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General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Colors Red, Black, Orange
Founded February 2012
Dissolved March 2012
President Tuukka_almighty
Members 30
Congress Occupancy 0 (0)
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology X

Järjestelmänvalvojat (Administrators) are Finnish party, and may include any Finland citizen. The party's core values ​​are the radical openness, direct democracy and freedom of expression. The party's mascot is the Phoenix, which reflect the re-emergence and irrepressible enthusiasm. The party's official IRC channel is located in the Internet Quake #Jarva

The party program

The party program is designed to meet the current burning issues in accordance with the Finland and clearly take a position on them, and it tends to isolate thinking about the Left-Center-Right. The party program is processed continuously throughout the meetings of the party by the party.

Inside Politics

To the Järjestelmänvalvojat in accordance with the values ​​of the party, to full freedom of opinion and this case has again recently been under attack from various quarters, and these parties are planning a bureaucratic systems of bureaucratic systems on which Tarkotus is to silence the "wrong" opinions Suomesta. The party opposes erinäköisten a great mess of the penal laws of the organization as their contents may not be clear to the people and all decisions are highly controversial.

The party's heart issue also includes a direct democracy driving. That utopian model which Suomesta forgotten long ago. Direct democracy tarkottaisi model in which X number of Suomalaisia ​​could raise legal representation or the parliament for debate and a vote.

Support for new players should be made as easy as possible and a little time consuming. The current support system should do more encouraging and guiding, in order for players to survive after first steps own feet well into the future.

Foreign Policy

Järjestelmänvalvojat should be 5.2, following the presidential election after the show raised, very serious. The party is generally supportive of the military alliance membership Finland which is the best alternative. But EDEN can see with great concern the way of falling into a federal state in which each member state of development is no longer at the discretion of its own people.

The party to run the absolute immigration law that would prohibit immigration, unless the person has proven Suomalainen. Finnish includes a person who knows how to write in Finnish and is proven to Finland side as will as the face of adversity.

Finland increase in size of the relatively strong military power, especially in the north corner of the Maailman we take responsibility for the Arctic north of balance and peace. Administrators eMaalla believes that everyone has the right to a sovereign, and to a state in which the affiliated citizens is a good place to live. This means that the party does not see the need for so-called "wipe" eWorld States on the map.

Finland foreign policy to the parliament, a government entity, and that the President should be monitored. In foreign policy, however, put aside all the prejudices and ideologies.


Järjestelmänvalvojat will support an army unit in which the model is clearly both governmental and private army units. Army units should not have any connections to politics. However, the private army of support staff requires constant observation and judgment that they should support and how much. The private armies, units are also nodatettava Finland commands. Potential defaults would lead to a reduction in subsidies.

The party-organization

Administrators seek active public debate within the party so than at the national level. Read the separate meeting of the party model here

The party's main decision-making body is the congress, which will be held if necessary, IRC channel, the party which is able to follow other than the party's members. Organization of the national congress, the instructions separately. Puoluekohtaisten decisions may also be used within the game messages.

The party's chairman who acts as the cover image of the party, ideas, values ​​and opinions densities for dissemination of information, advertising services. Chairman is also responsible for organizing elections, the Congress and the drafting of electoral campaigns, together with the party people.

The party's official formalized with the President of parliament, and they agree to abide by the party values, and to drive things. The party's chairman, an MP can be reached by writing your own article in the election which then assembles and organizes these into a single advertising campaign. Poikeaminen from this process will lead to that agent to represent the party in Parliament, or any other occasion. Election Entries must be held by the President no later than four days before the election.

Inner-party votes are anonymous, and not the organizer may comment on or suggest any other than the results publicly.

The party is not in favor of other than 100% of its own candidate for president. And if the party does not have its own presidential candidate to each party member is free to vote in its sole discretion.

The party has also come to support other than his own party members of parliament, members of other political parties who seek to rise through the parliament JVN köyttämään eHelsingin will be ostracized in the marketplace.