Juhannus Petrus

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Juhannus Petrus

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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth Oct 04, 2012
Sex Male
Political party Sinivalkoinen Liitto
Newspaper Lokikirja
President of PED
15.10.2012 – 10.11.2012
Preceded by Pilitetas
Succeeded by acoutinho
Military unit Finnish Rangers
Squadron 2nd
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Juhannus Petrus is a portuguese guy that appeared in the New World after being disappeared due to a plane crash. When he appeared on 4th October 2012, he applied for the Partido Esquerda Democrática and won the elections. Position that he abandoned after the party has not grown as expected and after he had done a great job. He is Finnish since the day December 7, 2012. Since he is in Finland, he have helped several players through an organization he founded: Finnish Organization for Growth.


When he appeared, was very well received by the portuguese people. They helped him to realize what had happened and how he could live in this new world. He started to work at the Social Ministry and then ran for the Presidency of the Partido Esquerda Democrática, he won with 40% of votes. He abandoned the Presidency after the party has not grown as expected and after he had done a great job.

He was an portuguese ambassador for three times, always to Finland (October, 2012; November, 2012; December, 2012). Always worked for the better relations between the two countries.

He decided to change his citizenship, because he was treated unfairly in November by the government of Alvaro Cunhal. On 7th December, his citizenship was accepted.