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Nationality Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukrainian
Date of birth June 4, 2011
Date of death July 3, 2012
Residence Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine Siveria
Sex Male
Newspaper The Liberty Gazette
Congress member of Ukraine
Sep, 25, 2011 – Oct, 25, 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Sep, 28 2011 – Oct, 14, 2011
Dec, 06, 2011 – Jan, 06, 2012
Party president of Union et Progres
May, 15, 2012 – Jun, 28, 2012
President of Ukraine
Jul, 2, 2012 – Jul, 3, 2012
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kromov was a citizen of Ukraine.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Civil career

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.jpg

Since the first days, he was Ukrainian Ambassador in Spain.

On 28th September 2011, he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, after Pan Xenonchik gave this office up.

When in the next elections National Patriotic Assembly won and Tarasiy became CP, Kromov went on being MoFA until 14th October when he was thrown out. Afterwards, people fell dissatisfied because of that CP decision.

In December 2011, imamradyk became CP and Kromov was called to hold MoFA office in the Government. That month, Ukraine signed its first MPP with Argentina and improved friendly relationships and military coordination with other countries.

When in January 2012 imamradyk won the elections again, Kromov went on being MoFA. That month was signed the Taurida Protocol to regulate Bulgarian presence in Ukrainian-core regions Taurida and Bassarabia like a rent one month more. Also, that month, Ukraine signed a secret NAP with Poland and helped Belarus to save two regions from enemies sacrificing all Ukrainian MPPs because of the NE declaration. Like Ukrainian representant in all EDEN’s summits, Kromov defended that Turkey was within it right to join EDEN.

During Chile-Argentina “cold war”, Kromov organized a three-days conference between this two countries CPs (Silent Night and Danitaa) after which Argentina prove that it is not guilty in the conflict and sides agreed a “status-quo” to solve it.

Kromov continued with his office after February elections too, when won KittyKet – the first Ukrainian women CP. That month, Ukraine got Bulgaria to return Taurida and Bessarabia. During that Bulgaria-Turkey-Ukraine crisis, Kromov was ideolog and, together with Daemoner, author of the Friendship Agreement between Argentina, Turkey and Ukraine (aka ATU Agreement) signed on 1,559 eDay which helped to stabilize the situation in the Black Sea region and improve actually friendship relationships between all three countries.

ATU Agreement.jpg

In March, being Kromov MoFA again and Dead Forest CP, Ukraine had its “gold month” because on March 15th it was the first time in the last year that Ukraine had again all its core regions and even some Polish colonize regions!

Before April elections, Kromov decided to pass his office to his good comrade Daemoner. But in the middle of the month, Pan Xenonchik created a duumvirate (two MoFAs, and Kromov one of them) because of Daemoner had to work in RL. Then, Kromov had to take most of the state decisions because the CP was in a 2click.

Next month, in May, Kromov didn´t want to be the MoFA. But just two weeks after, he accepted Olexandr82 call to be MoFA because the former MoFA – Pan Xenonchik was in 2click again. This was a difficult month so Moldova-Ukraine conflict was starting.

So, in conclusion, Kromov is the first Ukrainian who was MoFA seven times.

Icon achievement Country President on.gif MoFA Office

Date CP in rule
28/08 2011-06/09 2011 Drugabuser
06/09 2011-14/09 2011 Tarasiy
06/12 2011-05/01 2012 imamradyk
06/01 2012-05/02 2012 imamradyk
06/02 2012-05/03 2012 KittyKet
06/03 2012-05/04 2012 DeadForest
15/04 2012-05/05 2012 Pan Xenonchik
15/05 2012-05/06 2012 Pan Xenonchik

Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media module

The Liberty Gazette.jpg

His best article in “The Liberty Gazette” was about “Holodomor” which had over 700 votes and 500 comments but was deleted by Russian admins.

In a collective way, it was important his role as Redactor in Chief of the project National Service of News - "Національна Служба Новин (НСН)".

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Social projects

Kromov created a weekly awards “Gold Pen” for the best articles in the Ukrainian press.

Gold Pen.png

He also created the first Ukrainian eUniversity (in the name of Yuriy Drohobych) that nowadays is called “Masonic University”.

Ukraine University.jpg

Political career

Icon achievement Party President on.gif Parties

Join in Give up Party
September 2011 October 2011 United Ukraine
October 2011 February 2012 National Party of Ukraine (ex-UDP)
April 2012 May 2012 National Party of Ukraine
May 2012 July 2012 Union et Progres

On May 17th Kromov created the first Ukrainian Masonic Party – Union et Progres and was elected PP again on June 16th.

In June elections he ran for President and finished second with 40% of votes.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress of eUkraine

Month Region Party
42º September-October 2011 Galicia United Ukraine
49º April-May 2012 Dnipro National Party Ukraine

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military Service

Joined Resigned MU
October 2011 December 2011 Fobos
December 2011 January 2012 Ukrainischen Sitscher Schutzen
January 2012 June 2012 Deimos Academy
June 2012 July 2012 New Model Army

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Dead and life after death

On June 28th he was permanently banned like a lot of other Ukrainian citizens and Organizations by Romanian admins during Ukrainian-Moldova conflict.

His last article in the press was to complain about the crimes of then-current government preside by GreyN UA: made peace with Slovakia and do not want to finish the war with Moldova, spoiled relationships with EDEN, break ATU Agreement and bad relationships with Argentina, try to go to pro-ONE side, etc.

July 2nd GreyN UA was impeachment[1] and Kromov became the first CP in eRepublik history who was banned during his ruling.

Citizen4854121 screenshot.jpg

Other lives

Afterwards, Kromov played with a new account: uaporshe, then Kromoff, being Ukrainian MoFA several times more on ff. 2012 and pp. 2013.