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   |country = Japan
   |country = Japan
   |number = 491
   |number = 491
   |coatofarms = Coat-Japan.jpg
   |coatofarms = Coat-Japan.png
   |map = Region-Kyushu.png
   |map = Region-Kyushu.png

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Icon-Japan.png Japan

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Kyushu
Map of the region
Capital Fukuoka
Residents 37
Visitors 45
Language English and Japanese
Resource None

Last update: 05/JUNE/2018

Kyushu(九州) is a region of Japan. The region's capital is Fukuoka(福岡).


Kyushu is neighbored by the following regions:


In the past, region was rich with high quantities of Grain Icon - Grain.png


For more on the swap of control of Kyushu please see: Kyushu controversy and Second Kyushu Controversy.

In July 2009, Kyushu was the stage of a battle between Indonesia and Japan during the PEACE Invasion of North America.

In December 2009, the United States attacked Kyushu in what would be the second largest battle in eRepublik history. Days later, World War IV began as a result of the Second Kyushu Controversy.


The following lists the known mayors of the region in chronological order.