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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 784
Date of birth Aug 03, 2009 - Day 622
Residence Quebec
Sex Male
Political party Military Dictatorship Party
Newspaper Lightspeed Informer
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Position Major - CAF Morale Officer
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Killacrazy is a citizen of Icon-Canada.png Canada.


Killacrazy started his erepublik life working in a q5 company in Alberta while it was occupied by Icon-UK.png UK, which would of surely killed him, but he was soon after saved by an Anti Peace Organization which he quickly joined. While playing in the eUK Anti Peace party, Free Britain he decided to join their navy and run politics. He progressed quickly in the military's ranks and on his 5th day he was a Lieutenant of the HMS Edinbrough and soon after became Commander of that platoon. Due to some updates at the time he didnt like, he was only Commander for 2 weeks before he quit the game for roughly 4 months.

After returning to the game he decided to move to his in real life country, Icon-Canada.png Canada where he was soon after welcomed by Citizen B, after meeting this man he quickly joined the Democratic Action League. In the Democratic Action League he was an active member and ran for congress 3 times in Prince Edward Island, but after his 3rd time losing he quit for another 3 months.

After rejoining the game yet again, he went to Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus. Sadley, after a few weeks of serving there, being declined by the military and politics and watching his country fall before his eyes he quickly went back to Canada. Once in Canada he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and the Military Dictatorship Party.


He is an active member of Military Dictatorship Party and has yet to be in congress. He was once a member of the Democratic Action League and the Anti Peace party.


He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Commander.png Commander and has been awarded 3 Super Soldier medals. He's a Major in the Canadian Armed Forces and an active fighter.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 4x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 4x Super Soldier