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Coat-Japan.png Flag-Japan.jpg Coat-Japan.png

Flag of Japan   Coat of Arms of Japan

On the map

General rank 44
Country power 352
Capital Kanto
Language Japanese, Serbian, English
Population 169
Average level 124
President Daimyo Shiriru
Party Imperial Sun Party
Political titles
vCP Darshu
MoD Suujiku
MoFA draIeNS89
MoEd Watan Tanka
Currency ¥ (JPY)
Minimum salary ¥5
Average salary ¥2838.60
Food bonus 45%
Weapon bonus 0%
House bonus 5%
Aircraft bonus 45%
Territories 6
Forum Nippon forum
IRC #nippon

Map of Japan

Last update June 20, 2022 (previous update=February 06, 2022)

Japan (日本 Nihon/Nippon, officially 日本国 Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku) is a small country located in Eastern Asia. Japan has a unicameral parliament styled the Diet and is led by a President.

Japan is currently a Neutral Country. In the past, it was a member of the Terra-PANAM (January 4, 2011 - July 10, 2011), Brolliance (March 31, 2010 - September 15, 2010), Circle of Trust, (August 30, 2012 - November 4, 2013) and Nebula alliances. The nation was also a founding member of FIST (May 29, 2008-never officially dissolved), the PEACE GC (August 27, 2008 - November 19, 2009), and Sol (July 8, 2009 - October 15, 2009) alliances.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Economy



Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of China, South Korea and North Korea, north of Republic of China (Taiwan), west of the USA and south of Russia. Stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north, to the East China Sea in the south.

In the past it was a country of few resources. However its location on the southernmost crossing of the Pacific Ocean, only one of two such crossings, gave Japan a prime strategic position. Right now, the original Japanese regions contains 2 fish, 2 aluminium, 2 fruits and 2 deer resources.

Japan, which is rich in food related resources, makes it one of the minor food exporters in this part of the World, sometimes causing strife such as the recent occupation of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The original territory of Japan is composed of several regions: Chubu (occupied by Icon-Pakistan.png), Chugoku (occupied by Icon-Poland.png), HokkaidoKantoKinki (occupied by Icon-Estonia.png), KyushuShikoku, and Tohoku (occupied by Icon-United Arab Emirates.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Kanto Icon-capital.gif Icon-Japan.png Icon - Clay.png Clay Region-Kanto.png
Alberta Icon-Canada.png Icon - Wood.png Wood Region-Alberta.png
Centro Icon-Portugal.png Icon - Fruits.png Fruits Region-Centro.png
Epirus Icon-Greece.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Region-Epirus.png
Hokkaido Icon-Japan.png Icon - Deer.png Deer Region-Hokkaido.png
Kyushu Icon-Japan.png Icon - Fish.png Fish Region-Kyushu.png
North West States Icon-Nigeria.png Icon - Rubber.png Rubber Region-North West States.png
Shikoku Icon-Japan.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Region-Shikoku.png
Southern Finland Icon-Finland.png Icon - Clay.png Clay Region-Southern Finland.png


Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q7.png Food 1% 15% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q7.png Weapons 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft Weapons 1% 1% 1%
Icon - Moving ticket Q5.png Moving Tickets 1% 15% 1%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 1% 10% 1%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food Raw Materials 1% 1%
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon Raw Materials 1% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials 1% 1%
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House Raw Materials 1% 5%
  • Last update: July 2022


This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Society

Japan is a small nation in terms of population. In the games earlier history it averaged around 1000 citizens. Currently there are 169 eJapanese citizens.

Few citizens are native Japanese with a majority of players originating from foreign nations, particularly from the USA, Serbia, and Hungary.

With the lack of Japanese speakers, the Japanese Diet along with government-run services are mainly held in English with some Japanese.

The community of Japan was notorious for its light hearted fashion of playing, with most citizens more worried about having fun rather than 'winning' the game. However in recent times, the Japanese populace has become more 'gameplay' orientated.

Japan has a close and active community. In times gone by the Japanese nation was often political strife. With such a diverse cast of players from around the world different opinions would turn many simple, practical conversations into raging arguments, friends and allies became enemies, because of their starkly different beliefs, such as how to overcome the Taiwanese occupation. Though the three great factions of Japan often bicker and misunderstandings are common they work together for Japans' sake, more often than not.

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Top 5 most experienced players in Japan

Nickname Experience points Level
1. BOZIMANO ROXY 9,883,885 2002
2. Suujiku 5,098,753 1044
3. IArhangeLLorDI 4,703,827 965
4. Nadvis 3,643,036 753
5. Darshu 3,101,534 645

Last update: July 2022

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Top 5 strongest players in Japan

Nickname Strength
1. szbszig 357,589
2. Darshu 357,039
3. BOZIMANO ROXY 353,968
4. IArhangeLLorDI 348,143
5. estroe 346,756

Last update: July 2022

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif Top 5 patriots in Japan

Nickname Damage
1. BOZIMANO ROXY 9,068,785,450,092
2. Ceda.mj

(Permanently Banned)

3. arhangellord

(Permanently Banned)

4. Nadvis 1,751,451,790,091
5. Pera87

(Permanently Banned)


Last update: July 2022

Constitution of Japan

For the full text, see: Constitution of Japan

Often discussed but never completed, a new debate on an official constitution for Japan started in early August 2009. It most notably included the position of Emperor. Ultimately a vote passed 23-7 for this proposal on September 1st 2009.

Mainly a ceremonial document, the constitution also covers the basic rights of citizens and the guiding principals for Japan.

The document was abjured by the Diet on June 19, 2012[1]. Japan is currently without a constitution.

Emperor of Japan

The residence of HIM Emperor Kokawayoshi Makoto

For a detailed history of this controversial position, see Emperor of Japan.

The first and also the last true Emperor of Japan was Kokawayoshi Makoto.

The topic of instating an Emperor of Japan has always been a topic of much discord within the Japanese community, with discussions being mired with concerns of such a position being undemocratic or biased towards specific groups. In the past citizens had been nominated for such a position, but every time the subject was democratically approached the motion was voted down.

HIZUMI, Oraizan and Tohru all claimed the position on April 13, 2009 (or better known as Empress Day by some) in what some people have deemed a joke activity to spur activity in the media and to encourage discussion within the community once again. The event ended in disaster, with several cabinet ministers resigning over the affair.

After a great deal of debate, The Imperial Diet voted on Kokawayoshi Makoto being installed as Japan's first official Imperial Emperor.

Kokawayoshi Makoto died in September 2011. Japan has no had emperor since, although there was a recent attempt to name exReality as emperor around May-June 2012. The initiative has since been stalled due to lack of public participation in a referendum that aimed to decide whether or not exReality was fit for the position.


The Japanese Tutorials, Walkthroughs and guides are located on the Education Pages.

Japan participates in the international, Guild of Free Journalists, led by the Minister of Education.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

The Imperial Diet inside

Icon - Congress.jpg Political parties

The following is a list of the political parties of Japan. There are many political parties, five of which had members in The Imperial Diet.

Political parties in Japan

Rank Party Name Initials President Orientation Ideology Congress Members
1 Jinmin Sensen JS Fyreous Center-left Libertarian 12 27
2 Devizni penzioneri DP IArhangeLLorDI Center-left Authoritarian 8 19
3 The Last Samurai TLS Watan Tanka Far-right Authoritarian 8 14
4 Imperial Sun Party ISP Darshu Center-right Authoritarian 6 9
5 SOS Brigade eJapan SB metehan2010 Center Totalitarian 4 9
6 Constantine The Great CTG Brkati Raskucin Center-right Authoritarian 1 4
7 United Lolies of Japan ULJ Neoblade Center Libertarian 0 3
8 JC Sanctuary JCS Nanashi Senshi Center Libertarian 0 2
  • Last update= 20 June 2022
  • Prior update= 10 December 2017

Icon position country president.gif Presidents of Japan

The Imperial Diet outside
Kantei - residence of the Japanese President

Government structure

Japan does not have fixed cabinet positions. Please see: Cabinet of Japan.

The current cabinet:

Position Citizen
President Seth the Magnificent
Prime Minister Akane Homura
Minister of Defense Suujiku
Minister of Foreign Affairs Fyreous
Governor/Minister of Finance metehan2010
Minister of Education Saito Himura

Full List In Here

See also

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military

Japan was a former member of the FIST and PEACE GC alliance. It was also a founding member of the regional alliance Sol, which it has since resigned from. It was a Brolliance member, and from January 2011 to July 2011 was member of PANAM/Terra alliance.Later it was a member of Circle of Trust from August 30, 2012 to dissolution of alliance (November 4, 2013), Nebula and finally a member of Lazocracy. Currently Japan is neutral.

Current MPPs


Imperial Army

The Japanese Military is currently split up amongst some military groups and, included in those groups, are the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Academy. An Imperial Japanese Army MU funded with government money for coordinated strikes was introduced during the exReality administration of July-August 2012.

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - ground battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Ground) in Japan

Nickname Damage
1. BOZIMANO ROXY 843,299,837,428
2. Dioist 276,675,030,107
3. Nadvis 141,609,524,058
4. IArhangeLLorDI 137,154,797,658
5. Darshu 71,763,416,923

Last update: February 2022

Wars filter icon - post 2020 - aircraft battle.png Top 5 Rank Points (Air) in Japan

Nickname Damage
1. BOZIMANO ROXY 22,046,860
2. fabyzol 20,670,157
3. Dioist 13,500,139
4. IArhangeLLorDI 11,854,113
5. Daimyo Shiriru 11,832,825

Last update: February 2022


The First War with South Korea

Japan engaged in a war with South Korea shortly after the war module came online. The war was long and hard however in the end victory was in Japan's hands, they took the whole of South Korea in an undramatic conquest. See the Japan-South Korea War.

In November 2008, ATLANTIS backed freedom-fighters liberated the regions of Gyeonggi-do, Chungcheongnam-do and Gyeongsangnam-do. These three territories remained sovereign South Korean regions until May 2009, when the South Korean government decided to form a union with Japan. Sporadic resistance wars occurred during the months between the original resistance wars and the formation of the union. However, none of these resistance wars were supported or funded by either the South Korean or Japanese governments.

In july 2009, there was the first Kyushu controversy. An attempt in late August 2009 for independence failed when the Theocrats from Switzerland gained a majority in the Congressional elections, the country was reabsorbed by Japan. However in September 2009 the Theocrats started what became known as the Theocratic War and took control of Gyeonggi-do, declaring South Korea an independent and sovereign nation. Theocrats continued to start resistance wars across South Korea in an attempt to make South Korea a nation under Theocracy.

Japan is also endowed with a the Constitution of Japan in September 2009. The First Constitution of the Great Japanese Empire is a historic, no longer official document of Japan. Its principal author was Reiji Mitsurugi. The document was ratified by the Imperial Diet of Japan on the first of September, 2009.

In mid-December, three more South Korean regions were returned to Korean ownership by Japan. At this this, Japan knew the Second Kyushu Controversy.

Formerly , Japan was engaged in mutually-agreed training wars with both South and North Koreas.

The Defence of China against Phoenix

January 4, 2010, the war began between China and Russia and against Serbia and Hungary. Japan is an ally of China, was organized to defend China. The next day, China successfully defended the Xinjiang region with the help of its allies and China began again two days later. But the battle that everyone present will remember was that of Liaoning (aka LK for Lion King). On 6 January 2010, China Defenda again against Russia and carry through EDEN and its allies. On January 9, China launched its first attack on Russian soil, but the attack failed. A week later, Russia managed to reach the region of Jilin. While Hungary and Serbia invaded China. But at the beginning of February, the second battle of LK started but this time China lost the battle was one of the most epic in eRepublik. After the battle, LK was given to Hungary and then to Serbia on 14 February 2010. That day, a wave of resistance war was launched to liberate China from invaders with the help of EDEN and Asian countries like Japan. While Pakistan and the Philippines had also taken parts of China, China succeeded in again on February 16. China eventually release more of its regions LK but remained in the hands of the Serbian until October 2010 when the U.S. parvenèrent to chase. During the war, Japan showed its continued support to China and they could count on them.

The PTO of Japan

In early March 2010, a wave of illegal arrival Hungarian, Serbian and Russian players landed in Japan. Upon arrival, they regrouped in a party called National Alliance Party. On 15 March 2010, they managed to take control of a party of TOP 5 Desu Workers' Party. The Japanese government was therefore in a state of alert. To avoid a PTO during the election Congress, Japan sought help from its allies to stop the TO. Between 20 and 24 March, China, the USA and other members of Brolliance arrived in Japan to raise the 6th party instead of the party that was TO. On 25 March, Japan and its allies managed to get the party to 5th place and then beat the TOers. After that, Japan decided to join Brolliance March 31, 2010.

The Second War with South Korea

On May 6, Japan declared war on South Korea, giving a list of reasons for the action, from wanting to eliminate multi's from South Korea to owing it to the country to erase it and let them start over, and also to establish "West Japan". There was Korean speculation that it was "for the lulz". See Also: Second Japan-South Korea War and War of Lulz

The Japanese won the first battle. Later Japan escalated the war with the incorporation of EDEN forces, especially from Croatia. This was unnecessary as Korean strength was not enough, but it did speed up the war. South Korea then signed an MPP with Germany. The first resistance battle of the war was again a win for Japan, but two days later, they attacked three regions at once, winning all three easily in a sweeping set of victories that were hailed by newspapers on the Japanese side.; by the end of the week, they had taken the South Korean capital of Gyeonggi-do and reduce SK to two useless regions. "West Japan" had been established and a "Victory Obelisk" was erected in the former Korean capital.

Resistance battles were started by Alfagrem, but it was the signing of the MPP with Russia that ended Japanese dominance in the region. Russia pushed the Japanese out rather quickly, and with numeric superiority. With Russian support, South Koreans regained the island of Jeju, becoming whole for the first time since the Theocratic war.

The MPP with Russia did not come without a price; upon signing the deal, Russia was able to use Gyeonggi-do to launch an attack on the Chinese region of Shandong, altering the ongoing war over Liaoning.

The war saw the first deviation from the Righteous Nation Philosophy established by Reiji Mitsurugi. It is theorized that this was the point that the constitution of Japan ceased to be influential in politics.

The Sugawara Michizane case

Sugawara Michizane was a new player during the rise of BDS - Black Dragon Society, which is essentially the organization that counteracted the growing problem of FoH supremacy in the nation. They were rivals for control of Japan, and were led majorly by the Imperial Sun Party (now the DNP). Headed by Danyeo, other members included Darshu, KITA Ikki, and a number of other like minded politicians from the old era. In fact, it's difficult to know just who was involved in the organization due to how secret it was. Fact of the matter was, in order to get anywhere in Japan during that period you needed to pick a side: BDS or FoH.

Sugawara came at the height of Danyeo's power, and quickly figured out that to involve himself in politics he would need to take a side. He was a smart and a very capable politician. He was also very short-sighted and too trusting. Majority of his career was spent as the Minister of Health, and he was very in tune with the public sentiment towards the ruling powers. Over time he became detached however, apathetic to the citizens of Japan due to his consistent hold of power in the Japanese government. However, his downfall began when he unwittingly revealed the identity of BDS to Nowe; explaining their clever use of multi-accounts, subtle trafficking of Hungarian operatives into Japan, and boasting of holding power over the Emperor of Japan, Kokawayoshi Makoto.

Nowe's revelation of these things in depth to the Japanese media was met with critical backlash. The article exposing them was quickly mass reported until it was deleted, and Nowe himself came under fire from Danyeo who publicly accused and shamed him of managing multi-accounts. After this incident, Sugawara Michizane was heavily slammed by BDS and banned from their private channel, demoted from his position as Minister of Health, and shunned by the then current ruling elite.

With this occurring after Sugawara had already been a President of Japan twice, his influence was not as easily dismissed as Danyeo would have hoped. Using his influence as the former Minister of Health and President of Japan, Sugawara would reach out to the countless new citizens of the nation he had raised using the MoH program (or so we are led to believe). Many people expected Danyeo to win the elections of November 2010, and equally many were surprised that Sugawara had managed to pull a victory over the man who was then perceived as the face of the Imperial Sun Party. Otherwise, September 15, Japan decided to leave Brolliance.

His victory was short lived however, as on November 11th, 2010 Sugawara would be impeached by Danyeo and his supporters, which in turn would put Danyeo at the helm as President and keeping the ISP in control. It can be said that from the beginning of their falling out Sugawara did indeed have connections with the Indonesians (so perhaps they did assist him in one upping Danyeo), and they looked on him favorably. So in December 2010 when the Indonesians put out their PTO candidate calon rakyat jelata, Sugawara Michizane agreed to support the Indonesians out of spite for ISP/BDS.

So while he is not technically a PTO for Indonesia, his support for the Indonesian PTO candidate has been smeared into history due to his bitter engagements with the ruling class of the Imperial Sun Party.

It is unknown to the public however, that Sugawara would attempt to reconcile with the nation of Japan during Nowe's presidency. On seeing the growing tensions between Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), Sugawara would donate his life savings of 90,000 JPY to the government of Japan - which would in turn be used by Alfred Ball to fund the numerous tanks and military units participating in the war that would erupt. After this incident, Sugawara would quit the game quietly after enjoying an eventful life.

The choice of Panam/Terra

Terra was created around mid December 2010 and at the time was called PANAM. Brazil and Argentina had withdrawn their membership from the PHOENIX alliance in the previous weeks. This freed both countries up to begin discussing a possible alliance with the USA. Brazil and the USA were the first to solidify the alliance with the signing of a Mutual Protection Pact, which shortly thereafter was cemented by the joining of Argentinian, thus giving rise to the Pan-American flavor of the alliance.

However, not long after, additional countries expressed interest in joining and this would lead to it becoming a global phenomenon. Japan was the first nation outside of the Americas to join PANAM in January 2011. Later in the month, Canada would also become a signatory. France, the first European country to enter the alliance, did so in the first week of February. Shortly thereafter Turkey became a signer on February 8, 2011 and Russia entered on February 22, 2011. The United Kingdom entered the alliance on February 24, 2011.

On March 20, 2011 the PANAM alliance was officially renamed to Terra, with officials citing a desire to move past its American roots and establish itself as a global alliance made up of countries fed up with the then current two-alliance system. To this end, Terra decided to pursue friendship and cooperation with EDEN in order to combat the growing ONE threat.

Support for South Korea

A group of Romanian PTOers (FSR) took power in South Korea on February 5. The Korean community therefore sought help from Japan to get rid of. Japan had tried to help to free South Korea but we saw that we were too weak for help them and Romanians with Alfagrem had enough strength for erase Japan. So Japanese have pray for SK to have a babyboom for expulse Romanians of their Country. After the fail of Japon to invade South Korea, they attacked Japan and took some regions. In March 2010, a peace is signed between Japan and South Korea. SK finally succeeds and took the control of their country but most of Romanians stay in it. When South Korea was free, there was a great friendship between our 2 countries and we have done fake wars for the NE bonus.

Conflict of interest with TERRA

Since June 2011, Japan was in conflict with China (EDEN). Indeed, China has taken parts of Kyushu and Chugoku for bonuses. While Japan was still with TERRA, they began to join forces with EDEN. Japan being open conflict with China, it caused a conflict of interest and tensions within the alliance.

During July 2011, Brazil passes a motion in the alliance to eject Japan from the alliance. This comes after Japan lets Hungary through to attack China, in response to Chinese (EDEN nation) aggression (invasion of Japan) and violation of a forced rental agreement in which China tried to use Japan as a meat-shield against Hungary by RWing chinese-held Kyushu. It is noted that during the initial Chinese invasion and afterwards, Japan did not have much Terra support, and thus began signing MPP's with non-Terra nations such as Turkey, and the UK.

In August 2011, Japan regained its entire country after the recovery of areas under Hungarian control. But in September 2011, Canada has attacked Japan for obtain one resource but they have failed because South Korea has helped us and has blocked the invasion. During this time, we have received no help from Taiwan because they tried to take the control of Philippines. Canada finally abandoned because they should declare war to South Korea and they have changed their priorities. Due to help of South Korea, Japan continued to be free. In December 2011, the Training War, started in October, is over with South Korea because South Korea is invaded by Taiwan and China.

The war against Taiwan and the occupation of Japan

January 5th 2012, Taiwan declared war on eSouth Korea. One week later, eRepublic of China (Taiwan) declared the war against Japan by a Natural Enemy. This war was declared because of Japan's support towards South Korea, who was fighting Taiwan. In nine days, Taiwan succeed to invade the whole of Japan. During one month, Japan was invade but March 11 2012, eRepublic of China (eTaiwan) gave back the region of Hokkaido to Japan thanks to a diplomatic agreement achieved by the CP of Japan (Chise E Tamai).

Through a series of rough resistance wars and foreign interference, between 20 and 23 May 2012, 3 more regions was successfully returned through 3 consecutive victories against Taiwan (Shikoku, Kinki, Tohoku). These battles were not approved by the government of Japan, however most citizens fought for Japan, and only a few fought for Taiwan to honor the agreement made during Chise's Presidency. In parallel, June 19th 2012, the Constitution of Japan was abolished.

August 7th 2012, the NE law against Republic of Taiwan proposed by Minister of Foreign Affairs (Alfred Ball) has been accepted by Japanese congress. It was part of the CoT plan to free South Korea, and attack Taiwan on multiple fronts. However President of South Korea decided to withdraw from the plan and sign peace treaty with Government of Republic of China instead.

August 9th 2012, this has lead Japan into full-scale war with Taiwan, without support. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Security (Alfred Ball and Fruitcommando , respectively) resigned soon after the first battle was lost and left to USA. United States decided not to step in and help. President of Japan, Nowe has purged the national forums of any posts, introducing even more chaos. In next hours president acted irrationally, some claim it was a mental breakdown. Many congressmembers wanted to impeach Nowe, however were unable to do it because of impeachment try week before. In the evening this day Vice President Sumeragi Akeiko decided to step in to fix damage that has been done. Martial Law has become effective.

August 10th 2012, two hours after Sumeragi Akeiko has introduced Martial Law, Minister of Finance, Akki resigned. President Nowe has made explanation of his behavior, also shed some light on complex shady Japanese politics. With the collapse of Nowe's closest cabinet members, Nowe went into a rage frenzy, deleting the community's national forums.

After this, a massive drop of trust to CoT alliance was seen in Japanese society. There were too of the deep divisions between Japanese society and a number of foreign influences who has been brought to the light. Then a drop of tensions between groups in Japan has allowed Hizaya Nobunaga to become next Country President.

Japan was completely invaded August 17, 2012 by Taiwan. One weeks after this act, Japan became a member of CoT. Japan had to wait until 12 November 2012 to have one region (Kanto). Japan won this region thanks to the help of the Poland MU TerazMy and few country allies helped as a lot in this battle. Basically the liberation of Kanto region was the TerazMy's gift for Japan because they were celebrating their RL National Independence Day of Poland so they decided to help Japan to have the freedom. Japan had finally got one region back which wasn't of that great importance to Taiwan so they decided to "gave" it back to Japan and so with that, Japan was back on the map again. Meanwhile, the PTO of Sakurakai(Now Constantine the Great) started in july 2012, when certain congressmen under Team Nippon(now Dai Nippon Party) invited a group of serbs led by Arhangellord into Japan. They stationed in Sakurakai and basicly the party tried to fight the serbs but in the end lost their party. The Serbs who were in Japan took the opportunity to take control of a party (Sakurakai) in October 2012 and had a place in Congress on 25 November 2012 after the release of a Japanese region.

The liberation from Japan lasted more than three months. The cooperation etablished between South Korea and Japan go way back so their friendship was always a positive aspect to mention in those days. As for CoT, they also played their role with Japan and the country was deeply appreciated. Japan had a NE war, but afterwards RW's were a key factor to the retrieval of the original regions. So we can say that there was both aspects of military module just in different times of this war. The true Liberation was rather short, and the rest of the problems was that Japan had to help South Korea and other allies regarding the influence of Taiwan. The US was a good friend in that time of need coming to the aid and bringing the draining aspect of the war that many countries don't know how to handle, like Taiwan didn't. Thanks to US, Japan and South Korea, they have had more facility to liberate their countries. The occupation of Taiwan was long enough and their main regions were occupied for a lot of time by the US which kept them under control until Japan could figure a treaty or a way of living that didn't compromisse neither Japan or South Korea. Japan was officially free March 4, 2013.

The Training Wars with China and the portuguese AS

Less than three weeks after its release, Japan began a Training War with China because the first tournament of the MUs. This TW ended at the end of the tournament and Japan could recover its regions. A few days before the second tournament in July, China and Japan reached agreement for a new war drive. But unfortunately, something thwarted their plan. Indeed, Portugal afraid of being threatened by Spain, decided to launch an Air Strike against Japan. Japan could not fight against the MPPs of Portugal, lost Chubu, Kanto and Kinki (between 25th and 27th July). But to halt their progress and continue to benefit of their NE, China encircled Portugal thus obtained only three regions. At the end of the second tournament, China went so the two peripheral regions which did not touch Portugal : Kyushu and Hokkaido. And then comes the National Shield. With this new tournament, the China made ​​another Training War with Japan showing the regions of Japan, at the same time that China frees a region to keep the NE asset. In parallel, some RWs are launched against Portugal but due to the small number of supports, the RWs failed.

Sayonara, Portugal!

This event is called the Mitsunami War.

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