Leon Fitzergald

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Leon Fitzergald

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 29 January 2008
Residence Icon-Sweden.png Svealand
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant*.png Lieutenant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Note:This citizen has changed its name to Leon Pong!!!

In the suburbs of Stockholm, people still honor Leon Fitzergald by portraiting him on their walls. The blue color stands for the liberal way he decided to follow during the liberation war.

Leon Fitzergald, formerly known as Divinity is mostly known for creating the first democracy of Sweden. But also for being one of the most intelligent persons in the history of the world. He was also the leader for the political party Democrats of New Sweden for two mandates before he decided to retire. His closest friends are today his former brothers in arms and the members of the secret coffee-drinking society known as Hypogeum.

 The Swedish people deserves to decide their own faith. 
( - Leon Fitzergald, when severely damaged in the last battle of the Liberation War, spoken to Karl Holm.)

Early Life

Before Leon Fitzergald became Leon Fitzergald, he was known as Divinity. He spent his days by being a menace to the society and the military dictatorship of Flashback Sweden, which had outlawed most of the human rights for the people of Sweden. Leon lost his family early and was forced to live on the streets, eating the same food as the homeless dogs, since the totalitarian government of Flashback Sweden offered no help to the poor. By living on the streets he got to see the horrible things the totalitarian government of Flashback Sweden did to their people. These experiences only made him stronger and more hateful to the totalitarian government of Flashback Sweden. During this hard time he cursed Sweden's leadership and made a promise to his homeless brethren that he one day would crush Flashback Sweden and their totalitarian state.

Viva La Revolucion

Leon Fitzergald (Middle) with his three closest brothers in arms. Karl Holm (left), Josef Stark (Right) and Winston Smith (Back). Together they fought the oppression of Flashback Sweden.

When Leon became older he came in contact with a resistance movement named Democrats of New Sweden organized by other revolutionaries, such as Winston Smith and Jack C. Blackwater. He joined it and quickly climbed in rank due to his incredible intelligence. And when his beloved mentor died on the battlefield, fighting the blood-thirsty soldiers of Flashback Sweden, he took the lead of Democrats of New Sweden.

Democrats of New Sweden bloomed when led by Leon Fitzergald. They quickly became famous as the most successful Swedish resistance group ever and the Flashback government feared them and especially they feared the group's leader; Leon Fitzergald. Democrats of New Sweden fought well against the Flashback dictatorship, even though many brave souls were lost they finally succeeded to create the first democracy of Sweden, mostly because of the incredible leadership of Leon. Even today, Leon Fitzergald is remembered as the bravest man in Swedish history by both the people and his former comrades.

Leon Fitzergald motivating soldiers during The Liberation War.

The Democracy Is Established

Leon Fitzergald is also known for having different colored eyes, which often scared his enemies.

When the first democracy was established, Leon Fitzergald decided to never again shed another mans blood. As the leader of the Resistance movement, the people wanted him to speak on Sergel's Square in Stockholm. Most of the Swedish people remember this speech as the most beautiful speech in the history of the world, thus the words came from within the deepest chamber of Leon's heart. No eyes were left dry that day. Since this speech has been declared the number one wonder of this world, only one tape of this speech exists. It can be seen in the Museum of Leon Fitzergald, located in Stockholm. It has also been decided to not quote this speech, since quoting the speech destroys the essence of the once spoken words.

Leon as a retired veteran of war decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the democracy of Sweden. The former resistance group Democrats of New Sweden instead became a political party with the same name. Leon Fitzergald led the party, but with time he retired and decided to travel around the world, to such places as Japan, USA and Romania.

A Retired legend

Leon Fitzergald is today still alive, however not very public. He acts as a journalist in Sweden, but also as a party member of Democrats of New Sweden. He suffers from severe pain in most parts of his body because of old war wounds. Even though he lives in peace with the people of Sweden, unrecognized since his physical characteristics has drastically changed over the years, his legend will never be forgotten.

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