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Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
Date of birth 04.05.2008
Day 166 of the New World
Date of death End of 2009 (est)
Residence Valley of Mexico
Sex Male
Congress member of Northwest of Mexico
10/25/08 – 11/25/08
12/25/08 – 01/25/09
Congress member of Valley of Mexico
08/25/09 – N/A
Party president of Partido Izquierda Democratica
December 2008 – January 2009
Military rank Icon Colonel.jpg V1 Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kikin was a citizen of Icon-Mexico.png Mexico, has served 7 terms in the Congress, 1 time as party president for Partido Izquierda Democratica (PID).

Personal Info

Kikin was born in April 2008, right around that time that the war module was introduced, he resided in Mexico most of his life, until July 09 when he move to Indonesia and then Brazil where he lived for about a month. After a month of training and working abroad he decided that it was the time to go back to his homeland and get involved once again into Mexican politics. Partido MLPT2

Political life

In the beginning Kikin became quickly a member of Partido Verde. The main reason of joining was that most of his friends where members of the party. At first, kikin was only interested in training and working due to lack of the time. He became more active during Mexico's first take over attempt.

When ARDEs took over presidential seat he was one of the most involved activist trying to prevent it. He then successfully run for the Congress where in his first beta mandate, in a joined effort between all Mexican parties, Alfonso became the first impeached Mexican President.

Then came the goon invasion, and for one more time kikin tried to prevent a take over. With the v1 of the game launched, he switched parties and moved to PID where he obtained his first non beta mandate in October 2008, but unfortunately he become the 2-Clicker until December 2008 when he ran for party presidency, congressional seat and backed Dalia for the country presidency.

Due to lack of time once again he died in February 2009, but was reborn once again in July 2009. He came back to Mexico and to politics in August 2009, won two consecutive term mandates in Congress from September 2009 to October 2009, he was chosen by a two parties alliance IDU-PCP to run for country president winning 25 % of votes and finishing third behind Xipetotec (40 %) and GoDie04 (35 %).

Other information

  • One of the founders of an organization Seguro Social Mexicano.
  • Owned and operated cuernos de chivo - Q1 weapons company.