Israeli Workers Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation IWP
Forum [1]
Colors Red/White
Founded February 22, 2009
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /37 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Israel First
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Israeli Workers Party was an Israeli Party.

Party Views

This is the original views taken from its forum.

Mission Statement

As in IRL Israel is the home land of the Jewish people in eRepublik, but we welcome active citizens of all religions, without prejudice. Only the first part of our task has been complete, now that we have liberated eIsrael it is time to rebuild it, and make it stronger than ever before. Our Vision is for a strong and successful Israel at peace with her neighbors, in particular Turkey and Greece.

Domestic Policy

We support an active and involved citizenry. We engage citizens through use of newspapers, Forums, and IRC chat. Congressmen/women are our link to the citizens and should be consulted on all matters.

We can only remain strong if we continue to promote greater population growth - both through new citizens born to Israel and through promotion of Aliyah from other countries of the eWorld.

Foreign Policy

We support closer relations with Greece and Turkey. We strive for a comprehensive peace agreement between our three nations, and ultimately would seek to cement this through signature of an MPP.

We support the introduction of new nations into our neighborhood. If and when other countries in the neighborhood are created, we will seek to build immediate and strong friendships. IRL middle-east political relationships with the State of Israel will not be a basis for inhibiting such bonds from being established.

Economic Policy

We have stabilized the economy through a pro-business taxation regime and a stable currency. We support the limited ownership of some businesses where vital to national security by the government, but in general feel government should stay out of business ownership.

Military/Defense Policy

Under our leadership Israel now has a standardized army that serves both in defensive and offensive roles if need be. We do not intend to start any unnecessary wars, or attempt to conquer territories that are not rightfully ours. We do support the signature of MPPs that will give our soldiers access to the theaters of war for purposes of training.


We will gladly accept to our party any person that believes and works for a better and stronger eIsrael!