditions.


The Irish Union Party firmly believed in middle ground politics, acknowledging the strength of some of the tools employed by the left side, the co-operative for example. However, IUP believed the mono culture ultimately produced by the left side to be both boring for the players and also damaging the country in the long run. Without diversity Ireland is a vulnerable as a nation.

IUP also acknowledged the strength of the market and the importance of the individual. There should be individual choices, differences, choices to make that fits you and your interests. IUP believed Ireland is strong and resilient with a diverse corporate culture. However, it is also obvious that the individualism, with its corporations and different striving, in its unchecked form also leads to a boring game and a bad community. There has to be a balance. It should be fun to play the game.

 You should be able to run the company you want, if it is unwanted by the people in the country it won't sell, but if you are creative and find your niche, the country is richer, and you are happy with your game. 


Ireland's future relies on new citizens. Ireland needs to actively attract old and new citizens and to create incentives for people to stay in Ireland. It is not enough to simply ensure good wages. A good government helps the individual realize his idea of a fun contribution to life, be it by managing a company, working, fighting or by contributing to the political sector.

Soldiers should have healthcare and travel programs. New citizens should have education in the form of mentoring programs and special companies reserved for them which gives a better salary. All programs should not be provided by the government though. Some programs might be provided by political parties, or other non governmental organizations. That way the programs will not be as vulnerable to thievery, and also they will be diverse enough to satisfy more peoples interest.


Diverse corporations are important for Ireland. They offer jobs to workers, and their export brings in new money to our economy. Export is more important than many realize, both in real life and elife. The Irish domestic market is small and does not on its own provide means for rapid economic growth. Ireland really needs the export companies, and the Union party believed the fiscal policies should reflect that.

The workers of Ireland need decent pay for their contribution to the economy, and they also need money so they can buy stuff from Irish corporations. Money needs to circulate and not be kept in one sector. The Irish government should provide mentoring for new corporations, and they should help established corporations find a suitable market for their products.

The government should have state companies for two main reasons. Some of them might be non profit companies, but the government should also have companies as an investment. The income tax is something that affects profit created in companies as well as the salary of the workers. That is the biggest slice of Ireland tax pie. IUP, therefore, sees it as unrealistic and difficult to lower this tax too much. The government needs money for alliances etc.

The import tax should be zero, or close to zero, for goods that Ireland needs in its production industry.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) affects goods that you sell at the Irish market, and hence also affects what workers afford to buy. IUP believed in a low VAT since that makes products from Irish companies affordable to the Irish workers. Also, it allows companies to grow before they reach the size where they start to export stuff.

Foreign Policy

Ireland needs to have active ambassadors and an active ministry for foreign relations. They should actively seek out markets that we can export to, and work as liaisons for our export corporations.

Ireland also needs alliances and means for Irish citizens to train their fighting skills. It is unrealistic to believe that Ireland at the moment would benefit from any larger conflicts, so proxy wars are needed. This can be in the form of training campaigns made in cooperation with other countries, and also it can be made as informal transfers of warriors to friendly countries which are in conflict. The government's corporations should be used for supporting these proxy wars. IUP believed it was a sound investment for Ireland to have skilled warriors, and also it adds to the fun of the game for our citizens. Furthermore, Ireland should also consider helping people to train in non governmental organizations like the Peace Corps that way there are many roads for Irish citizens to choose from.

Irish Union Party has changed its previous neutral stance regarding alliances since it was an anachronism. Later Irish Union Party was FOR alliances, in that political landscape it meant a vote for the EDEN membership.


IUP firmly believed in a team playing government. Political debate is one thing, crippling bickering is another thing. This has been implemented in the past and it has proven to be effective in ruling out irrelevant bills and speeding up important ones.

IUP believed the government should be active in all sectors, like having corporations and being active in proxy wars, but IUP also strongly believed in private actors that bring diversity. Therefore the government needs to have a responsible policy where it is part of the market and therefore is connected with the market, but still, allow the market to be thriving and diverse.

IUP Policy

Section A - IUP

Article I. The party is referred as the Irish Union Party, or IUP".
1. The members of the party are the only true leader, The leadership of the IUP is to be defined as a member of the party elected by the other members of the party to act as their representative. He may name advisors as he/she sees fit. Any member of the party is welcome to make comments and suggestions regarding any of the party's affairs. Important decisions will be subjected to a vote open to all party members. If a decision cannot be reached through a vote the IUP president gets the "deciding vote".
1.0.1. Every member as the right to suggest an idea for the ruling of the party.
2. Every Member should contribute to the party by:
2.0.1. Joining the MU (Military unit).
2.0.2. Donating for the running of the party.
2.0.3. Shout and write articles about what the party is undertaking.
2.0.4. Help in the leading of the party, by telling the leaders what they want to be done, any large decisions will need the members' approval.

Section B - Celtic Loarcha

Article I. The MU (military)".
1. Every members has the right to join the MU, military:
2. Members should try to fight in most of the party's battle, or, at least, the battle classified important by the party.
3. Any grades can give orders to under-graded, except for party officials (PP, vice PP).
Article II. the MU (commune)".
1. Any MU members can join the commune.
2. All members will receive a basic wage (around 10-20).
3. Members will can receive resources, depending on their kills.
          1-12  = 1 q3 weapon,  2 q3 food
          12-25 = 2 q3 weapons, 3 q3 food
          25 <  = 3 q3 weapons, 5 q3 food
Article III. the MU (political)".
1. Any members, level 23 or more, can become a representative.
1.0.1. Representatives can:
             *Represent the party abroad or at home
             *Will be the party's ambassadors to the government (congress/cabinet)
             *Can be elected for congress 

Signed by:

loyen, President of the IUP, on the October 31st, 2011
Alexander George, Prime member of the IUP, on the November the 3rd, 2011
Brent Wyrick, Prime member of the IUP, on the November the 6th, 2011

Party Leaders History

Name From To
Vyse April 11th 2008 May 11th 2008
patton May 12th 2008 June 10th 2008
Vyse June 11th 2008 August 2008
patton August 2008 September 10th 2008
Igor Thunderbrow September 11th 2008 December 15th 2008
Inquitus December 15th 2008 February 15th 2009
Leo Ruby February 15th 2008 February 20th 2009
Nithraldur February 20th 2009 March 15th 2009
Igor Thunderbrow March 15th 2009 April 15th 2009
Severin April 15th 2009 July 15 2009
patton July 15th 2009 August 15th 2009
Tarazis Sati September 15th 2009 November 15th 2009
Octavius Dryst November 15th 2009 January 15th 2010
gordongekko February 15th 2010 March 15 2010
LordoIrish April 15th 2010 Data missing
Octavius Dryst Data missing November 15th 2010
Seanan November 15th 2010 December 12th 2010
e-kane December 12th 2010 February 15th 2011
Sean Power February 15th 2011 March 15th 2011
Jacques Cousteau March 15th 2011 May 15th 2011
orangejuicemmm May 15th 2011 June 15th 2011
Irasian June 15th 2010 July 15th 2011
loyen July 15th 2011 August 15th 2011
Bhane August 15th 2011 September 15th 2011
Brent Wyrick September 15th 2011 October 15th 2011
loyen October 15th 2011 November 15th 2011
Brent Wyrick November 15th 2011 December 15th 2011
VunderVeazel December 15th 2011 January 15th 2012
Brent Wyrick January 15th 2012 March 15th 2012
loyen March 15th 2012 April 15th 2012
Brent Wyrick April 15th 2012 May 15th 2012
Klynn May 15th 2012 July 15th 2012
Andrew M. Baker July 15th 2012 August 15th 2012
Lord Jeffrey August 15th 2012 November 15th 2012
Bhane November 15th 2012 January 15th 2013
Brent Wyrick January 15th 2013 March 15th 2013
Bassy March 15th 2013 ?