Jewron Incorporated

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Jewron Incorporated
Logo of Jewron Incorporated
Owner Jewitt
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Headquarters Virginia
Founded 16 December, 2008
Founder Jewitt
Industries Raw Materials, Manufacturing
Products Wood, Weapons
Song Buy, Consume, Enjoy

Jewron Incorporated [Stock: JEW] (Formally: Jewron Incorporated Holding and Public; Short: Jewron Inc., Jewron) is a conglomerate based in Langley, Virginia, USA. It is localized, or operates in, USA, Spain, Norway and Croatia. It is owned by TVA Group, and managed by Jewitt, Chief Management Partner.

Businesses & Investments

Elijah's Big Wood

Elijah's Big Wood (Formal: Elijah's Big Wood Lumber and Exports; Short: Elijah's) is the flagship company within Jewron. It is a Quality Three company that exports primarily to Spain or [[Sweden]. It is based in Nashville, Tennessee. On 30 January, 2009, Jewron announced it planned to sell stock in Elijah's. After two weeks of selling stock, on 14 February 2009, Jewron announced that it had bought out all stocks, a trial which brought one investor. It has also released multiple employee benefits programs, though few employees take advantage of them.

Mjolnir's Defense Insurance

Mjolnir's Defense Insurance (Formal: Mjolnir's Strategic Defense Insurance for National Security; Short: Mjolnir's) is a stockpile operation of Jewron at which weapons are stockpiled via funds from TVA Group for use in times of war when the domestic market empties. It is a Quality One establishment and only operates in USA from its home-state of Colorado.

Jewworks Industries

Jewworks Industries (Formally: Jewworks Industrial Services and Cooperative; Short: Jewworks) is a storage facility for multiple economic ventures and item storage for Jewron. It is based in Norfolk, Virginia. It also is a mediator between Jewron and all contracts it releases. Its staff is unknown and supposedly limitless, but it is not deniable that it is owned by Jewron in general.


Shares and Bonds

Jewron is willing to purchase small amounts of shares from companies, or trust bonds, to aid in company expansion. These, as with everything else, is based on an individual basis. Due to international market conflict and limited staffing in Jewron, bonds cannot be purchased by non-USA companies. Shares can only be bought from companies within "localized" nations.

Additional Services

Jewron specializes in contract formation, investment counsel, and mediated investments (where Jewron puts forth additional collateral with a share of rights to be payment). All conditions are on a per-case basis and there is no standardized form. A simple message to Jewron Incorporated requesting information with a brief description of the scenario would be sufficient enough.



  • Jewitt (Founder, CEO, President)