Liberal Social Democrats

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Liberal Social Democrats

Party-Liberal Social Democrats.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation LSD
Forum Forum
Founded March 2009
Dissolved July 2009
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeded By The WAR Party
Orientation Center-Left

Created in March by Hassan Pesaran with friends roadrunnerspeed and HazzN. The general feeling was that the far left was too left, and the centre left was too central. The LSD was just right.

The threesomes interest in; Military, Finance and Entertainments, have been the promotional points of the LSD, and has gained them a lot of interest from the public. UK has become to bogged down in bureaucracy, and so the party aims to help the nation find the fun a little.

Party Mission Plan: Saving UK in Three Simple Steps

LSD, at the time, had many concerns about the state of the UK. It seemed to them that the majority of the UK's economy, and thus citizen livelihood, is dependent on war.

Let's take a look at the facts:

  • Weapons manufacture, will have little to no sales during peacetime. Anyone owning a Weapons company MUST make enough money during the time of war to see them through peace times. This means weapon prices go through the roof during times of war, crippling the man purchaser of these weapons; the Government. With UK's current government so opposed to war, this collapses the market almost entirely.
  • Wellness, is not a problem during wartime. Once a citizen fights, s/he may use the hospital and gain enough wellness to replace all that was lost. If used correctly, there is no reason why all citizens would not have 90+ wellness. During times of peace, however, one can not use the hospital. Being the creative and helpful people that most of the politicians are, they developed the NHS. Great, it both cured wellness issues, and supported the gift industry. However, this bankrupt UK, and the reforms for the MoH are unsatisfactory to most.
  • Moving ticket sales are in a similar state to the weapons industry. The main reason for a citizen to move, is to go to Q5 hospital areas and fight in the war. With no war, there is no need to move; there is no need to purchase a moving ticket.

Therefore, LSD is a political party, that wishes to save the UK's economy, by increasing the amounts of wars the UK is involved in. LSD had some of the best military minds involved in the party at the time, including: The Minister of Defence, Minister of Finance and Royal Guard CO (founders of LSD), as well as many Royal Navy, Guard and Paratrooper personnel being members.


There has been a lot of overspending from the Government at the moment, something which most parties should be concerned about. LSD is very serious about "cutting the crap" and getting us back on track. Such outgoings as the: Congressional Budgets and Foreign Exchange program could easily be replaced with a National Competition Budget and an International Forum, which would prove to cost much less than our current system. The Ministry of Health also needs reform, one which will both provide support for the nation AND be cost-effective. Most importantly, LSD pushed to give the Minister of Finance more power to refuse budgets he deems unnecessary (going through Congress at that time), ask for detailed budget requests to trim excess fat, and introduce an RRP to force companies to compete for Government Stock Pile Contracts, lowering the amounts that are spent on both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence. RRP, will not only save us money, but allow businesses to compete for contracts that will help them through the tough peace times. Hopefully, it will not only be beneficial to politicians, but the General Managers of the UK, and the economy as a whole.


To build a strong military and save the UK economy, the UK's forces need to have an unending supply of weapons. Stockpile contracts are already in place, but more is needed. A point where UK resources run out should not be reached, as the government is forced to spend extraordinary prices during wartime. Because of this, the UK should focus on acquiring more stockpiles in weapons, and stockpiles in moving tickets and gifts. This plan, tied in with the RRP (currently running through Congress), will allow the government to help those businesses that may be failing during times of peace, save money, AND ensure that military always has a good supply of equipment.


Because the UK military is weak, the UK must maintain strong ATLANTIS links. Good relations with allies will offer some level of protection whilst the UK is building the military, and offer UK good training opportunities to gain battle experience. With their help, LSD is hoping to provide: Theatre Wars, MPPs with volatile countries, and permanent overseas Navy bases in the territory of UK allies. All of which will build battle experience and rank, which increases the overall damage done by UK soldiers.

Individual legislation proposals to achieve all these goals are currently being drafted by the party; two of which are already being discussed in the House of Commons. In LSD, everyone gets a say and LAS encouraged all members to join the forum and help LSD in their battle to save the UK.

Party Constitution

1. Name

1.1 The Party shall be known as the 'Liberal Social Democrats'

1.1.1 This may be shortened to 'LSD'

2. Key Goals

2.1 We will have four key goals:

2.1.1 Strengthen and Grow a Fair Economy

2.1.2 A Stronger, Better Equipped Military

2.1.3 Build Military Experience, Establish Fortress Britain

2.1.4 Promote the UK Abroad, Support the UK at Home

2.1.5 These ideals include but are not limited to the Party's Key Goals and shall form the basis of all candidate manifestos

3. Party President

3.1 The Party shall be led by the Party President

3.2 The Party President shall do everything in his power to build the Party and present it a positive light

3.3 The Party President has the exclusive right to appoint positions within the party.

3.3.1 The Positions shall be named and have a remit defined by the President

3.4 The Party President shall be answerable to the Party Membership. Decisions will be made after debate on the forums

3.4.1 This Debate shall not be concealed in a private sub-forum

3.6 The Party President shall keep the Party informed as to events within the Party

3.7 Elections for the Party President take place according to eRepublik game mechanics.

3.8 Any member of the party, with over one week of experience in the party and with forum Membership has the right to put themselves forward for the party vote.

3.8.1 This Member must be seconded by another, on the forums

4. Structure

4.1 The Party shall be controlled foremost by the Membership

4.1.1 The will of the Membership will be represented in action by the Party President

5. Party Forums

5.1 All Party debates, decision and non-election votes shall be made on the Party forums

5.2 Members will be encouraged to join the party forums; it is not obligatory

6. Party Constitution

6.1 There shall be a Constitutional Advisor to ensure the Party complies with the Constitution

6.1.1 He/she shall be appointed by the Party Membership as a whole He/she shall be appointed after a twenty-four (24) hour debate and a 24 hour vote He/she may nominate themselves for the aforementioned vote on the forums

6.1.2 He/she shall not have a set term

6.1.3 He/she must have three weeks experience in the Party and be on the forums

7. Constitution Amendment Procedure

7.1 For an amendment to be made, they must be proposed, discussed and voted on, on the forums

7.1.1 The Amendment must be seconded by a Party Member

7.1.2 Debate must run for 24 hours

7.1.3 Voting must run for 24 hours

7.2 For the vote to succeed, two-thirds of all voters must vote in favour of the amendment.

7.3 This procedure is not required for grammatical, spelling or formatting errors, which only requires the approval of the Constitutional Advisor

8. Incapacity of the Party President

8.1 If the Party President is inactive for more than seventy-two (72) hours or more without warning, they are deemed to be Incapacitated

8.1.1 In this eventuality, it is the responsibility of the Party Membership to declare the Party President incapacitated

8.1.2 This must be seconded by an Advisor

8.2 Once declared incapacitated, it is the responsibility of the Senior Advisor, as defined by the length of time within the party, to assume the duties of Interim Party President

8.3 It is then the responsibility of the Interim Party President to organise a free, democratic election on the Party forums within 72 hours of the declaration on 9.1.1 during which time candidates must make a declaration stating their intentions for the party.

8.3.1 The poll must run for at least 24 hours.

8.3.2 The candidate with the most votes at the end of the set vote period will be the winner and will assume the position of acting-Party President, until the next Party President elections

9. Presidential Candidate

9.1 There shall be set criteria for a Presidential candidate. Any candidate must:

9.1.1 Have had two (2) weeks minimum Membership of the Party

9.1.2 Have seen the workings of one Presidential Election during their time on eRepublik, but not necessarily in the party.

9.1.3 Be a forum member.

10. The LSD Council

10.1 Shall consist of 3 elected senior members and the Party President

10.2 "Senior" is defined as having spent a minimum of 3 weeks in the party

10.3 The Council is elected monthly in a forum poll lasting 48 hours

10.4 The poll is run by the new Party President within 1 day of the election

10.5 The purpose of the council is to be in charge of internal disciplinary matters

10.6 The Council has the power to act on any urgent political decisions if the party president inactive for a period of fewer than 72 hours

10.7 A motion is passed if 2/3 of the members vote in favour (due to the Party President is inactive)

10.8 If the party president is deemed inactive and the "Senior Advisor" is instated, the council acts as a board of advisors


Party History

March 2009

Created in March by Hassan Pesaran and got off to a swimming start, gaining 50 members in the first week. Many recruitment articles were released, explaining the parties interests in Military advancement, which proved popular with the masses.

5th March

Saw LSD put together a very good Country President Campaign, with HazzN running with the support of the PCP as well as LSD. HazzN ran against JerryGFL (UKRP), Oexis (MDU and FTP), Kaleb (TRP) and Phil McCracken (The Conservative Revolution).

HazzN came second with 247 votes, losing to JerryGFL who continued as the Country President for a second month.

Country President Manifestos

15th March

Saw Patrick Reckitt become Party President, after founders Hassan Pesaran, roadrunnerspeed and HazzN expressed desires to work abroad. Patrick ran against Zemog, a non forum active member of the party, and won by landslide (85.71% of the votes) after putting forward a strong campaign and had very public party support.

March 2009 saw LSD come on top in terms of Percentage Voting Presence:

  • LSD: 71.01%
  • MDU: 34.02%
  • FTP: 30.59%
  • TUP: 28.62%
  • PCP: 25.00%
  • UKRP: 15.34%

And saw them beat Top Five Parties MDU and FTP in voting numbers, by having 49 voters place their votes.

Party Staff

Reports were produced bi-weekly, from the advisers to the Party President.

25th March

Sadly, LSD failed to make it as a top five party in time for the Congress elections, by a matter of 6 people. However, due to their large numbers, they were allowed four Small Party Representatives. These were democratically elected by the poll within the LSD forum.

These were:

LSD Monthly Awards

Awarded for drive and hard work within the party[1].

Party Growth

  • Month begins - 0 members
  • Month ends - 85 members


LSD Industries

April saw the birth of LSD Industries, pioneered by SparkieGeek, JudgeDJ and Bestie; it was a non profit organization, ran by the LSD, to produce weapons for cut prices to help equip the military.

LSD Industries Org was the General Manager of:

  • LSD Arms
  • LSD Gifts


After a length of time inactive, the LSD party decided to merge with the MDU Party. Remaining members joined the MDU party, and left the LSD Party to be taken over by the PEACE Party, a party wishing to bring PEACE to the UK.

All-time Congressmen list