Lepo Nex

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Lepo Nex

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank 23 (Day 2982)
Date of birth 6th August 2008
Residence Germany
Sex Male
Political party Bad Party
Congress member of Germany
December 2008 – 2009
Military unit Bad Company
Military rank Icon rank Titan*.png Titan*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Lepo Nex came first to the New World on August 6th 2008. Since Germany was occupied by foreign forces, he decided to live in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Besides his normal duties like work and military training, he studied the history of Germany and wanted to find out more about the Germany resistance movement going on in Sweden. Full with supplies and a week before the German Independence War began on November 19, he moved to Sweden and then fought for the freedom of Germany.


After the successful resistance war, Lepo Nex joined the newly created FSDP and ran for a seat in Congress.

This was the start of his political career and since then he had been voted a Congress Member for three consecutive terms.

Surprised by the start of several resistance wars, known as Operation Burning Spirit, Lepo Nex first stayed to fulfill his duties as Congressman and as official part of the DKN administration. When the liberation wars seemed to not go well for Germany, he decided to go out and fight alongside the other soldiers, returning victorious and a military rank higher.

After the final liberation of Germany, Lepo Nex joined the Open Mind Germany party. Since the freedom brought a wave of mistrust by the Swedish people and government over Germany, he was hoping for some new political input and for a change in the political landscape of the country.

The political development speeded up and eventually Bürgerliches Deutschland was founded. Lepo Nex joined this party and is a member since the starting days. He felt that this party is more patient when having talks with foreign nations and that the liberal stance on the economy might be the right way to go for.

Economic involvement

Lepo Nex founded The NeXus, an Organization for investment. That organization was operating in Germany.

It owned one company in the grain sector and one company in the food producing industry.