Komander Jebat

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Komander Jebat

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Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
National rank 39
Date of birth 25 May 2019
Residence Flag-Malaysia.jpg Kuala Lumpur
Sex Male
Political party PATRIOT
Prime Minister of Malaysia
April 2020 – May 2020
Congress Member of Malaysia
March 2020 – April 2020
Party President of PATRIOT
March 2020 – April 2020
Military unit ISTANA eNEGARA
Division Icon division 2.png
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force***.png Legendary Force***
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 3.png Flight Lieutenant***


Komander Jebat is a real-life Malaysian who dares to stand up against the Brothers in Arms during the dark era of eMalaysia (Day 4204 - Day 4500).



  • Day 4204 - Registered on Erepublik


Komander Jebat political career began when he ran for congress in September 2019. Unfortunately, even as a congressman there is nothing he could do to stop BIA's plan as eMalaysia was totally under PTO at that time.

In February 2020, he has finally decided to contest in the PP election in his bid to take over one of BIA's parties by himself. Although he lost, he managed to hunt down several multi-accounts associated with BIA.

In March 2020, he contested for the second time but this time he received full support from the newly revived eMalaysia ATO. Before the PP election, ATO had begun to formulate a strategy to oust BIA. Their efforts were finally rewarded when he defeated BIA's candidate by a 7-4 vote.

As the newly elected Party President, his first task was to rename the party. In honor of the patriotic spirit displayed by ATO, he named the party as PATRIOT.

Month Winner Votes
March 2020 Komander Jebat Citizen9521581.jpg 7


  • Day 4329 - Earned his 1st Congress Member medal as Congressman of eMalaysia
  • Day 4501 - Earned his 1st Party President medal as founder of PATRIOT
  • Day 4522 - Elected as Prime Minister of eMalaysia


At first, Komander Jebat didn't put much attention to the economic module due to his lack of understanding of the economic part of the game. It is only after he met eMalaysia ATO, that he finally realized the importance of setting up his first holding company. Since then, he has created two holding companies.


  • Day 4234 - Earned his 1st Hard Worker medal
  • Day 4501 - Created his 1st Holding Company – Malakat Megamall
  • Day 4525 - Created his 2nd Holding Company – Malakat Premium Outlet
  • Day 4564 - Completed 1 year of Hard Worker medal



» Misc

  • Day 4204 - Joined eMalaysian Elite Force
  • Day 4241 - Joined eT.D.M
  • Day 4402 - Reached 1 billion damage for eMalaysia
  • Day 4484 - Joined eMalaysian Elite Force
  • Day 4498 - Joined eT.D.M
  • Day 4527 - Joined UN Peace Corps
  • Day 4573 - Joined Istana eNegara
  • Day 4587 - Promoted as 2nd Commander of Istana eNegara
  • Day 4610 - Promoted to Division 2

» Military Rank

  • Day 4204 - Achieved Recruit military rank
  • Day 4204 - Achieved Airman military rank

» Medal

  • Day 4209 - Earned his 1st Freedom Fighter medal
  • Day 4219 - Earned his 1st True Patriot medal
  • Day 4223 - Earned his 1st Super Soldier medal
  • Day 4263 - Earned his 1st Battle Hero medal
  • Day 4311 - Earned his 1st Resistance Hero medal
  • Day 4338 - Earned his 1st Mercenary medal
  • Day 4402 - Earned his 1st Campaign Hero medal
  • Day 4522 - Earned his 100th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 4617 - Earned his 1st Sky Hero medal
  • Day 4624 - Earned his 100th Super Soldier medal


To date, Komander Jebat has yet to register an interest in publishing his first newspaper.