Jomichka's Weekly

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Jomichka's Weekly

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Jomichka
Subscribers 5
Articles 5
Content Opinion & Information

Jomichka's Weekly is a further rebranding of A United Perspective which was a re-branded version of the Jomi's National Dispatch (JND) founded by Jomichka in the United States of America.

Jomichka's Weekly

News director Jomichka has stated that "This is going to be less focused on politics and I plan to let my train of thought roam as I work to learn the changes to the game since I have been gone."

Jomichka's Weekly

Jomichka's Weekly has not changed its slant in favor of the United States Workers Party, however, as the focus has shifted it will continue to publish a variety of articles with many not being focused on politics or the USWP specifically.

The following was a listing of the articles published in Jomichka's Weekly.

December 2015

11 December | Welcome to the World

6 December | Another Regeneration