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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 28 January 2009
Residence New York
Sex Male
Political party United States Workers Party
Congress Member
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Beginning

Every good story has a beginning. Jomichka's actually started while he was playing another game called Hattrick. That's an online soccer manager game, completely different from eRepublik. He saw a little ad for days, thinking to himself, "That looks neat, I wonder what it's about." He finally decided to find out what it's about and Jomichka was born.

For a while he was just playing around, having a lot of fun. However, he got a little burned out on the game and realized he needed a break, so he took one. And it was a long one. When he came back everything was so vastly different, but he is looking to continue to grow to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Middle

This is the part where he is in right now.

Military Involvement

After a number of days of coming and working and training he received a message to join US National Guard. So he did. He fought in a number of engagements so far. Mostly bare handed, and rarely with weapons, because he was too poor then. He was involved in the military actions against Portugal, and Mexico in multiple territories. After achieving the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Army he retired to take a break from the game.

After a break he joined the United Worker's Militia. That was good and for a while he fought under that banner. Then he took another break for a while. When he came back the United Worker's Militia was no more so he have endeavored to join the USAF.

Political Party Involvement

As soon as his level was high enough he joined the USWP. He joined because he saw the ideology of more vocal and active members and decided that was something he would like to be a part of. Since then he has been able to gain a position within the AWBC. He started as an Administrative Assistant and now serves as an Administrative Manager. He has also been able to garner the chance to run for Congress in Missouri under the USWP party ticket, but unfortunately, was unable to enter the Congress.

After the break, he rejoined with the USWP.

He was able to eventually join Congress and served as a member in the December 2015 elections. Jomichka has expressed that this won't be the only time people will see him in Congress, but not in the January 2016 group.

Media Involvement

A United Perspective logo
As a part of his rebirth, after leaving the game for a while he renamed his newspaper to A United Perspective and planned to use it to further the USWP agenda, while recruiting for the party and helping new players. It was a little difficult getting back into the game fully and then RL took precedence and he had to step back for a time.

Now that he is back, he has again changed the name of the newspaper to Jomichka's Weekly. He is planning on not being quite so serious this time around and letting his thoughts go where they may as he tries to reacclimate himself to the game and the difference from before. Thankfully, there aren't quite so many differences as his last hiatus.

The End

Nobody remembers when Jomichka stopped playing, or became a dead citizen, but that has been put on hiatus anyways.