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Isreali Defense Forces have been transformed into eIsrael Defense Forces!

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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Israeli Defense Forces
Logo of Israeli Defense Forces
Owner Israel
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Headquarters Jerusalem
Founder Israel
Services Defending Israel

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF, Hebrew: צה"ל) is the official military force of Israel which was later transformed into eIsrael Defense Forces.


The IDF was reformed when BuzzyTheCat was appointed Minister of National Defense, and further reformed under MoD Cj Will Win. Under Cj Will Win, the IDF was expanded to include the IDF Special Forces, a force meant to be the elite force in Israel. He appointed Joseph Schmo as General of this new corps, and when Schmo became MoD a few weeks later, the command was transferred to Sir Valaro Volcrum. Shortly thereafter Schmo disappeared and Sir Valaro Volcrum took over as Minister of Defense. Again, shortly after SVV resigned and handed control to Joshua Hoss. Since then the IDF has been reorganized and is beginning to deploy and participate more actively around the globe. Under the leadership of Maelyn the IDF has begun to reorganize yet again in preparation for v2.

Command Officers

Month Year President Minister of Defense General
November 2009 JMatH, Zaib Atsu Sir Valaro Volcrum Unknown
December 2009 Zaib Atsu, Franz Kafka Maelyn Joshua Hoss
January 2010 Joshua Hoss Maelyn Maelyn
February 2010 Sadeh Badeh Maelyn Maelyn
March 2010 Franz Kafka Aeroner Maelyn
April 2010 Sir Valaro Volcrum Aeroner Maelyn
May 2010 Perfect.Knight Aeroner Maelyn
February 2012 ArikAharon Lieber7 & Neta12 None
March 2012 ArikAharon Sicarius & Neta12 None


The Israeli Defense Forces had 5 platoons.

Tavor Platoon

Insignia Last known corps leader Desciption
Tavor.png Major
The Tavor Platoon (Hebrew:תבור) was primarily for younger soldiers and operates in Hebrew. It was one of the likely assignments for a new trainee.

David's Sling

Insignia Last known corps leader Desciption
David's Sling.png Major
The David's Sling Platoon (aka: Kela David; Hebrew:קלע דוד) was another platoon geared towards younger soldiers. It operated primarily in English. Logic behind the platton: Although the troops were not the strongest yet, they could take down the giants.


Insignia Last known corps leader Desciption
Zealots.png Major
The Zealots Platoon ( Hebrew:קנאים Kana'im) was the bread-and-butter unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Zealots burn with a white-hot passion and hunt their enemies without mercy. Upon arriving on the field, their calls of, “My life for Zion!” strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.


Insignia Last known corps leader Desciption
Samson.png Major
Zaib Atsu
The Samson Platoon (a.k.a.: Samson the Hero; Hebrew:שמשון;שמשון הגיבור) was for stronger IDF soldiers. They did not complain when weapon distributions are a little light because they were perfectly adept at killing their enemies with farm equipment.

And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.” Judges 15:16


Insignia Last known corps leader Desciption
Armageddon.png Major
Beagle Boy
The Armageddon Platoon (Hebrew:ארמגדון) presented some of the best Israel had to offer. These soldiers bring the fury of the apocalyptic end-of-days to wherever in the world they are deployed. When they arrive on the field, you know it’s almost all over.

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.” Revelation 16:16-17

Associated Ranks and Responsibilities

General of the Israeli Defense Forces:

Responsibilities: Keeping track of officers, updating the spreadsheet access and sending out orders to the Corps Commanders. Ensuring that the IDF is in a state of readiness 24/7 in case of attack.

Corps Commander: Colonel
Icon rank Colonel.png

Responsibilities: Keeping the roster for their Corps updated daily. Ensuring officers are active, sending out orders to Squad leaders. Resolve disputes within the Corps. Ensures that the Corps is always ready for duty.

Staff Officer: Major
Icon rank Major.png

Responsibilities: Performing various staff positions, such as Quartermaster (supplies distribution and management), recruitment through the media or other duties bestowed by the Corps Commander.

Platoon Commander: Lieutenant
Icon rank Lieutenant.png

Responsibilities: Watches over two or more Squads and relays orders as needed.

Squad Leader: Sergeant
Icon rank Sergeant.png

Responsibilities: Update their squad members stats in the tracker, send out orders, report soldiers that don't follow orders and report soldiers of stronger activity. Deliver orders as directed by the Corps Commander and their respective Platoon Commander (PCO).


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