Johny Stulic

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Johny Stulic

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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 28 March 2009
Date of death Unknown
Residence Slavonia, Croatia
Sex Male
Party president of Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati
16 May 2009 – 15 July 2009
Preceded by andycro
Succeeded by GP.1
Congress member of Croatia
26 July 2009 – 25 September 2009 (est)
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Johny Stulic was born on March 28, 2009, soon after his predecessor Borg Master was banned. Immediately he joined Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati where he become an active member and ultimately become party president on May 15th 2009. He is the press director of newspapers Mea Culpa.

He is the founder and was chief commander of special paramilitary unit named S.F.F.A.