Keegan Knoll

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Keegan Knoll

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
Date of birth 05.06.2009
Day 563
Date of death banned unknown 2010
Residence Visayas
Sex Male
President of Philippines
February 06, 2010 – March 06, 2010
Preceded by Hekter
Succeeded by cruelbear
President of Philippines
May 06, 2010 – June 06, 2010
Preceded by Hekter
Succeeded by Jootli
Party president of Philippines Health Party
November 16, 2010 – February 16, 2010
Preceded by Reclusive Monkey
Succeeded by cruelbear
April 16, 2010 – ?
Preceded by cruelbear
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Keegan Knoll was a President of the Philippines.


Keegan Knoll was employed by Golden Oil.

Keegan Knoll earnt 9 Hard Worker achievements.


Keegan Knoll has reached the military rank of Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*

Keegan Knoll has currently earnt 3 Super Soldier achievements during V1 version of the game.

Keegan Knoll has also been Battle hero on 9 occasions and Resistance hero on 1 occasion.


Keegan Knoll was a member of the Philippines Health Party.

Keegan Knoll has spent 7 terms in Congress.

Party President

Keegan Knoll has been Party president of the Philippines Health Party on 4 occasions in the past.

The first occasion was in November 2009. Keegan Knoll was elected 7 votes to 5, ahead of rival candidate Private Property Junior.

On December 16, 2009, Keegan Knoll was again elected as party president, recieving 11 votes.

On January 16, 2010, Keegan Knoll was again elected as party president, recieving 26 votes, and was again the only candidate.

In February and March of 2010, Keegan Knoll did not run for the position of Party President, and it was won by Cruelbear both months.

In April 2010, Keegan Knoll once more ran for the position of Party president. He won, 11 votes to 1, ahead of Gidzi.

President of Philippines

Keegan Knoll has been President of the Philippines on two occasions in the past.

The first of these occasions was in February 2010. He became the elected president from the Philippines Health Party. He won this election uncontested, with 88 votes.

The second occasion was in May 2010, when he was again elected as President, representing the Philippines Health Party once more. He won the election 68 votes to 56, ahead of rival candidate Jootli, from the Samahan ng Malayang Mamamayan party.


Keegan Knoll owns the newspaper Old Uncle Keeg's Rants.